Foto bij - Hockey Training - Part 2

Liz and Puck meet first when Liz goes with Maxim to rugby training, Puck is in the same team as Maxim. When Liz gets introduced to Puck they both immediately fall in love.

Pucks point of view

'Dammit..' it's almost 20:45 as I look up at the clock.. I totally forgot i have training tonight.. In a hurry I search for my clothes, but i can't find them anywhere, 'why now, why can't i find them just now' just as i said that i find them, i change as fast as i can. next thing, where is my stick ? okay think.. where did i put that goddamn thing.. yes i know it, its in my closet ! It's 20:55 when I get on my bike, i'm going to be late.. I arrive at training at 20:05, i cycled really fast, drove through red a few times but i'm there now. I run to the locker room, but when i slam the door open everybody is still sitting there, i walk to Veralynn and sit down next to her, "Mike is late.. " she sighs. than she looks up and sees my head, "wow you are a tomato" she laughs. "I know, but i forgot about time.." i say laughing, "my god, and still you are not as late as Mike" as she said that Maxim comes in running, "hi guys !" and than she is gone again. "Well mike will be here to, as Max is here.." Veralynn says, I nod. Than I get my stick, realizing i still had to put new tape on it, i ask if Veralynn helps me, cause i aint a star in this.. so we put some new tape on my stick gossiping about this new teacher in school. I was just immitating the new teacher as Veralynn kicked me, I gave her a mad face but couldn't hide my smile beneath it, than i looked up, Isa stood there, with this girl i didnt knew, I hear Isa introducing me and i wanted to give this new girl a hand, but than i look in her beautiful eyes and i drown.. 'wow she is wonderful' as i come back to earth i realize i'm still sitting there with my hand, she hasnt shaked it.. 'did i do something weird ?' but than Max comes in and jumps on this new girls back.. 'so she is a friend of max huh, well she is great..' i'm drowning in my thoughts when Veralynn pushes me, "Well that sure is love at first sight, isn't it ?" I look confused at her. "Come on i saw the way you looked at her" she laughs. I giggle "what it that obvious ? but okay yeah, she is stunning ! But uh.. what is her name ?" Veralynn starts laughing really hard "You really need to listen better you idiot, Her name is Elisabeth" Than Mike comes in "Hi ladies, are you coming ?" I get my stick and walk to the field, i almost bump into Elisabeth.. than i hear Mike : "Warming up !" So i start running, I'm running next to Maxim and start a conversation, "So this new girl is a friend of yours, isn't she ?" "Yeah, Elisabeth you mean ?" "Yeah, is she joining the team ?" "Well if she likes it here i guess she will, or maybe another team.." "Okay, Nice." But why don't you go have a conversation with Liz yourself " "Well okay" I pull a sprint, while talking Max and i ran slower and slower and we ended at the back of the group. When I reached Liz I first need to take a deep breath "Hey" i say and smile, she looks up, a bit surprised "hey, puck isn't it ?" When she says my name my smile only becomes bigger she says my name so beautiful "Yeah, and you are Elisabeth, right ?" "Yes, but you can call me Liz" "Girls come to me please, warming up is done !" *training* at the end of the training i'm waiting for Veralynn to cycle home together when Liz walks by, "hey liz ! uh.." what was i going to say.. oh fuck man.. "hey Puck" "uh .. uh.. Well you are a good player !" "really ? Thankyou.." "Did you enjoy it ?" "yeah" "well see you next week than !" "bye"

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