Part 1

Harry was late. He was so so late. Niall had called him twenty minutes ago because Louis Tomlinson had been spotted at a Starbucks on Sunset Boulevard and had thought he had time to washed his hair when clearly he hadn’t because he was late and caught in traffic. He spotted the fans before he saw the coffee shop and tried to park his truck on the street. After a good five minutes, he took his camera and lens and run toward the crowd as he tried to adjust his shirt. He spotted Niall instantly easily noticing him as he cursed loudly at the others paps.
      "HAZ! Finally, he’s still in there. I was worried mate, like I couldn’t believe you were gonna miss the Tommo." Harry fumbled with his camera trying to hide his blush. It wasn’t new that he had a crush on Louis Tomlinson. He had one since he was ten years old and had watched that Christmas movie he played in. Niall always teased him about the fact he became paparazzo for the only reason he could follow him everywhere without being too much of a creep which wasn’t entirely false, not that Harry ever admitted it out loud, but it turned out Louis Tomlinson hated paparazzi. He flipped them off more often than not and therefore hated Harry by association. Still the first time he had shot him he earned a smile and that picture had earned him a grand so that was that.
      "THEY’RE COMING OUT" someone shouted and Harry put his lens on and began to photograph. He was usually pretty charming and stars always loved him, but Louis Tomlinson was intimidating, and there was so much more paps than the usual shots he did with little Hollywood princesses. It was like the only thing that could come out of his mouth was compliments and no actual questions and that was a bit embarrassing.
      "TOMMO!" Niall screamed next to him "OVER HERE!" Louis looked over at them but Harry missed his shots because some fans were blocking his vision. He tried to move further, apologizing non-stop at all the teenage girls that were shooting him glares.
      "LOUIS! ELEANOR!" He frowned at the sight of the brunette. He knew they were promoting their new movie together and a shot of them would worth more than just a grand but he didn’t want a picture of them he wanted a picture of him.
      "ELEANOR DO YOU KNOW LOUIS IS A COKE HEAD?!" Harry winced. If there was something he hated about his fellow co-workers it was how they always tried to have a reaction from the stars even though it was a bad one. He watched Louis’ smile flattered as a blonde girl said loudly.
      "No questions, just take your pictures!" All of Harry’s shots were blurry and now that Louis seemed pissed he wasn’t going to have one good picture to sell to the magazines. He frowned at his shots and bumped into someone.
      "Harry you twat, move!" He was about to say `sorry´ when Louis looked at him (at least toward him) and smiled. Harry took his picture. Perfection. He looked back from his camera to see Louis’ smile disappearing and he took Eleanor’s hand. Well he had no choice. He shot them together, a close-up of their intertwined fingers.
      "Thanks Louis! You look handsome!" he said probably not loud enough to be heard. The couple and their entourage climbed in a car and that was it. Some fans ran after them and some paps ran to their own cars to follow them. Harry had his shots so he was okay.
      "Do you want to grab lunch?" Niall asked. "I’m sure my pictures are going to sell well!" Harry looked through his shots and paused on the face shot of Louis he succeeded to take. He was sure he could sell it for at least three thousands but as his finger lingered on the lopsided smile he wasn’t sure he wanted to.


      "He said thank you, Zayn, that fucking pap thanked me" Louis shook his head in disbelief. He recognized him from the airport, same tall body, big eyes, limbs everywhere, no doubt it was the pap that didn’t look like a pap.
      "See, they are not all awful" Perrie piped in.
      "That kid is just out of his mind, he shouldn’t waste his life doing that shitty job."
      "What would you think if I tried to reach him to be our hired pap, though?" Zayn suggested as he flipped through his phone. "The reactions are good by the way."
      "Great" Eleanor smiled, putting her hair behind her ear. "No need for a hired pap then?" she added, squeezing his thigh and fuck if Louis wasn’t so into blokes he would love her so much.
      "No I think it’s best if we are prepared." Zayn said as the car park in the back entrance of the hotel. Louis groaned as Eleanor patted his arm in sympathy before getting out of the car.
      "Lou, I’m sorry but I really think it will be the best if we hired one and if he is always on our side. If something goes wrong we’ll be able to stage something really quick."
      "You mean if I’m caught flirting with a dude". Liam got out of the car without saying a word but not without a thoughtful look leaving it to Zayn and Perrie to deal with him. Bless good old Liam to be discreet. He never put his nose where it didn’t belong. He shouldn’t have chosen to be friend with his team though, it was hard to be mad at them when they had shitty ideas.
      "Lou" Perrie said her voice calm "Let’s try to reach for him and if it doesn’t work with you then we’ll drop it okay?"
      "Great!" she exclaimed already typing on her phone to find contacts. They made their way to the hotel room and Louis planned on sleeping off the next few hours before the premiere and he did before being woken up to Lou’s loud talking.
      "I have his Burberry suit right there and Zayn, why isn’t he shaved yet? I have only an hour to make him presentable."
      "Calm down, Lou. It’s going to be fine." Louis grumbled out of his sleep.
      "Go in the shower now!" Making this movie was the worst decision of his life.

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