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It is around 9:00 AM when I wake up, I sigh, now I have to wait for hours before I finally can see Liz. I text her ; Good morning Liz, slept well ? Ready for today x Damn, I love this girl already so much, she is the first thing I think about when I wake up.

I get myself some breakfast in bed while watching Netflix. When I'm finished I take a shower and make myself ready for today. I ain't wearing anything special, just some jeans and a shirt, should I wear something more special ? Nah, this is just me as I am.


It feels like hours before it's finally 12:30 AM, and I finally can go on my way to Liz. Before I leave I send a quick message to Charlie to tell her I'm on my way. She immediately texts back ; Have fun babe x

It is exactly 13:00 AM when I arrive at Liz house. As she opens the door my eyes open wide and my mouth falls open, she looks stunning. She blushes, probably because I'm staring.

"Are you ready ?" "Of course I am." I see her smile, the smile I love so much. I get on my bike and she cruises after me with her long board. She is so cute in her little black dress cruising in the wind.


"Do you want something to drink ?" I shrug. I sit up straight, I feel hungry. It is already late, we have been here the whole day and although we had enough food it was only for lunch. "Hey, you think we can order pizza here ?" Okay that came out with a way to serious voice, which apparently, based on Liz reaction, makes it only funnier. Not much later we were eating pizza, so my question wasn't that stupid.


I guess we fell asleep because when I open my eyes it is dark outside. I notice something heavy on my chest, or well someone heavy cause Liz head is resting on my chest. I can't help but a huge smile appears on my face.
I wake Liz up, although I didn't really wanted to. She was sleeping so cute. But I have to bring her home otherwise people will be concerned, well if they aren't already.

She opens her eyes and jumps up a bit when she sees me. "Where am I, what are we doing here Puck ?" She asks me with the cutest sleepy voice I ever heard. "We fell asleep baby girl, I waked you up so I could bring you home." She, still not fully awake, sits up straight "Well, that is sweet." And than it happens out of nowhere she kisses me.

Butterflies are going through my whole body. My head is as red as possible, glad it is dark outside so she couldn't really see it. I fell so damn hard for her and I wonder if I'll ever be able to stand up again.

I bring Liz home, her head is resting on my back as she is sitting on the back of my bike. When we arrive at her house she is sleeping. I get the key out of her pocket and open the door and than pick her up in my arms, I lay her in bed and than quietly walk outside and close the door.

The next morning I wake up by a text from Liz ;

Hey, miss Campbell saw everything you did last night, you are so sweet, she wanted to thank you and invites you for dinner tonight x

I gasp, she saw me ? Well okay than.

No big deal, couldn't let you sleep outside haha, would love to eat dinner at yours tonight, does she know about us ? xx

Yes apparently she does, I only told her I was on a date and since you are the one who brought me back it was pretty obvious. Xxx

Yeah okay, see you tonight xx

Okay so she knows, that is a good thing, and she is okay with it, that is even better.

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