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"Get your ass up !" I don't need to open my eyes to know who this is, it is James, who else could it be. I open my eyes, to late because James already jumped and is now coming down to land on top of me. "James ! I'm awake, you didn't need to jump on me." "Sorry to late" he smiles. I sigh, yep it always goes like this on Tuesdays, he comes to my house, wakes me up and we make breakfast together.

"Now get up, I'm hungry" "You are always hungry, so what is the point" "Doesn't matter, get up or I'll jump on you again" "Okay, okay I'll get up" I get out off my bed and almost walk downstairs when I realize I'm only wearing shorts. My head becomes red, "Uh James, can you give me my sweater.." "Can't you get it yourself ?" He looks up and immediately looks down again, also turning red. He throws my sweater at me and I put it on as fast as I can, than walk down like nothing happened.

"James, your turn to make breakfast, what are we eating today ?" I look behind me, his is head still red. "Jamie, I asked you something" He looks up "Oh uh yeah, what do you want ?" "Breakfast !" "Yeah I got that, super funny." "Oh boy, you seem a little bit confused, something wrong" I giggle. "No, uh everything is okay"

I take a step towards him and say with a very serious voice "You sure my baby boy ? You look like you have seen some ghosts, or maybe something else ?" But than I broke, couldn't hold my laugh back. I laughed for like five minutes before I could even look up to see James reaction, but he didn't laugh, he became even more red, didn't knew that was possible.

"Oh Jamie, you have seen that so many times, who cares. Come on, let's have breakfast" He smiles a little bit uncertain "Well okay, want some pancakes ?" I smile back at him "Do you even need to ask that ? If you make them I'll get ready for school" "Yeah okay, I'll call when they are ready" "Kay"

I get my phone from the charger and than walk upstairs, just as I got in the shower my phone started buzzing. As I get some soap I think by myself ; I'll call back later. When I get out I see Puck called, I smile. I text her : Hey whats up x Not much later she calls me "Hey Liz, I wondered if you would like to go on a date ?" I am so surprised that I drop my phone, and of course the battery falls out. I sigh, why do things like this always happen to me. "Liz breakfast is ready !" "Great, be there in 5 minutes !" "Hurry up" I walk to my room and get some clothes, nothing special just some shorts and a blouse.

I sit down next to James, he gives me a pancake and gives himself two, I chuckle, that idiot. Than my phone starts buzzing again, puck. Shit I forgot. "Yeah hi Puck, uh, I'm sorry my phone fell and than breakfast was ready and I forgot and damn I'm sorry" I hear her laughing "You are such an idiot, but you still haven't answered my question" "Oh uh yeah" I see James is looking at me, he wants to know who it is but i can't answer him now of course.

"If you don't want to go out with me that is okay Liz" I hear a little uncertainty in her voice. "No sorry, wait I mean yes I would love to but oh damn" and again I hear laughing "Do I make you nervous ?" I chuckle " Maybe, a little bit." "You mean very much" "Okay yeah, but straight to the point, I would love to go on a date with you" "Okay nice, I thought of going to the lake and have a Picnic ?" "Sounds amazing, how about Sunday ?" "Great I'll pick you up at one" "Bye Puck" "Have a nice day Liz"

"So you go on a date with Puck ?" "Yeah I guess so" I didn't really realized it till now. "That is nice" He says nice, but I can hear by the way he says it he thinks something different. I look at the clock, damn almost 10:30 AM, if we don't hurry we will be late for school. "James we gotta go" "But you haven't eaten" "Yeah I know but nothing to do about that, I'll survive" "You mean you'll eat in the lesson ?" "That is exactly what I mean" he chuckles, he knows me so well.

We get our bikes and cycle to school, there we see the others. Just as I hang up my jacket the bell rings and James, Charlie and I walk to our English class. I sit down next to Charlie and James goes to his friends. "Hey whats up with James, he acts weird" "Hmm, had a weird morning I guess" "What happened ?" "Nothing much, Puck called, I forgot I only wore shorts.."

she starts laughing "You forgot you wore only shorts ?! My god" I blush why does she has to say this so loud. "Yeah I forgot okay, not a problem for me, but for him definitely, and I don't know but he acts so weird when it has something to do with Puck" I sigh, "Well I guess it is obvious, someone is jealous or just in love, maybe both" My eyes open wide, no it can't be, Charlie always with those weird thoughts, we have been friends for to long.

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