Part 3

Having a hired pap wasn’t as bad as Louis thought. It was less stressful the first minutes because there was less people screaming at him. So as Louis jogged his way through breakfast he smiled as he noticed Harry (that was his name) a few meters away, taking shots of him. He slowed his pace as he passed by him knowing it would earn him better shots.
      "Good morning Louis" Harry said with a little wave.
      "Morning, hired pap" he replied. Harry frowned a bit as he adjusted his lens. Louis slowed to a stop because he wasn’t really in shape but Zayn thought it would shut TMZ if he looked like he was doing sports.
      "Do you have any good shots?" He asked after taking a sip of his water, noticing Liam leaning against the black SUV waiting for him.
      "Yeah, loads, you are very photogenic" he said before blushing. The dude blushed.
      "Thank’s mate." Harry looked up and grinned big, all teeth in display, and Louis needed to stop his heart from fluttering because what the fuck was that?
      "I have my shots if you want to go, it’s all good. Gonna see you tonight at dinner with El, I guess." He waved as he pigeon toed his way to his truck. He allowed himself to look him up until he climbed in it and Liam coughed loudly next to him.
      "Do as usual, and don’t say anything" Louis warned him as he climbed in the car. Maybe that pap thing wouldn’t be that bad after all.

      "Louis, are you sure about this?" Eleanor asked before adjusting her dress. She looked worried.
      "Yes, El, I’m sure. I need to look hetero and the Sun made an article about how my wrist looked limped when I run. Fuck them."
      "They’re arseholes you don’t need to give them what they want."
      " I’m just tired of being picked on something I am I want to shut them up"
      "If you are sure then okay" He nodded and looked at his phone. They talked about it over and over again and Zayn approved of the plan. The only person that didn’t know was the hired pap and well he was in for a treat. Louis climbed out of the car, waiting for Eleanor to follow. He greeted Harry with a small smile who he replicated full force. That kid seriously. He grabbed Eleanor by the waist and slowly moved his hand toward her bum. Click, click, click. Perfect.
      "Good evening, Louis." Harry said going to his truck to wait for them to come out.
The dinner was lame and boring because even though Eleanor was just fine it wasn’t what he wanted to do tonight. He wanted to play video games and eat junk food but he had a heterosexuality to prove so another time for the fun. They made their way out, Harry was there fidgeting with his camera.
      "Hi Louis!" He said taking a few pictures.
      "Follow our car" He instructed as they climbed into the waiting limo. Harry nodded and ran to his truck, Louis winced imagining the boy tripping over his two left feet. The driver did as instructed and drove them to an isolated location and parked the car.
      "Are you really sure Lou?’’ Eleanor asked for what seemed the hundredth time.
      "Yes El. You’re not backing off right?"
      "No no, it’s acting."
      "It’s acting, yes." They got out of the car and Harry run toward them, cheeks flushed and hair everywhere. Louis hid his grin into his shoulder as he dragged El against the wall. They were in a non-busy street, between two bars and since it was still early no one was really there to disturb them.
      "It’s acting" He whispered to himself before he crashed Eleanor’s body against the brick wall. He licked into her mouth and rolled his hips. He pressed a hand onto her hip and dragged it toward her breast before looking at her, asking. She nodded and he grasped it. They made out for what felt like hours before Louis backed off and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
      " Really?’’ Eleanor said before readjusting her hair.
      "Bad habit’’ He shrugged. He looked over at Harry to ask if he could see the pictures but Harry was staring at them, mouth wide open and camera hanging down his neck.
      "Tell me you took pictures?" Louis asked nervously. Harry closed his mouth but stood there without moving.
      "Harry" Eleanor insisted.
      "I. Uhm. I-"
      "Did you?" Louis snapped grabbing the camera and yanking Harry closer. He looked through the pictures. They were NONE of them making out only the ones at the restaurant. "You had ONE JOB!"
      "I couldn’t"
      "What do you mean you couldn’t?"
      "It was - intimate’’ No. That boy wasn’t for real. He wasn’t seriously thinking that. The thought of making out again with Eleanor was not even an option and he sighed.
      "Let’s go El" He said dropping the camera in Harry’s hands before making his way toward the car.
      "Harry. You’re fired."

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  • EvaSalvatore

    Helloooooo! I cant handle this... this is me asking to write more hahahaha i love your stories! They are so well written!

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