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As long as humans have known this thing that tracks some sort of time they knew they didn't have an eternity to live. They were fascinated by the hourglass on the hill. So much so that they have fabricated all sorts of myths and legends about why the hourglass was there and what would happen if the last grain/crystal of sand had reached the bottom.
Afraid of what would be happening if any of these myths where to take place or if the hourglass would be destroyed by evil minds. Humans started to build walls and other fortifications surrounding the timepiece.

This, however, didn't have the wished for effect, one being that other humans started to feel like they should be the ones protecting the hourglass instead of the people that were guarding it. As political tensions rose high, war seemed inevitable and thus the fortifications grew larger. However, the second undesirable effect was that the more the hourglass was enclosed, the faster the sand fell down.
As you can image this made the humans all kinds of anxious and in doing so also adding stress to the ever-growing political tension already surrounding the hourglass.

In order to avoid any more danger, the head of the guardians decided to share this news with the other people who wanted to protect the potential time bomb. Together they came to the conclusion that the best place to store the hourglass would be on top of the highest mountain between their nations so they both could protect the road towards it and it would be all out in the open.

Now that the location was set, trustworthy and adventurous people had to be found. Soon enough both nations had their share of the group on the site of the timepiece to help it move.
Together they started their dangerous trip through increasingly rough terrain.

Maker van de tekening is op instagram te vinden als @stefan_eenkhoorn
Note: Hij heeft toestemming gegeven om zijn werk te delen

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