Foto bij Valentines Day ~ Part 1

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I'm sitting on my bed, have been all day, we had a day off because of valentines day. Normally I would go out and do something with friends, but all of them are on a date. And I, I am just sitting here in my room, didn't receive any valentine stuff and probably won't get anything, I laugh what a self-pity. Suddenly I hear the doorbell, I sigh now I have to get up.. I am such a lazy thing. I walk downstairs, but when I open the door, there is no one. I sigh again, did I walk down for this. But than I look down, oh well it's a card, will it be a valentines card, I smile and shake my head, probably not. I look for who the card is, oh well for me, I smile again, maybe it really is a valentines card. I open it, "omg it really is ! " I was so surprised I said it out loud and made a little jump. Let's see who is secretly in love with me, if this is some kinda joke of Charlie.. I will kill her, I laugh. I open the card, "Omg this is so sweet." fuck this person, not even putting the name underneath it, now am I curious as fuck.. I walk upstairs and get my phone, I take a picture of it and send it to Charlie asking if she recognizes the handwriting, it is a beautiful handwriting. Charlie sends me back that is really cute, i sigh yes it is.. omg, is it possible this is from Liz. No, no it just can't be. Charlie doesn't answer me and i'm getting crazy in here, I really need to know from who this is. After 10 very long minutes Charlie finally answers me. I have to read her text for like 4 times cause i can't believe what she just said, it freaking is from Liz ! When I started realizing what just happened I started saying it out loud, I just could't believe it. I text Charlie back "You aren't kidding me right ? and you are sure this is from Liz" not much later i got a text back "Nope i ain't kidding. And yeah i am sure, cause she told me herself." "Wait, for how long have you known that she likes me back" "Mmm she told me the day after you told me" "AND YOU DIDN'T FREAKING SAY A THING?!" "Nope." Omg how can she, but than again I smile, wow she likes me. "So Charles, tell me, why didn't you tell me a thing, you little secret keeper." "Because I promised her to didn't say a thing, same as I promised to you, I didn't tell her anything either" "Why are you such a honest piece of shit.." "Love you to babe" "Wait you have been hooking us up, haven't you?" "Maybe" I smile yep that is my best friend. "So you don't have a problem with it if your two best friends hook up" "Oh but that is a problem.." I laugh, that sarcasm of her. "Sorry, guess you have to deal with it, see you tonight Charles" "Nope" "What ?" "If you get your ass down and open up the door you will see me even sooner than tonight" "What if I don't ?" "Than I will climb through you window" "You won't" "That's right so open up that goddamn door"

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