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'Yes! Come on, darling. It'll be fun.'

'Okay, just let me go to the ladies room first okay?'

With as much dignity as I could muster I began to hurriedly make my way to the ladies room. I was a terrible dancer, always had been. And if Aldric would see that I was ruined. And to top it off I was wobbly on my feet from all the drinks. This was a disaster in the making. I made my way to the mirror in the bathroom and stared at my reflection. My cheeks were rosy from the alcohol and my hair was wild. I looked every bit the girl I had never wanted to be. The party girl. I wasn't a party girl, I was a paper girl. A writer. I splashed some water in my face, hoping it would calm my red cheeks. But it only made the burning sensation bigger, and I felt myself slipping into an uncomfortable state between intoxicated and sober. I supposed this is what it should feel like. I smiled at my disheveled self in the mirror and made my way back to the handsome man that was waiting for me. He was still in the same spot, holding two shots of alcohol.

'Here, Julie darling. Drink up and we'll dance.'

It seemed I was much better at dancing than I originally thought. The music was loud and I could feel it seep into my body. With Aldric's guidance I felt like the best dancer in the club. I could feel Aldric's hands begin to wander but I couldn't bring myself to protest and soon enough I could feel my own body becoming weak and leaning into his strong physique more and more. I heard a soft murmur, Aldric was whispering something. I couldn't quite make out what. Strange. I tried hard to remember anything sensible but I had a hard time focusing on my thoughts. I could only watch and feel how Aldric pulled me out of the dancing crowd and towards the exit.

'W...where are we going?'

I noticed my voice was slurred and I could barely understand my own words. What a ridiculous thing. I snorted and tried to call back the sensible Julie, but she was nowhere to be found. How odd.

'We're just going on a nice ride to my place, babe.'

His place? Why? I tried to struggle but nothing happened. I briefly wondered why my body wasn't cooperating, but I lost the thought again.

'Let's get you in the car, Julie.'

'I don't want to.'

'You have to.'

I could barely register his voice anymore and let myself be dragged to a sleek silver Mercedes. The car unlocked with a smooth click and I was ushered into the back seat. The leather of the sofa was cool and I pushed my burning cheeks against it in hopes of cooling off myself. The door closed, but Aldric didn't take the drivers seat, and I was left alone in the fancy car. I closed my eyes and within seconds I was fast asleep.

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