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Part 0

Harry clammed a hand over his forehead wiping the drenching sweat away as he continued to straddle Louis, thrusting himself deeper into the older boy, exasperated gasps escaping his mouth as he hit the familiar soft spot over and over again, causing Louis to chant his name with every moan he made. Unlike previous times, Louis wanted to actually feel Harry inside him, and there was just a different feel to it without protection.
      “Gonna come,” Harry muttered between shaky breaths and Louis groaned, his hand encircling his cock, dark and flushed, and Harry continued to go deeper. Moments later, he felt the bliss overcome him, stars surrounding him, a white light flashing in front of him, as he spilled into the older boy, maintaining his thrusts throughout the orgasm. Harry’s body bounced onto the bed, his breaths short, his body shaking. Louis sat on the edge of the bed trying to catch his breath, spawning Harry from the corner of his eye. Harry and Louis both shared a look of astonishment, both telepathically agreeing this was the best sex they’d ever had.
      “You need to top more often,” Louis admitted and the younger boy nodded in agreement momentarily, grins plastering both of their faces.

      “Louis!” Louis jumped, blinking hard as he faced a boy with ruffled brown hair. Liam had called out his name and was shooting him a questioning frown. His face went red, remembering where he was and what he was supposed to be doing.
      “Er, sorry.”
      “You’ve been like this all day. Are you okay?” Louis rolled his eyes, for once not caring for Liam’s protective attitude. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate that Liam cared about him as well as the other boys, but sometimes Daddy Direction confused concern with nosiness.
      “I’m fine Liam,” he responded nonchalantly, waving a hand in the other boy’s face as if to reassure him. He then forced a grin, trying to forget about the previous night with Harry, as he slung his arm over Liam’s shoulder. “No cock-blocking today, yeah?” Liam raised an eyebrow, forcing himself out of Louis’ grasp.
      “We’ll see.” And by that he meant touch Harry and you get moved. Louis scoffed.
      “It’s not like we’re going to snog or anything.”
      “You might one day. You two reek of sexual frustration up there, even I can see it.”
      “Shut up,” Louis chuckled, elbowing his friend. He hadn’t denied him though. Louis couldn’t help that he wanted in Harry’s pants so bad all the time. It didn’t help that Harry picked the worst times to be so fucking adorable to the point where Louis wanted to die, and it certainly didn’t help that Harry was most adorable on stage. They always tried to keep it low-profile in a way that only their supporters, or `Larry shippers´, could catch on, that way others would simply accuse them of over-analyzing a little action and the lovers were safe overall. Despite how much the boys wanted to out themselves already and recognize their true fans, they felt that if they were supported by many with simply the little things they did, then there was no reason to rush into something they weren’t ready for.
They had five minutes until they were on-air and Louis and Harry had found each other backstage after conversing with the other boys. They were clinging close to each other, trying to shake off the usual nervousness before being interviewed in order to look cool and collected during the interview. All was well and the two of them were walking up the stairs that led to the small stage, a couch to the left where they would be seated. Harry made a beeline for the spot on the far right and as Louis was preparing himself to sit down next to him, Niall had somehow gotten in between the two, with Liam on the opposite side of Louis. Louis shot him a look that screamed `you said you wouldn’t do this´ but Liam shrugged, intending that this wasn’t part of his plan but the smirk that followed shortly indicated that it amused him nonetheless. Louis tried to hide his disappointment as the interviewer made her way onto the stage, the audience continuing to cheer. It wasn’t too often that they did an interview with an audience but they’d gotten fairly used to interviews themselves that others watching them didn’t seem to be a big deal. The interviewer smiled at the boys and waited until the cheering came to a stop to speak.
      “Good Morning, America! Let’s welcome One Direction!” And the cheering resumed and there was the distinct chant of their names echoing throughout the crowd. “How are you today, guys?” Simultaneous replies filled the silence, the boys mumbling words along the lines of `great, thanks´ and `fantastic´.
      “That’s great! How are you liking America so far?”
      “It’s been very fun. Our fans have been great and everything has just been absolutely fantastic,” Louis replied, glancing over briefly at Harry unintentionally, who had returned his smile.
      “Yeah? What would you say, American fans or UK fans?” The boys all exchanged awkward glances, not really sure if they even had a preference.
      “We love all our fans equally, really,” Liam finally answered. “Though we are quite surprised with the large fan base when we’ve only been discovered here, what, a few months ago.”
      “It’s crazy, right?” The interviewer shot them an excited grin, then her eyes reverted back to the sheet of paper sitting on her lap. “So have you seen the trends on twitter today?” The boys looked at one another once more shaking their heads but set their eyes on the interviewer with curiosity. It seemed they were always trending these days, but most of the time they had to admit it was something ridiculous.
      “Larry Sex Tape Leaked,” she read off the sheet of paper, and all at once, all of the boys immediately began laughing, finding it absolutely hilarious that it was trending again.
      “Wasn’t that trending a few months ago?” Niall asked between giggles.
