Part 7

They were in the hotel, in Harry’s room, in Harry’s room in the hotel. Louis was so horny his brain wasn’t functioning normally. He didn’t even register Harry pushing him against the closed door and kissing him. He would have thought it was going to be angry and rough but no, Harry moved his lips slowly against his, his hand cupping his jaw. He nibbled gently on his bottom one and moaned softly in his mouth. He sighed happily and rested his forehead against Louis’.
      "I wanted to kiss you like that for so long" he pecked his lips. ‘’I- I mean-‘’
      "Shhh. You don’t have to say anything."
      "But if you want to say something-" Louis laughed and circled his arms around Harry’s neck.
      "I don’t want to say anything, not right now" Harry smiled and kissed his jaw, his cheeks, his mouth again, his neck. He let his hands traveled on each sides of Harry’s body, feeling the muscles tensed under his touch. He lifted his shirt and Harry did the same with his. Harry made sure to kiss every part of Louis body making him whimpered helplessly. Harry kneeled in front of him and unbuckled his belt.
      "Harry, I-" he breathed.
      "Is this okay?" he asked before kissing his hips. Louis nodded. Fuck of course it was okay. He felt his trousers and boxer briefs being dropped to his ankles and Harry’s mouth on his thighs. He bit and kissed and bit and kissed and Louis was so so hard already. That was embarrassing, but he didn’t wank for an entire fucking week.
      "Fuck, Louis" Harry let out making his dick twitched. Harry kissed the base of his cock and slowly kissed his way up to the tip before licking it. Louis bucked his hips, unable to stop himself.
      "I don’t mind" He moaned because was that Harry telling him to fuck his face? He was about to come before being touched properly. "Fuck Louis, you’re so pretty" Harry said looking at him through his eyelashes just before taking his cock in his mouth. Louis gasped and fisted the door because it was just too much. After a few minutes, he pushed slightly on Harry's shoulder as he released him with a sinful pop and before Harry could say anything he kicked his jeans out of the way and pushed Harry on his back lying next to him.
      "Out, out, out." He urged as Harry fumbled with his tight denim. Louis attacked Harry’s nipple with his teeth and Harry moaned one hand reaching to his hip bringing him closer, so much closer and finally their cocks touched and it was so exciting. It was almost like Louis had never had sex with a boy before. Harry took his face in his hands again and they kissed lazily and rutted against each other and Louis didn’t need anything else. All he needed was being held by someone, Harry, and be loved. He didn't care if people would think it was too soon, that it was only physical, only sexual, because fuck, Harry looked at him like he hold the world. He told him he was gorgeous, perfect, needed him more, always more and Louis heard himself saying the same things back, making Harry flushed and during a moment it was just two people needing each other so much it hurt. When he felt Harry tensed he looked in his eyes and saw him come apart. Louis came seconds later holding to him for dear life. They kissed opened mouths barely touching just breathing each other. He felt Harry relaxed in his arms and his face broke into giggles. He hid it in the crook of Louis’ neck. It was the cutest thing he had ever witness.
      "You are very cute." He felt Harry nodded against his skin and lips kissing his neck.
      "Do you want to go to the bed?"
      "Only if we can have round number two."
      "I can go with that."


      "LOUIS! OVER HERE! LOUIS!" Louis flashed his brightest smile as he crossed the airport to his waiting car.
      "LOUIS YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL" he heard a girl screamed he turned around and winked toward a group a fans. They all screamed louder. The flashes were coming from everywhere, big guys with bellies and yellow skin shouted at him. Some said awful things, other were trying to be his friend. Some were asking indecent questions. He noticed Niall waving at him and he made sure he got as much shots as he needed to. Some of them were pushing in his direction and Liam needed to scold them off, but Louis didn’t mind. Not even one bit. Because it was their job after all, they didn’t really have a choice and most of them learned how to do it right to have the best pictures, but now all Louis was trying to do was looking around the mass of people to see if his favorite one was there.
      "LOU, YOU LOOK REALLY NICE TODAY, GIVE ME A PICTURE" He looked up from the paper he was signing and smiled, completely crinkled eyes and blushed cheeks.
      "Oh there you go folks, prepare yourself Haz is here" he heard one of them warned the others and all these grown man let him reached forward to Harry dimpling smile directed at him and Louis’ heart fluttered because this beautiful boy with a camera was his. All his and only his and even if they were surrounded by dozens of people he only saw him. It was only him, his hair all over the place, his pants with holes all over them, his tattooed exposed skin, his boyish grin, it was all his. He threw his bag on the ground and jumped into his arms. He always made it more of a show than necessary because he knew the pictures would sell higher and he couldn’t wait to see them in the front of every magazine. He didn’t care because it was finally real and pure and that’s how the world was the first witness of a romance between a paparazzi and a celebrity and Louis couldn’t be happier to be in the center of it all.


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