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"Louis and Harry meet through a letter that was accidentally delivered to Louis’ house.
This starts up an unexpected friendship between them as they write to each other almost every day.
They arrange to meet each other on Christmas Eve, making it a very special birthday for Louis.

Part 1

Louis shook his thoughts away as he stared down at the piece of paper in his hands. The thought of throwing it away without contacting the sender filled Louis’ mind, knowing that he’d be too embarrassed to admit that he actually read somebody else’s mail, but at the same time he didn’t want to throw it away, he wanted to find out who this Harry was, and he wanted to speak to him more. Standing up from the sofa, Louis walked towards the big cabinet by the TV wall. He pulled down the drawer then reached out to pick up the notepad that was inside, something he had bought for doodling in when he was on the phone. He grabbed a pen with the same hand then used his other to close the drawer. When Louis had walked back to the sofa, he smiled when Baubles left her basket to sit at his feet. The warmness of her stomach covered his bare feet as he opened the pad and flicked on the pen. His hand rested on the clean sheet of paper while he thought of how he should start his reply. He didn’t want to come across as somebody who made a habit of opening letters that wasn’t addressed to him. Biting his lip, Louis quickly wrote his address in the corner of the paper then moved his pen to the opposite side. He wrote `Dear Mr Harry Styles´ in his neatest writing then moved his pen to start on another line. His hand stopped again as he thought of how he should start, getting different opening sentences in his head. Deciding on something that didn’t make him sound completely weird, he began to write out the letter. His first paragraph was made up of him introducing himself, giving his first and last time like Harry had done, and also explaining about the misdirected mail situation. Once he had started to write his second paragraph, Louis had found that it was much easier to write the letter than what he had thought. He wanted to give back a good impression of himself, and not one that made him sound like a creepy stalker who was planning to capture Harry. Louis stopped writing once he had finished the paragraph, not sure if he should bring up what Harry had written about the guy named Josh. He swallowed then bit his lip while he stared down at the paper, slowly rolling the pen against his finger with his thumb as he thought. After deciding how to word his thoughts, he quickly glanced back at the envelope to read the name that the letter was meant for, then he put the pen to the paper ready to write again. You’d have to talk to Niall about Josh, but I hope for your benefit that he does get invited, it sounds as though you’ve been after him for a while! And I agree, you should get to have some fun too. Louis moved his pen away then read what he had put, hoping that it sounded alright. He nodded to himself then finished off the letter, telling Harry to enjoy the stag night, and his time with Josh, and to take care of himself. He dropped his pen to the bottom line then signed it with `Yours sincerely, Mr Louis Tomlinson´.

Louis genuinely wasn’t expecting to hear from Harry, or at least not as quickly as he did. It was two days after sending his reply that he had found another letter, the envelope similar to before only this time it had his name and correct address on the front, waiting for him on his mat. The second letter he had received from Harry made Louis smile as if he had known him all his life. It was a friendly reply, considering that Harry should have been angry at Louis for reading the private letter he had intentionally sent to a friend. Instead of him being annoyed at Louis, Harry had apologised for the mix up, and introduced himself properly this time. He had also mentioned how the stag night would go ahead without Josh being there, due to him being away on the same weekend. After that, they talked through their letters almost every day. Louis had since found out that Harry was an 18 year old student at university, and he still lived at home with his mum, stepdad and cat. Harry also told Louis what he looked like, after Louis had finally found the courage to ask him. Whenever Louis would receive a letter from Harry he would get the same flutter inside of his stomach. He would feel ridiculously excited, like how he used to get whenever he saw the girl he was crushing on when he was 10. Though, admitting to himself that he was slowly falling for Harry was something that Louis hadn’t yet done. It was probably weird to be getting these kinds of feelings for someone you only knew very little about, but that didn’t stop Louis from thinking about Harry while he was curled up on the sofa with Baubles asleep by his side. Or just as he was dropping to sleep at night, and then again when he woke up and made breakfast anxiously waiting for the postman to come. Now that it had been two weeks, Louis was beginning to wonder how much longer they would continue to write letters to each other. He loved the excitement of finding an envelope on the mat, and the happiness of reading about what Harry was up to and how he was feeling. It was something he had become used to and he hoped that it wouldn’t stop any time soon.

Turning the sealed envelope over, Louis carefully opened it and pulled out the folded piece of paper. He felt another flutter in his stomach as he read how his name had been written as `Mr Louis Tomlinson´ something they had both kept up since the first letter sent. A smile remained on his lips all the while he looked at the letter, reading about how Harry had been babysitting his cousin and ended up with his face covered in make up. Louis laughed out loud as he read that his cousin had also tried to dress him up in her pink tutu and fairy wings, 'Maybe she's trying to say something about my masculine qualities?' As he reached the last paragraph, his smile slowly faded and a nervous feeling appeared in his stomach, leaving him to feel slightly sick. By the way, I’ll be in Doncaster over Christmas visiting a few friends. I thought we could meet up? I mean, only if you’d want to! I’m not saying we have to, I just thought it would be nice. Maybe you could give me a call or something and tell me what you think? Louis swallowed, feeling his cheeks flush and his heart pounded heavily against his chest. He wanted to meet up with Harry, he really did, but he knew how nervous he can be around new people and with only speaking to Harry for just over two weeks he didn’t know if it was such a good idea or not. He bit his lip as his eyes read the phone number that Harry had given, in hope that Louis would call. His head lifted from the letter and he stared at his phone that was left on top of the coffee table. `I guess if I spoke to him first it wouldn't be as bad to meet him.´ Louis thought, still staring at his phone. He sat still for a further two minutes before reaching forward to grab his phone, sitting back on the sofa once it was in his hand. He glanced back down at the paper then read the last bit of the letter.

I hope to speak to you soon.

Mr Harry Styles

P.s: Hopefully I can finally get to hear your voice!
P.p.s: I didn’t mean that to sound as creepy as it did.

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  • kaleidoscoop

    JAAAAAAA ZE GAAN MEETEN HOEZEEEEEE. Harry is zelfs via brieven een cutieee

    5 jaar geleden

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