      “Well, the tweets sure are interesting,” the interviewer’s eyes scanned up and down the paper, her sudden excitement winding down. Her focus was now completely on the sheet of paper, and she seemed to be forgetting that she was in the middle of an interview and then suddenly her mouth dropped open and she rushed into her pockets to pull out a black iPhone, her fingers immediately clicking the screen hastily, until she pulled back with disappointment and shock.
      “Twitter’s crashed.” Louis’ eyes flew back to Harry and they both looked troubled, as well as the rest of the boys. They weren’t sure what was going on and they weren’t sure they wanted to know. Overreacting was probably the main issue, since fans could have simply taken this too far to the point where they crashed the entire website, and that did seem to happen often, but even then, Liam had a hunch that something was wrong. The interviewer had barely slipped her iPhone away when music blared in the auditorium, signaling that it was the end of the show. She looked just as puzzled as the boys, but tried to make the situation less awkward.
      “Thank you for joining us, One Direction. We hope to, uh, see you soon?” And then her microphone was cut off, and she wandered the stage for a bit trying to understand what was happening. Zayn exited the stage first heading backstage, and the rest followed, their hearts stammering in their chests as security gestured for them to enter a room and wait there. The room was at the end of the hallway, far away from the entrance to the stage, and when Liam attempted to leave, he found the door to be locked.
      “What the fuck is going on?” Louis demanded, the anger and confusion getting under his skin. “Why did the show just end like that? And why are we here? If this has anything to do with that stupid trending topic, I swear-” Harry set his hand over Louis’, in an attempt to calm him down.
      “Relax, Lou. I’m sure everything’s fine.” Louis softened under Harry’s touch, dropping his body in the seat next to him, waiting impatiently to find out what the fuck was going on. Time seemed to linger on and Louis was starting to grow weary and had to fight the urge to fall asleep right then and there he was actually starting to doze off when he felt something poke his shoulder, snapping him out of his dreary daze. He opened his eyes to see Harry’s emerald orbs staring back at him.
      “Management wants to speak with us.” Louis didn’t dare questioning him but as he passed through the door, leaving the other boys behind, he couldn’t help but wonder why Management wanted to only talk to Harry and him. Louis was filled with uneasiness straight away and knew something was wrong, but couldn’t put his finger on what. When they entered the new room, they immediately spotted an old man with white hair on his head and as his beard, wearing glasses as well as the look of distress. Right away, Harry and Louis knew it was Richard Griffiths, the co-owner of Modest Management. Louis gulped and bit his lip down nervously, knowing this couldn’t be good, since they had never even spoken to the owners before, and now one of them had shown up in the middle of an interview.
      “What were you thinking?” He finally spoke, his voice set at a normal volume but the tone sharp and snappy. “How could you do something so irresponsible?” Louis cleared his throat and tried to sound reasonable.
      “With all due respect, sir, might I ask what exactly we did? We didn’t out ourselves, did we?”
      “You did more than that,” Griffiths shot back, implicating that they had in fact outed themselves and Louis looked at him curiously demanding to know how. “I knew this wouldn’t work out. I just knew it. I should have put you two on a sex ban after all!”
      “A sex ban?” Harry burst out from his confinement, and Louis knew they were both suspecting the same thing. “This isn’t about that trending topic, is it?”
      “This isn’t just some trending topic,” the owner explained as he made his way to the corner of the room where he had set his briefcase. He pulled out a small laptop and set it on the table in front of the two boys. He propped it open and typed in the password, the screen immediately brightening to show Harry pulling Louis’ shirt off, followed by a kiss. The scene was all too familiar and Louis had to back away to avoid falling over.
      “No,” he breathed, his jaw hanging open. His heart was beating irregularly and he was sure it was ripping apart down the middle. There weren’t words to describe how he felt in that moment. It felt like everything was falling apart around him and he was so broken, so frustrated, so angry, so confused, so incredibly embarrassed that he couldn’t even bring himself to pay attention to the panting boy beside him.
      “How did- Why did-” Louis tried to form coherent words but he couldn’t stop staring at the images that were playing in front of him. “We didn’t-”
      “It’s obvious you didn’t want this to happen. If I were you, I wouldn’t have even recorded it in the first place.”
      “That’s just it-” Louis frowned, his eyebrows pushing together. “We didn’t.”
      “Right.” Griffiths’ voice entailed sarcasm. “So you’re trying to tell me someone came into your hotel room, hid a camera, and managed to get a sex tape without your notice?” Louis shook his head still trying to figure out how this had happened. The screen now showed Louis and Harry both naked, sucking each other off and the sight made Louis sick to his stomach. He couldn’t bear to look at the screen anymore and didn’t hesitate to shut it off. He sunk to the ground, pulling his hair in frustration, growing more aggravated by the second. Who would do something like this? Fans joked all the time about wanting a sex tape, but Louis never thought they were being serious. and to think that someone would go to all that trouble and go past security to get to their hotel rooms just to record them having sex was just sick. Sick and disgusting. Griffiths seemed to understand that the boys weren’t taking this well and putting himself in their situation, he let them go, telling them to keep low-profile for a few days. That also meant cancelling interviews, concerts, meet and greets, everything, bringing even more disappointment to their fans. Inside Louis knew everything was only going to get worse, and it was all their fault.

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