Foto bij Tine Veslemøy Ylva Aina Gundersen

T i n e Veslemøy Ylva Aina Gundersen.

D a t e of B i r t h:
The eleventh of April.
A g e:
16 years old.
B i r t h p l a c e:
New Sarpsborg / Fredrikstad
L a n d of o r i g i n:

P a r e n t s:
Her father Erleiv Gundersen ( 38 ) is the richest man alive in the north. Her mother Ylva (meaning she-wolf) was one of twins. Her parents once forgot her in the woods before her name-day and so Ylva nearly died from frostbite. A pack of wolves found her, and amazingly survived by them. When she was found, she was allowed to keep the pack as her pets. Ironically, Ylva died at the age of 26, when traveling to her father and was eaten by a different pack of wolves.
F a m i l y:
The twin sisters Livny and Alise ( 15 ), another sister Hebe ( 12 ), two younger brothers Thage ( 9 ) and Morits ( 8 ) and her youngest sister Roskva ( 6 ). Other family is well acquainted with them, but there are too many to tell. Though, she does have a strong bond with her cousin Elov. Luckily, only her mother and her grandfather have died yet.
S t a t u s:
Daughter of the richest man in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Lady in waiting of the princess of Denmark. A noble.
B e t r o t h e d to:
No one yet.

S t r e n g t h s:
Seeking advantages on the higher ground. With her sword in her hand, she always feels stronger and more secure. Her silver tongue. Her money.
F e a r s:
Never being wed. Being wed. Lighting, mostly because of reading about the old gods. Shedding blood that wasn't meant to be shed. The plague. Death. Torment.
T a l e n t s:
She's very good at sword-fighting, although she is not allowed to ever show her skills. She has a knack for seducing men into getting herself what she wants. Although she hasn't lost her virtue, she's very good in other sexual senses. Drinking beer. She can observe people very well, figuring out there pros and cons and do's and don'ts before she meets them.
H a b i t s:
She drinks beer when she can, she grew up with the beverage. The wine down south in too bitter for her. She touches people often, very light touches. To show that she is there. Tine is a physical person. Smiling her crooked smile.
L i k e s:
Beer. Observing people. Horses. Expensive dresses and jewelry. Teasing friends and family. Bending the rules. Seducing men.
D i s l i k e s:
Wine. Men that grope her. Grapes, peaches. Fish that is too salty. Cheap dresses. Lack of money. Politics.

H e i g h t:
168 cm / 5 ft 6.
W e i g h t:
56 kg / 123.5 pounds
E y e - c o l o r:
Blue, with hints of green in them.
H a i r - c o l o r:
Dark brown, light brown after a very long ride.
B o d y t y p e :

E x t r a s:
She is new to the princess of Denmark, a new lady in waiting. Tine has a fascination of the old gods in the North, even though she's a Christian (which is as it is supposed to be). So any books she finds of them, will be either kept or stolen by her.

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