Foto bij - Cycling home -

Charlie and Liz are cycling home together and Liz tells her about Puck

Liz point of view

While cycling home i'm thinking about how i should tell Charlie i like Puck. I've been thinking about it the whole day, I guess it was obvious something was bothering me because Charlie aksed me a few times whats up. I just decided I was going to tell her when i look up and see she is already staring at me and she asks me "Liz seriously whats up.. if you don't want to tell me that's okay to, but don't deny it." I can't get the words out, and when i finally manage to say something it comes out stuttering "I.. I.. Well, uhm you know i was at hockey training last.. last night, right ?" "Yeah, whats up ?" "well uhm you know i, i am in pucks team right ?" "yes, did puck do something you didn't like? what happened? was she mean to you? " "No, no thats the point, she was amazing.. she.. i.. i like her Charlie" i doubt for a moment and than say it out loud "Charlie, I'm in love with puck" I look up at her but when she looks back i look down, i'm afraid of what she will say. But when she answers she sounds really calm and friendly, "Liz, i didn't knew you liked girls, but how cute, puck is such a great girl, i totally understand you haha, and well i have to tell you this, she likes girls to.. so there is a chance she likes you to.." i am really surprised about her answer and again i can't answer normally "uh.. well.. I.. I didn't knew i liked girls myself to but.. well.. uh.. I.. I liked some girls before but never told anyone, i just denied it for myself.. but this was so obvious.." I sigh with relief "i am really happy i told you, but uhm.. does she really likes girls to ?" i look up at her and she smiles "I'm happy you told me to and yeah she came out about a year ago, almost all of her friends know, the team knows it to. are you going to tell her ?" "uh.. well i guess i don't dare that.." "what about a valentines card, without your name on it ?" I smile, "that's an amazing idea !" "but i need to go here, bye bye" I go left and drive home.

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