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Liz and Puck meet first when Liz goes with Maxim to rugby training, Puck is in the same team as Maxim. When Liz gets introduced to Puck they both immediately fall in love.

Liz point of view

Okay so it basically all started when my mum said to me i should do some more sport,
So i thought why not have a look at Hockey with Maxim.. At first i didnt really like Hockey,
but as almost all of my friends play it i thought why not have a look..
So i texted Maxim :
Me : Hey Max, can i join your training sometime ?
Max : Yeah what about tonight ?
Me : Uhm yeah why not, can i ride with you ?
Max : Yeah see you at eight at my house.
Me : Kay, see you.
No sooner said than done and i changed clothes and got on my bike,
And at eight exactly i rang the door at Maxim's,
Her father (Mick) opened the door and when he saw my face he pretended to close the door again immediately,
as a joke of course, he always makes that kinda jokes, it fits him, he is a really nice man,
When he let me in he said to me that Maxim was upstairs so i walked upstairs to her room and jumped in to scare her,
but she didn't even notice.. so i jumped on her back and we both fell to the ground laughing.
When we got up she looked at me, head shaking, probably i looked confused cause she started explaining,
i didn't wear the right clothes.. I just picked some sweatpants a hoodie and my sneakers,
didn't really thought about it.. so maxim picked some stuff out of her closet putting it in my hands and pushing me to the bathroom,
while saying to me: "change your clothes, and hurry a bit" so i changed and walked back to her room, but maxim wasn't there..
'Already down' as i thought by myself so i walked downstairs where Mick was sitting on the couch,
when i opened my mouth to ask where Maxim was, he already answered my question 'she is searching the ball, she'll be back in 5 minutes'
So i sat down next to Mick, as soon as i sat he asked me if i was ready for training, so i nodded, Mick was opening his mouth to say something as Maxim came in and threw a ball at mick which he caught perfectly and threw back at her head, which she didn't catch that well, so i laughed at her and stood up, picked her up and walked to the door when i putted her down i asked her if she was ready as she answered with 'are you?' so i nodded and opened the door as i heard Mick calling 'wait a minute i'm coming, go get in the car' so we went to the car, when i got in the car Mick came and i saw he was wearing sport shorts, was he also going to train ? Max saw the confused look on my face and said : 'he is our trainer' so i looked at her with wide open eyes and when i saw she was serious a big smile appeared on my face thinking : he won't judge me if i ain't a star-player. As we drove Max was telling me about the girls in the team. Suddenly the car stopped and we arrived, Max jumped out of the car and i followed her, she almost ran away when mick yelled : 'max come back, take this bag with you..' but she didnt seem to care, so i took the bag and walked with Mick to the locker room, When i came in everyone was busy talking to each other and it was one big mess, so i just stood there in the opening of the door searching for Max, but i couldn't find her, Just at the moment i thought i saw her, this girl came to me, she looked at me and said : 'You must me Emmaly, i'm Isa' I stuttered 'ye-yeah thats me, h.. hi' immediately after i thought : 'yeah great start stuttering.. why do i always mess up' she putted her hand on my back and pushed me softly into the locker room and started introducing everyone, The last one she introduces to me is puck, she i so busy talking to this other girl that she doesnt even notice, But the other girl does and pushes Puck softly, Puck gives her a fake mad face and than notices us, When she looks up and wants to give me a hand i see her beautiful eyes and almost drown in them.. I just stand there looking at her and her hand, like i forgot how to shake hands, than Max comes in,jumping on my back and saying loudly, great i see Isa already introduced you, thinking by myself : 'god she saved me from embarrassing myself totally..'

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