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"Louis and Harry meet through a letter that was accidentally delivered to Louis’ house.
This starts up an unexpected friendship between them as they write to each other almost every day.
They arrange to meet each other on Christmas Eve, making it a very special birthday for Louis.

Part 2

Louis couldn’t help the grin that reached his lips, feeling the flutters return to his stomach. He looked back up at the number then quickly typed it out on his phone, hoping he didn’t mess up and say something stupid. He let out a long breath, making it steady as the sound of the dialling tone filled his ear.
      "Hello?" Louis swallowed and opened his mouth, not sure what he wanted to say, or what he was meant to say. "Anybody there?" Feeling his cheeks blush, Louis blinked then swallowed again, wishing that his heart wasn’t beating so fast.
      "Yeah, Hi. Sorry." He swallowed again, "I um- I just read your letter". He let a couple of seconds pass before he realised he hadn’t even said who he was. "Sorry! It’s Louis."
      "Oh! Well, hey. I’m glad you called." Louis felt his cheeks blush again, wondering if Harry had been checking his phone as he waited for Louis to call him. He mentally shook himself for putting that thought into his head then he remembered he hadn’t replied. He opened his mouth to talk but was cut off when Harry spoke again.
      "You have a really nice voice. Not what I was expecting."
      "Thanks, but now I’m curious to know exactly what you were expecting?"
      "Well, I imagined it would be more rougher I guess and with you being a Yorkshire man I thought you’d at least call me lad, or love" Louis couldn’t help the chuckle that left his mouth, finding himself grinning into the phone. All of the nervous feelings from before had been replaced with a bundle of butterflies, tickling his stomach.
      "I like it though." He heard Harry continue, "It’s soft and has a kind of rhythm to it." Louis’ grin remained plastered on his face.
      “I’m glad you like it. Yours is quite boring, though. You drone on a bit don’t you?” Louis smiled wide when he heard the sound of Harry’s laugh, feeling his heart skip a beat from knowing that he had made him do that.
      "It pains me to say you’re not the first to mention my boring voice. I hope it’s not a problem for you, Louis." The butterflies in Louis’ stomach fluttered around inside of him, feeling himself smiling again from the mention of his name. He relaxed into the sofa then dropped his gaze to where Baubles was still sitting right next to him. He wrapped his arm around her then returned his focus back to the call, feeling much more comfortable to talk to Harry than he thought he would.
      "Definitely not." He smiled again then bit his lip, "So, you’re coming over here for Christmas?"
      "Yep, I have a few friends from school that live there." There was a slight pause before Harry spoke again, "And I thought it would be the perfect chance for us to meet." Louis swallowed and raised a small smile, realizing how different it was to hear that Harry wanted to meet him, rather than reading it on paper.
      "I think it’s a good idea, we should definitely meet up." Louis agreed, feeling overly pleased with his decision.
      "Really? I mean, you wasn’t freaked out that I asked?" Louis lightly chuckled, imagining Harry had spent a short while contemplating whether or not he should have asked the question.
      "Not at all. I think we’re at that stage of friendship now where we get to meet." The sound of Harry letting out a small laugh filled the call.
      “I agree with that! I think I’ll be coming over the day before Christmas Eve.” Louis dropped his gaze down to Baubles again then gently began to pet her head, slowly running his fingers up and down her fur.
      “Okay, you can come to mine whenever you’re not busy. With the assurance that I won’t murder you or keep you hostage.” Harry laughed again.
      “I should hope not! I actually want to enjoy my Christmas this year, rather than be killed or kidnapped by an over friendly Yorkshire man.” Louis grinned then laughed, easily taking the insult as banter.
      “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.”


Smoothing over his newly ironed shirt, Louis walked over to look in the mirror on his bedroom wall for the tenth time in the last half hour. He rechecked his hair, making sure none of it was out of place. His eyes dropped to look at his chosen outfit, going for jeans and a blue button shirt so that he was smart but casual. Letting out a deep sigh, Louis nodded at himself then walked over to his set of drawers at the opposite wall to his bed. He picked up a bottle of aftershave then sprayed each sides of his neck and then around his shirt, wanting to make sure he was smelling nice. He put the bottle back down then walked out of his bedroom, leaving the door open just a little bit. Once he was downstairs, he walked over to the CD player in the corner of the kitchen then pressed play. He smiled as the sound of an old Christmas song played out into the room on a low volume. He moved away then looked around the room making sure it looked as tidy as he could get it, not wanting Harry to know that he’d usually live in a much messier condition. They had arranged for Harry to go to Louis’ house on Christmas Eve, giving him time to see his friends the day before. It was fair to say that Louis had been nervous ever since their meeting had been organised, and now that it was here and he was waiting for Harry’s arrival his nerves were definitely worsening. Staring down at what he was wearing, Louis’ stomach filled with dread as the thought of Harry not liking the way he looked filled his mind. He had never called himself good looking, and he knew there were plenty of other guys that were far more attractive than he was. He sighed as he looked back up, starting to think that this was a bad idea. The sound of a knock on the door made him freeze to the spot. His heart was beating loud beneath his chest, almost as loud as the sound of Bauble’s barks as she ran over to the door with her tail wagging rapidly. Louis took a deep breath then walked over to the door, reaching down to rub at Bauble’s head to calm her excitement. Once she was quiet, Louis straightened up then lifted his hand to open the door. His heart seemed to have leaped into his throat as he stared back at the boy who was stood on his doorstep with a bottle of wine in one hand and a small gift bag in the other.

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