Foto bij - Telephone -

Right after puck comes home she calls Charlie to tell about Liz

Charlies point of view

I'm watching some tv when suddenly my phone rings, i take it out of my pocket and look who is calling me, it's puck, i walk upstairs and pick it up, i don't even get the chance to say hi because Puck immediately starts talking, she goes on for like 5 minutes and in the mean time i putted my phone on loudspeaker and laid it down on my bed. when she finally stops talking i get the chance to say something "first of all hi, so.. can you just calm down and repeat what you just said ?"
i hear her giggle "Yeah hey, uhm well, this new girl on hockey, a friend of Maxim, she is amazing" i interrupt her, "wait you mean Liz ?" "yes, how do you know ?" "Oh you are such an idiot, i told you about her, she is in my class, we are really good friends !" "wait.. really ?" I start laughing "okay so, whats up with Liz ?" "Well.. I guess i'm in love.." I immediately stop laughing. Puck goes on talking "She is so damn cute and she is so beautiful and omg she is also so happy.. and well she may be a little bit shy but i dont care that makes it more special when she laughs" I sigh.. well she is really in love, i never heard her talk about someone like that before. "Well that is really cute, you picked the right one to fall for this hard, i must admit she is great, but uh.. i don't want to ruin it all, but i don't know if she likes girls to.. " puck is quiet for like 5 seconds "well we will know it soon enough" I open my eyes wide "Are.. are you going to tell her?" "well its almost valentine.. so why don't tell her with valentine" i smile i'm sure she has thought of this the whole training "well you have thought of that, great idea !" "but uh i gotta go, bye bye Charless" "bye puckieee"

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