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James and Liz are walking in the woods, James wants to tell her something.. but Liz wants to tell him something to..

Vieuw : James

We are walking with Bobby, Liz dog, I look at my feet, I really don't know how to tell her this, but i need to, it has been on my mind for far to long, but.. how do I tell her this, how do you tell your best friend you are in love with her ?! I sigh and look up, okay I'll just go for it, I look in her eyes ready to say it but notice something is wrong, her eyes they look so sad "Liz is everything okay ?" "hmm.." she looks up "no.. not really.." I stop walking and look into her eyes, and than out of nowhere everything comes out, she starts crying and all her words come out as one big waterfall, I don't understand a word she says but just let her talk, when she's done talking i hug her, "Liz take a deep breath and tell me, slowly, what is wrong cause i didn't understand a word of it" "I.. James.. I, I think i am.." god she isn't going to tell me she is pregnant is she ? "James, I am in love.." I open my eyes wide.. with who, with who tell me ! "with a girl.." Fuck i ain't a girl.. wait what ? she is in love with a girl.. didn't see that one coming, but why is she crying.. "That.. that's okay Liz, why are you crying, nothing wrong with that, right ?" Her eyes open wide, why is she so damn surprised, did she really think i would be mad or something ? "Are.. are you okay with it ?" I nod "But this, I.. It will ruin my life.. She is in my hockey team, I can't act normal around her, and she is Charlies goddamn best friend and.. " the tears start streaming down her face again, does she mean puck ? doesn't she know puck likes girls to ? There is no problem, Charlie is fine with it, Puck will be fine with it, I am fine with it.. I take a step towards her, and hug her, when she is calmed down again i ask her "You mean puck right ?" Liz nods "Why are you crying than baby girl, nothing wrong with that" she sighs "James i just told you, it'll ruin my life, you don't understand it" I sigh to, i guess i understand better than she does but okay.. "Do you know if she likes girls to ?" she looks at me "How am i supposed to know, stop being stupid James !" I sigh, again, I'll just leave it here but than Liz starts speaking again, it sounds like she calmed down a bit "James, I'm sorry.." I interrupt her "It's okay" "No it is not Jamie" "Yes it is, everything is okay, I guess you should tell Charlie about this, she will tell you exactly the same thing, and maybe she knows if puck is into girls to, and maybe you can even tell Puck ? walking around with it won't help you any further" "thank you Jamie you are the best" she hugs me and kisses me on my forehead, ugh now i didn't tell her what i wanted to tell her, but i can't tell her now.. i guess it has to wait than.. On our walk home we are both really quiet, but that is okay for now.

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