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Part 7

      “I want you to fuck me,” he whispered before quickly adding: “If you want to, that is.” Harry hesitated for a moment, pulling back to study Louis' face. Louis was sure he looked terrified because he was. He was absolutely terrified, but he didn't think that would ever change, even if he waited another year before doing it. The idea of waiting, though, wasn't appealing to Louis either. So Louis nodded again to reassure Harry that, even though he was terrified, he wanted this. Harry mirrored his nod, leaning down to kiss him again before he pushed himself off the bed, walking to the corner of the room where his messenger bag lay. He fished around in the pocket and produced a small unopened box of condoms. Louis covered his midsection with his arms and watched Harry walk back to the bed, pulling a bottle of lube out of his dresser on the way. When Harry dropped back down onto the bed and opened the bottle of lube, Louis covered his face with one of his hands, knowing what was coming. This would be the worst of it, he told himself. Once this part was over, the rest wouldn't be so bad. Harry saw that Louis had covered his face and pulled himself up, once again hovering over him.
      “If you want to change your mind at any point, you can do that, okay?” Harry nudged at Louis' hand softly with his nose. “Now tell me again if you're sure about this.” Louis peeked through his fingers before lowering his hand.
      “I'm sure, but-” Louis stopped, embarrassed.
      "But what?”
      “Just- Can you not look? Can you kiss me while you do it?” Louis emphasized his point by gesturing his head toward Harry's fingers. Harry understood and responded softly.
      “Of course, babe. Of course I can do that.” Louis breathed a sigh of relief before taking another steadying breath as Harry poured the clear liquid onto his right hand, covering his fingers.
      “Spread your legs, yeah?” Harry moved between Louis' legs as he spread them, desperately wanting to cover his face again. Before he could, though, Harry's lips were on his, distracting him. As they kissed, Louis felt a slicked up finger touch him and he jolted a bit, causing Harry to pause. After a moment, he started moving his fingertip around Louis' entrance and the sensation was so strong Louis almost leapt off the bed, but he anchored himself to Harry's lips, focusing on that as the fingertip pushed inside of him. Harry moved slowly, taking plenty of time before adding a second finger, then finally a third. Louis whimpered as Harry stretched him, both uncomfortable and desperate for more. Harry stalled his fingers deep inside Louis and whispered into the kiss.
      “Still okay?”
      “Yeah, I'm ready,” he whispered back and he was, he thought. He was ready for this, even if his shaking hands said otherwise. Harry nodded, pushing his fingers in and out a few more times before withdrawing them completely. He pulled away from the kiss to open the box of condoms and put one on. After he coated himself with lube, he moved back in to kiss Louis again as he lined himself up. Before pushing in, he dropped his head onto Louis' shoulder. Louis stared at the ceiling, listening to the sound of Harry's breathing as he guided himself in. It had been a long time since anyone had been inside Louis and he felt every centimetre of it. He squeezed his eyes shut as Harry slowly pushed in until he was buried, then stopped. His breathing had gone ragged against Louis' shoulder and he stayed still for a minute before lifting his head off Louis' shoulder.
      “Fuck, Louis,” Harry said shakily, placing a kiss to Louis' lips. “I'm afraid this is going to be quick.” Leave it to Harry to make him crack a smile in a moment like this, Louis thought, but that's what he did. Louis smiled as Harry leaned in to kiss him again and started pulling out only to push back in again. His thrusts were slow at first and Louis was glad for it, but soon his body became used to the intrusion and he wanted more.
      “You can go faster,” he said softly and Harry bit his lip, looking down at Louis as he quickened his pace. Louis arched into Harry, choking back a moan as Harry changed the angle and hit the right spot. His fingers pressed into the skin of Harry's back, holding on for dear life. Then the breath was knocked out of him when he felt Harry's hand wrap around his cock, which was growing hard again after the earlier discomfort. A few tugs and a few thrusts later and he was fully hard again, panting under Harry. Harry was getting close, Louis knew, his eyes falling shut for a moment to sober himself before looking back down at him. He made an attempt to hit Louis' prostate on each thrust and soon, Louis was shaking as he neared the edge.
      “Close,” he whispered, his eyes squeezed shut. A few more moments and he was coming, Harry stroking him through the orgasm. Before Louis had even finished, Harry joined him over the edge, coming inside him. Harry stilled, the aftershocks of their orgasms still coursing through them. They were both shaking and out of breath as Harry pulled out and dropped next to Louis. Louis pulled the sheet over him to cover himself, then fell limp into the bed. They lay in silence for a while before Harry finally spoke.
      “That was insane,” he said breathlessly.
      “Good insane?” Louis asked.
      “Amazing insane,” Harry said, in awe. “Like, the best ever insane.” Louis laughed lightly at that, using all the energy in him to push himself up onto his side. He rested his head in the crook of Harry's shoulder, his eyelids feeling like lead and falling shut.
      “How do you feel about it?” Harry asked softly, his arm wrapping around Louis, fingers resting on his arm. Louis tried to identify an emotion he was feeling but right now he was really just feeling calm and happily numb.
      “Good. I think I feel good about it. Mostly I feel exhausted.” Harry turned to face Louis and kissed his forehead, resting his lips against Louis' hair as he spoke slowly.
      “Good, then hopefully you'll be too tired to run away when I tell you how amazing you look when I'm inside you and how hot you look when you come and how good you feel.” Louis buried his face in Harry's shoulder, making a strangled noise of discomfort. Harry gave him a moment before pulling away so he could look into his face, his hand resting on Louis' neck.
      “And how beautiful you look right now.” Louis looked into his eyes, seeing the adoration there, but still wondering why. Why did Harry pick him, how did he see these things in him. None of it made any sense, yet here they were.
      “I don't know how this happened,” Louis said thoughtfully, looking past Harry. “How I managed to stumble upon the most amazing guy in London and how he decided that I was worth it.” Harry smiled softly and kissed Louis' cheek.
      “I wonder the same thing. How I managed to stumble upon the most amazing guy in London and how he decided I was worth it.” As they fell asleep that night, Louis shut out everything else, all of his thoughts and worries and focused only on the even breathing of his boyfriend and his warm skin and, for a moment, he let himself have it without questioning anything.


