Part 6

The next day, Louis woke up at five a.m and stared at the ceiling until Perrie knocked at his door an hour later. She was so oblivious of what Louis was feeling it make him want to scream. She piped about the premiere and how many huge producers were going to be there and how he needed to answer all the questions with tact and charm.
      "Don’t forget the Tommo way", she winked at him as Lou entered the room to dress him up and do his hair. She must have noticed something was wrong because she brought Lux with her after lunch. She always was a good distraction for Louis. So the few hours before the press conference passed in a blink and when Zayn, Eleanor and Harry climbed in the car with him he almost forgot how a prick he had been. Harry was awfully silent and took his pictures. Louis had to pose with Eleanor until the end of the premiere and so that was what he did. His hand was always strategically placed on the very small of her back, he always smiled at her when he looked her way and they even exchanged kisses when necessary. At the press conference they were asked many questions about the film but even more about their relationship. Louis thought he was a good actor, but with Harry in the front row taking pictures of him he felt like such a hypocrite it was hard to be believable. He needed to do his job correctly, acted straight and Harry was a pap so he could easily ruin his career, but the missing dimple was so heartbreaking. Louis needed to at least apologize, but he didn’t. He didn't just before the premiere when Harry took solo shot of him nor after they left the venue direction the after party. He couldn’t even apologize with four vodka tonic in him. He just ended up grinding on a second-hand actor from some Disney show and Zayn had to drag him back to the hotel before he outed himself, but he did whisper: `I’m sorry´ muffled in his pillow just before sleep dragged him off.

The week went by rather easily and it was their last day in New-York, finally. Harry did find back his natural smile and Louis didn’t even wank once during the week. The last day was just to make sure Louis was papped all around the city, in all the places that they were associated with for the promotion of the movie. Lou was making sure his fringe was perfectly `natural´ when Perrie entered the room.
      "Here’s your itinerary for today’’ She said handing him a list of stores to go to. "Uhm. I couldn’t go with you today." She added quickly. Louis raised an eyebrow.
      "So Zayn is gonna come with me instead?" She blushed. Louis sighed. "You have a date with Zayn?"
      "YES!" she screamed jumping on the couch next to him. "He had something planned for me since we first got here but just asked me out yesterday. He was all shy and so so cute, Louis! You would have died!"
      "More like throw-up" she shoved him in the shoulder
      "Jealous prick"
      "Can’t say it’s false" her expression fell as she rubbed delicately his forearm. Louis hated people who pity him.
      "You know we are planning your coming out for next year, babe."
      "I know."
      "You’ll find someone to go on dates too."
      "I guess"
      "Of course you will you are the Tommo. Right?"
      "Right." He smiled at her.
      "Harry and Liam are waiting for you downstairs."
      "Okay. Have fun babe, use protection."
      "Always" she smirked. He loved her.


      "Let’s go eat Li" Louis said as they passed another restaurant. It was already past noon and he needed to be seen in almost five other shops. This day was awfully long.
      "You know I can’t Lou, I’m on service"
      "You aren’t a fucking fireman Liam! And I don’t want to eat alone."
      "Go with Harry then." He said like the poor boy wasn’t five feet in front of them.
      "He’s on service too."
      "He doesn’t have the job to protect you though. Come on, go eat because I can’t stand you whining." Liam stood in front of the restaurant entrance and blocked the few fans asking for an autograph. "Sorry ladies but we have to let Louis eat first, you all know how grumpy he can be on an empty stomach" They all laughed as well as Harry. Louis wished he could be the one making him laugh like that.
      "So you come, kid?" He asked him and Harry nodded without hesitation. They sat in a private section and the owner himself served them their food. It looked awfully like a date as soon as Harry put his camera away, but they talked and Louis realized it was the first time they really had an actual conversation. He learned about Harry’s motivation to become a paparazzo.
      "I studied in photography but the pay wasn’t really good and I needed money. So I moved to LA without thinking and I met Niall, he was very nice to me and he taught me a lot." Louis found himself genuinely smiling throughout the meal and when he opened his mouth he let the words out almost naturally.
      "I’m really sorry for the other day, Harry. I- I’m not used to people who want to be friends with me and I haven’t a good relationship with paps. I know it’s not an excuse. I’m just sorry, I feel awful." The smile that spread across Harry’s face was worth it and made Louis’ inside fluttered.
      "It’s okay Louis I get it. It’s just that I always admired you I guess? I can be a little forward sometimes. I assume you were-" Louis chocked on his coconut cake before Harry could even finish his sentence. This guy was admitting to hit on him and thought he wasn’t interested?
      " What?" He strangled.
      "I should have known better to believe the rumors, Louis."
      "You are an idiot!’’ Louis blurted out and Harry frowned and no that wasn’t a good look on him. "No!" He put an hand on his lap. "I’m- It’s just- We can’t-‘’
      "Louis I get it -."
      "No, you don't! I want you" he blurted out. "So much." Oops, so much for the hetero role.

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