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Percy didn't really think about the barista from the coffee shop again as the rest of the day flew by. The next day was a Saturday. Percy had decided to just stop by at Penny's home. He was there to check up on Penny, but also to see his two favorite nieces; Molly and Lucy. He wasn't their uncle, not by blood, but he had known them since their birth and he had known their mother even longer. Percy knew that the two girls cared about him a lot and he cared for them. He knew that if anything ever happened to Penny, like their father had died serving his country, that he'd be asked to become their guardian. Although he wasn't certain if he could pull that off, he was definitely willing to try.
      He did think about the barista and how rude he had been to him when he walked into the coffee shop on Monday morning and was greeted by Oliver’s cheerful smile. Percy groaned, hoping Oliver didn't remember him as the rude costumer. Percy tried to keep his head low on purpose, but even he knew that probably wouldn't really make a difference; a voice could be enough after all. "Morning. I would like a black coffee to take away." Percy quickly put down the amount of money he knew he would have to pay and tried to look as small as he possibly could.
      "Morning, sir. One black coffee coming up. What name can I put on it?" Oliver kept his smile and held a black marker to the take-away cup.
      "Ehm... Percy." Percy had forgotten that his name would be written down on the cup and was taken aback by the question.
      "Very well, if you wait right there I'll hand you your coffee in a couple of minutes." Oliver pointed to the part of the counter where the coffee could be picked up. Percy quickly moved there and tried to look very interested in the pictures of people on the walls. He didn't have to try hard as he was interested in them.
      A door behind the counter opened and a young man, slightly younger than Percy, walked out of what appeared to be the kitchen. He greeted Oliver and then looked at Percy. "Percy, man, long time no see. How are you? Is your mum still trying to set you up with, what was her name again... Audrey?" The man behind the counter was Lee Jordan, a longtime friend of Percy's brothers Fred and George.
      "Morning Lee. I'm good, you? And no, not anymore, thank Merlin. I was getting pretty frustrated by her various attempts. Audrey and I became great friends though."
      "Same, same. And good to hear. How did you pull that off? Getting Molly Weasley to back off from something?" Lee smiled brightly and was almost leaning over the counter by now.
      "By telling her I wasn't interested in Audrey, or any female for that matter. That, and Audrey appears to have a pretty big crush on someone called Charlie..." Percy smiled a bit, remembering that particular conversation.
      "I bet she's already thinking of someone else to set you up with. And I wonder who this Charlie is..." Lee winked at Percy. "Well, I'm gonna get back to work. You have fun at that boring office job of yours. See you." Lee waved at Percy and then walked back into the kitchen.
      "Here's your coffee, Percy. Have a nice day at the office." Oliver winked at Percy and handed him a cup of coffee. Percy quickly thanked him and hurried out of the coffee shop, feeling rather embarrassed. Oliver had clearly heard every single word Percy had said to Lee. He at least hoped that Oliver wouldn't feel to disgusted by it, as he rather liked his coffee and this coffee shop. He really didn't want to have to search for a new coffee shop, yet again, because a barista was homophobic. Percy sighed and decided to wait for at least one more week before he made a decision on the whole 'finding-a-new-coffee-shop'-issue. He had to get to work.

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  • Maheegan

    "he walked into the coffee shop on Monday morning"
    Het is dus maandag. Het geeft meer weer dat de vorige ontmoeting op een vrijdag was. (:

    6 jaar geleden
  • SonOfGondor

    Moet Percy werken op een zaterdag? Arme Percy... (of lees ik dat verkeerd?)

    6 jaar geleden

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