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Today was the day, the dreaded Friday where I would have to party my brains out. While it was all for a good cause I was nervous, no. More than nervous. I was terrified, and standing in a fancy clothing store like this one wasn’t something that calmed those particular nerves. I had been in and out of all kinds of stores the whole morning. One store even more intimidating than the others. The sales clerks knew I didn’t fit in there, with my jeans and sweater. Eventually I had found the store I was in now, it wasn’t quite as fancy as the others but as soon as I stepped through the doorway I instantly felt better than in any of the other stores. It was a small store, only a few racks of dresses and various other classy wear. I ducked into the first row and started perusing the clothes. Hot pink, no. Red, and be a slut? I think not. I sighed, quite loudly so. To my embarrassment the sales assistant had heard and popped her head around the racks of clothing.

‘You alright there, darling?’

Well I certainly wasn’t alright. How was I ever going to find a dress at this rate? I had no idea what would suit my body type, much less so what kind of color would work for me. My first instinct was to just smile and say I was fine, just perusing the clothes. But I decided against that. I desperately needed help.

‘Well, no, actually. I am looking for something to wear to a really important party. But quite honestly, I know next to nothing about fashion and dresses even less so. I’ve been out in the city the whole morning and I just can’t find anything.’

Good job, Julie. Now you scared her away with your rant. Great. I looked at the woman. She appeared to be in her mid-forties, impeccably dressed and quite a natural beauty. I briefly wondered what someone like her would be doing working in a store.

‘Oh darling, fret not. I will help you find the perfect outfit! That’s what I’m here for anyway, right?’

I nodded numbly and watched as she disappeared between the racks of clothing again, rambling about colors. I instantly liked the slightly strange woman. She was friendly, and even more so, she didn’t judge.

‘I think royal blue or navy would suit you just fine, miss. Together with your beautiful blonde hair, the men will be after you in no time.’

‘Royal blue? Navy?’

Was that even a color? There was just blue right? I followed her down the path as she kept piling dress after dress on my open arms. So the dreaded fitting session would begin.

‘What size are you, sweetie?’

‘I. I don’t know. I just buy whatever fits.’

I heard the tiniest of sighs coming from the beautiful woman before she picked a few more dresses and ushered me to the fitting rooms.

‘I’ll be right outside now…’


‘I’ll be right outside, Julie. Just come out and show me the dresses you put on and we’ll decide together.’

I took a moment to look at the abundance of dresses piled up in the fitting room with me, some more raunchy than others. I knew instantly a few weren’t going to fit, so I handed those back to the woman without giving them so much as a glance. Six dresses remained, let the games begin.

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