Part 2

Loud flashes everywhere, people screaming his name over and over again, but at least he was able to walk without being surrounded by dozens of unknown bodies. Eleanor’s presence next to him was almost comforting as they followed Zayn to the red carpet.
      "Elena Smith, us weekly" Perrie whispered into his ear as she lead him toward a petite woman with brown hair.
      "So, Louis, tell me what your fans are gonna see in this movie?"
      "It’s more light than what I usually do that’s for sure" he fake laughed "my character is a bit cocky and isn’t really as successful in the dating department as he thought he is." She laughed.
      "Any resemblance between you and your character then?"
      "I hope not! You should ask El about it!" He made his way toward tons of interviewers answering the same questions over and over again before being lead into the theatre.
      "You did great, Lou" Eleanor whispered as they sat in their reserved seats.
      "Thanks, not bad yourself" she shoved him in the shoulder.


Harry and Niall were waiting since eight o’clock at the after-party location for Louis Tomlinson and the cast of the new movie of the year to make their entrance. They were very well spotted and Niall stopped complaining when Harry gave him one of the kebabs he bought for them.
      "I can’t believe I accepted to wait three hours here for you to have a good picture of Louis Tomlinson to wank to."
      "Niall! Please I bought you food"
      "Sorry mate, but it's true.’’ Harry was about to protest when the car arrived near them. He fumbled with his camera, fingers sweating a bit as he saw Eleanor climbing out of the limo. Louis followed and Harry let his camera took the pictures but he wasn’t paying attention to the quality of it. No he wasn’t, because Louis Tomlinson was in a suit a couple of meters away from him and his eyes met his and he felt his cheeks heated up. He flashed him a smile and Harry’s heart fluttered because it was the first time he smiled at him without he had to do anything to be notice.
      "Mate you’re being so obvious right now" Niall said next to him before laughing loudly and took a picture of Louis as he took selfies with his fans.
      "You should ask for one of those" he said, laughing louder as Louis approached them. "Better, I’m gonna ask for you. LOUIS!"
      " No Niall, no!" Harry reached for Niall forearm as he screamed Louis’ name again.
      "Louis! My mate here wants a picture with you!"
      "I’m sure he already had enough pictures’’ He replied before kissing the cheek of a teenage girl waiting for her to captured the moment.
      "No, he wants a picture with you." Louis looked up from where he was, so close to them now and laughed loudly. It was wonderful. So, so wonderful.
      "Sure!" Harry wanted to die, to melt into the crowd and disappeared but Louis came next to him and circled an arm around his waist waiting for Niall to take the picture.
      "Y’alright mate?" he asked but Harry could just nod before Louis was shoved into the building by his bodyguard.
      "Niall Horan, you are dead. I’ll never forgive you."
      "Stop pretending to be offended, I’m sure you peed your pants a little."
      " I’m going home." That was so humiliating. He was sure Louis was thinking of him as such a creep with no mental functions.
      "Haz- "
      "Harry Styles?" he was interrupted by a blonde girl, a mobile phone glued to her ear.
      "Perrie Edwards, I’m the publicist of Louis Tomlinson. May I talk to you for a moment?"

      "You want me to be his hired pap?" he repeated for the second time, not believing that was really happening.
      "Yes, but it would be as trial to begin with. Louis isn’t really fond of paparazzi as you might already know, but he agreed to try." Perrie said to him. "And as our hired pap, you’ll always know the location first and we’ll make sure you are the first in line to shot him properly. We also will make sure your pictures are sold and we will make you a pay check after each shot."
      "I. Uhm." It was a lot to proceed. Being a hired pap was like a big promotion, would be less work but he couldn’t stand to be the source of Louis’ bad mood. "I’m not sure" he finally managed to say after a while.
      "Mr. Styles. Harry. This is an offer that you shouldn't let go. Here’s my card. Call me tomorrow if you want the job."
      "Uhm. Okay."

First thing he did when he woke up the next morning was accepting the job.

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