p.o.v. Liz
Place : School

We were sitting outside at a bench, it was around 13:00 and we were lunching. As always we were gossiping, well, Dakota was gossiping and Jasmine and I were listening. When I ate my apple I searched in my bag for my songbook, Jasmine and Dakota didn't knew i write songs, but now they will know, when I find the text I was searching I give it to Dakota, "Dakota, I wrote some text and I wondered if you could do something with it." "Wow, amazing, looks good Liz ! I'll get my guitar" she jumps up and walks, well it looks more like running.., inside. Jasmine picks up the paper and stares at it, "Didn't knew you wrote" she frowns, I nod, "Well I have written many texts, but I've thrown many of them, they aren't really good.. but I do like this one" "You should not throw them away, I bet they are all great, can you show some to me ?" "Yeah, uh if you want to.." I pick up my back to get my songbook as Dakota comes back, I put my songbook back in my bag. "Okay where is that text, let me try something" she smiles and randomly plays something, after some time she starts singing, I must say it sounds great. She stops playing "Liz this text is amazing, just perfect !" I smile kinda shy. "Have you written before ?" I nod "Why haven't you shown me before, this is great !" "Well, uh.. I thought it wasn't good.. " "Oh shut up, it is good, really good, don't be such a shy kid, you have so many talents but you never show them." I smile again, why does she always knows what to say, why does she know me so well. She starts playing again, amazing how she makes a complete song of that few sentences I wrote in just a few minutes. When she finished she looks up from her guitar and asks me : "Who is it about ?" Jasmine pushes Dakota softly "Why are you such a curious kid" she rolls her eyes and sighs. I am still thinking about what to answer when Dakota waves her hand in front of my face "Hello Lizzie, I asked you something." "Oh yeah right, uhm well there is this girl and I.." Dakota interrupts me "Wait a sec, it is a love song, isn't it?" I nod "But you just said it is about a girl.." I nod again "So.. so you are in love with a girl ?" Jasmine comes in again "Dakota why don't you let Liz talk, go on Liz" "Well yeah I think I'm in love with a girl.." and there goes Dakota again, interrupting me "You think you are ? I am pretty damn sure you are, depending on this song you wrote." I look down, I blush. "So, who is this girl?" Jasmine sighs "Why are you so.. I don't even have words for it Dakota." Dakota looks surprised at Jasmine "What is the problem ?" I sigh "It is okay Jasmine, I met her at hockey, it is a friend of Charlie, she is just so amazing, her name is Puck."

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