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Elisabeth (Liz)

Age : 16
Gender : Girl
Character : Shy, Smart, Insecure, Sensitive, Giggly
Description : Liz lives with Mrs. Campbell, an old teacher, when Liz parents died she had nowhere to go so Mrs Campbell took care of her.

Mrs. Campbell

Age : 63
Gender : Woman
Character : Sweet, Talkative, Caring
Description : Lives on an old farm together with Liz, Her husband died a while ago. She was liz teacher in middle school but is now retired. She took care of Liz when her parents died.

James Smith

Age : 17
Gender : Boy
Character : Funny, Sarcastic, Sensitive, Shy, Caring
Description : Liz best friend, Friends since they were one year old, Obsessed with Bacon, Secretly in love with Liz.

Charlie Davidson

Age : 18
Gender : Girl
Character : Loud, Sarcastic, Tough, Secretly sensitive and insecure
Description : One of Liz best friends, Obsessed with bands, really good photographer, Pucks best friend.

Dakota West

Age : 17
Gender : Girl
Character : Loud, Funny, Bitchy, Selfish
Description : One of Liz best friends, Too busy with her band for other things, autistic.

Tom Davidson

Age: 16
Gender : Boy
Character : A bit shy, musical, cute, sweet, caring
Description : Charlies younger brother.

Jasmine Woods

Age : 16
Gender : Girl
Character : Giggly, Sweet, Shy, Insecure, Cute, Happy
Description : One of Liz best friends, Hopelessly in love with this guy called Tom, She is sick.

Puck Boyle

Age : 16
Gender : Girl
Character : Cheerful, Talkative, Funny, Sweet, Little bit Loud
Description : Best friends with Charlie, Bi sexual and out of the closet for her friends.

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