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‘Liam, I know you’ve seen me calling. Just pick up, please. I know you really don’t want to talk to me. But I need help, and it’s really important to me. I miss you, I do and I would love to make things right between us again. You know what, I know you’re listening I’m coming over right now.’

I quickly put on some sneakers and take a look in the mirror. My blonde hair is up in a bun, messy, an old white shirt and baggy jeans. My face is plain, no make-up the only thing that stands out are my freckles and blue eyes .I sigh, it would have to do for today. I take my car keys from the coffee table and make my way out of the apartment. The building I live in is old and shabby, but it has a vintage flair about it that made me instantly fall for it. The rent is cheap and the neighbors loud. But in some way it’s soothing to hear the voices of complete strangers and the creaking of the old building. But no time to dwell on that I’m a woman on a mission right now.

The drive to Liam’s apartment is short, and I try to come up with a way to both apologize to him and ask him for a favor at the same time. Not smart to ask for a favor from the one person that despises you. I still believe he is my only ticket to where I want to be. Liam is the ultimate party animal, there’s not a party that he hasn’t been to. He has connections all over the city and he even made it to co-owner of the hottest dance club in town. He is exactly the person I need for the job.

I pull over in the parking lot and get out of my battered old car. Its rusty, and anything but chic but it gets me wherever I need to go. Liam lives in one of the fanciest parts of the city. The apartment complex looks more like a five star hotel. I used to wonder where he got all the money to live this luxuriously. I should have known it had always been drugs. I sigh, and my plan is to mingle with the kind of people I always desperately wanted to avoid? Great, Julie isn’t that just a million dollar plan. I sigh, it’s not but it is my only plan and as far as I can see the best one. I enter the lobby and take one of the lifts up to the seventh floor.
‘Liam, it’s Julie let me in, please.’ I say as I bang on the door for the tenth time. I hear something breaking on the other side of the hardwood door. He’s home. I keep banging, intent not to let him win. He is as stubborn as I am sadly. But finally I hear the lock click and the door opens to reveal Liam, tall dark and handsome as always.

‘What is it you want from me Julie?’

‘That is no way to greet your big sister Liam, you look good though.’

We step into the big living area and I can see bottles everywhere, a young lady, barely in her twenties is sprawled on the sofa. Naked. I prepare to launch in a long rant calling Liam out on his irresponsible behavior but I stop myself, knowing it would ruin my chances of redemption. What would our parents say when they saw us like this? Me looking like a disheveled high school girl and him throwing his life away to alcohol and drugs. If they were here, I know I’d get a good spanking. I didn’t take care of my little brother as I should have. I have the decency to somewhat blush at that thought. This was bad, and it was even worse that I was about to throw myself in the same kind of life as my brother's.

‘We need to talk.’

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