The next morning, Louis was awoken by the muffled sound of synthesizers floating into Harry's bedroom through the cracks in the door. He was alone and assumed Harry was the cause of the noise, knowing Zayn wasn't home. As he oriented himself to consciousness, he recognized the music and smiled disbelievingly. Looking at the clock, he saw that it was 9 am. He quickly pulled on his clothes and left the room to find Harry dancing happily as he cooked, eggs and milk and butter and bacon all spread across the counter. Louis leaned against the wall, watching Harry shake his hips and pump his arms in the air. When the song came to an end, he reached over to his ipod and hit the back button to replay it. Louis smiled, laughing silently. When Harry spun around to the music, he spotted him and smiled brightly.
      “Dancing to Rihanna? At nine in the morning?”
      “Of course! Dance with me!” Harry approached him, bouncing up and down and Louis didn't have the heart to outright refuse so he lifted his hands and moved his shoulders back and forth lamely before blushing, shaking his head. Harry pulled him into a hug, smiling, swaying them back and forth.
      “I love you,” he said into Louis' shoulder and he said it like he'd said it a million times before, like it was common knowledge. Louis almost didn't even realize he'd said it, but after a moment, he snapped his head up, peering up at Harry, bewildered.
      “Did you really just break out the L-word while dancing to Rihanna in the kitchen?”
      “Why not?” Harry shrugged happily. “I mean, listen to the lyrics. `It's the way I'm feeling, I just can't deny´. It's quite fitting, don't you think?” Louis rolled his eyes and leaned in for a quick peck before resting his head on Harry's shoulder, sighing happily.
      “Just do me a favor, okay?” Harry asked.
      “What's that?” Louis asked without moving.
      “Don't say it to me until you can say you love yourself first,” Harry paused, running his fingers across Louis' back. “At least more than you hate yourself.” Louis waited a moment before lifting his head up to look at Harry.
      “You'll be waiting a long time,” Louis said, wincing, not wanting to disappoint Harry with his lack of progress, but Harry just shrugged casually, lifting the corner of his mouth.
      “I'm not going anywhere.” As they ate breakfast, Louis wondered if he would ever get to tell the beautiful curly haired boy next to him those words, the words he felt more and more each day. He had made a lot of progress over the last few months, but Harry's request was a big one. It seemed impossible, but he would try. He would try for Harry and he would try for himself, even if it took years.


It didn't take as long as Louis expected, though. Several months later, he was uttering the words into Harry's ear, unloading the weight he'd been carrying around with him for months. He had never seen Harry smile so brightly, bright enough to make his eyes water. In fact, Louis was pretty sure he'd never smiled so brightly himself. The black was still there, of course, and it always would be, little flecks of it covering the blue, stubbornly sticking to him, but he was okay with it. No one was perfect after all.

Everyone was a little black and blue.


Wat zijn ze schattig niet?
Dit was het laatste stukje van deel 16 en
deel 17 zal over een larry sex tape gaan.

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