Foto bij The Hobbit | Chapter one.

Hi everyone!

Here it is: chapter one of my first Hobbitstory! I'm so excited to know what you think about it. Feel free to leave a comment and to give me a kuddo!

Lots of love,
Fientjé the Dwarf

Finally I reached the Shire. It was already dark and I was pretty sure that I walked for six hours straight. The Shire looked beautiful in the dark and at some point I thought that the holes were very cute. While I walked past the Hobbit Holes, I was wondering how it would look on the inside and how the Shire would look on a sunny day. I stopped for a moment and looked around me, I walked a little bit further and found a big green field next to a Hobbit Hole. So I decided to set up my camp for the night. When I was ready I heard some noise. It sounded like drunk men having a fight or something. So I took all my stuff back and followed the noise. I still remember my mother telling me - at the age of five - that I'm too curious. I always laughed it away, because I think that being curious is a good thing. I means that you want to learn, that you want to know. So I followed my instinct and went to the house full of noise. The door was standing wide open and I heard people singing. It was a song I never heard before. I put my backpack down and walked into the house.f Couldn't believe that I was really in a Hobbit Hole. It looked very cosy and it was also very warm in there. On my left side I saw and old chest full of weapons. I took a sword and slung it in the air, after a few seconds I laid it back - very carefully - in the chest. They were still singing and when I wanted to walk into another room I saw a plate flying in the air. I followed the plate and saw how a blonde man - it looked more like a dwarf - catched it and threw it into another room. For a moment I thought I ended up in a circus. They kept on singing and I didn't knew if I should leave or stay. At the end of the corridor I saw a Hobbit. He looked confused and also a little bit irritated. I tried to dodge the plates and walked towards the hobbit. Suddenly something hit my head and before I knew it everything was black.

I opened my eyes and saw twelve dwarves, a Hobbit and an old man staring at me. I was dreaming, wasn't I? I closed my eyes again and hoped that if I would open them that they would be gone. But they weren't gone, for a few minutes we stared at each other until one dwarf with four braids started to talk with a cute voice. "Will she also enjoy our quest, Gandalf?" - "I haven't invited her." answerd the old man. "What is she doing here then?" asked a younger dwarf with brown hair. He was the only one without a beard or mustache. "I don't know. Maybe she's not from here. It's not an elf, her ears doesn't look like those from an elf." answered the blonde dwarf while touching my ears. "I beg you pardon. But did I gave you the permission to touch me." I said while pushing his hand away. A dwarf with a white beard gave his hand: "My apologies my Lady. I'm Balin." I took his hand and he pulled me up. I looked around and stood in the middle of a circle full of dwarves, a Hobbit and an old man. I looked back to the dwarve with the name Balin. "I'm Harper Lillybite and apologies accepted." I said while looking to the other dwafs. "May I ask you to which we owe your company? Balin asked. "I am on a trip." I started. "What kind of trip?" the dwarf with the four braids asked. "Just a trip through Middle-Earth." I answered. "Why?" asked a bald dwarf, who was bigger then the others in my opinion. "Because I want to know what there's to see here in Middle-Earth." - "Where do you come from?" asked the younger dwarf. "I'm from nowhere." I said while looking him straight in the eyes. "One day I live in the mountains, the other day I live in the woods." The dwarves looked at each other a little bit confused. "I lived in Dale and I lost my parents so with the few people who survived we went to Laketown and with permission from the master of laketown we could stay there. After a few years I left, because it wasn't my kind of thing. So from that moment I decided to make my own trip throught Middle-east. And now I'm here in the Shire. My last stop before I go back to Laketown." I told them with a weak smile. "I'm Ori." said the dwarf with the four braids suddenly. I giggled. "Hi, Ori." - "Are you hungry? We have some food." he said. I smiled. "In fact I'm hungry. But I don't want to disturb you're little party." I answered. "Oh, you don't!" he said while taking my hand. "Come." I followed the dwarf into another room. "Sit here and wait." he said. I smiled and followed his orders. A few minutes later he came back with all kind of food. "Here you are Miss Lillybite." - "Thankyou Ori. That's very kind of you." The other dwarves came into the room and took also a place at the table. I started to eat but stopped when I realized that they were all staring at me. "Do you want some beer." the blonde dwarf asked. The boy with brown hair nudged him with his elbow: "You can't ask something like that to a Lady!" - "Ladies also drink beer." I interrupterd their little fight. The both started to smile. "I will get some." said the blonde one. - "No, I will get it for her." - "Kili, I offered her a drink." - "Fili, I'm the youngest I have the youngest legs." - "Here you are!" said Ori while giving me a cup of beer. The young dwarves looked at each other and then to Ori. "Thankyou!" I said with a smile. "Kili! Look what you've done. Now I'm too late. It's your fault." - "My fault? It's definitely yours Fili." All the other dwarves started lauging because of the little fight between Fili and Kili and so did I.

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  • Croweater

    Ik vraag me af wat voor circussen ze in Midden Aarde zullen hebben. :')

    Ze moet by the way wel zo onderhand honderd zijn als ze in Dale woonde. Dat is ook wel weer eens leuker dan al die jonge grietjes.

    4 jaar geleden

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