P.o.v. Liz

I get up when the doorbell rings, I walk to the door and when I open it there is this man with a huge envelop in his hands. He smiles when he gives it to me and than walks away.

I go back to my room, I have to sit down on my bed and take a deep breath, I am just so surprised and also kinda curious from who this is. When I calmed down a bit I pick up the envelop and open it, in there is a huge valentine card.

I open the card and I can't believe whose name is written on it, it is from Puck. I read the text she has written and my heart goes faster and faster, this is so damn cute. After I've read it I read it again, and again, just to be sure it really is from Puck.

As I finally start to believe it I jump up and run to the phone to call Charlie. As soon as I hear Charlie picked up the phone I start to talk : "Charlie, she likes me back! Omg ! I just can't believe it." I hear Charlie laughing, "Yep, I know, by the way she got your card, she is almost as happy as you are" I smile, this is so amazing. "Uhm Charlie, I gotta go, I have to call the others to let them know." "Okay bye Liz." "Bye Charlie."

Than I text Jasmine, Dakota and James. All of them seem really happy for me, except James, what is it with him, he has been acting so weird the last few days. I about it for a while but not much later I forget about it. Why be sad when the girl I have a huge crush on likes me back.

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