Foto bij Chapter fifteen

The leather of the seats had changed. It was softer, warmer. I tried snuggling into the seat more but was roughly shaken awake again.

‘Julie? Julie? Goddamn it. For gods sake, how could you be so stupid Julie?’


What was this person talking about? I was just here, sleeping in the seat. How could I have done anything wrong? I suppose it was another one of those people who always had to have everything their way or no way at all. Wait, that was me. Huh? I tried to recall what I did today but I couldn’t get any farther than loud music and high heels.

‘What happened?’

‘Your stupidity happened, Julie. I leave you alone for five goddamn minutes and you get yourself drunk, drugged and in the car of a complete stranger.’

‘Who are you?’

‘Figures. Of course you’d forget who your own brother is.

I tried to open my eyes and look at the man behind the wheel. But it was dark inside the car, only the streetlights illuminated his face. Sharp jaw, straight nose and ridiculously long eyelashes. Liam, for sure.


‘Yeah, Julie. I had to save you from that guy. I thought you were smarter than that. Apparently I was wrong. I should have never agreed to letting you come with me. This has been an utter disaster. I had to back away from an important meeting just to save your sorry ass. Don’t you get it? This will harm everything I’ve worked for. Of course you wouldn’t realize that. You only think about yourself. You always did.’

‘Liam, I…I.’

I couldn’t think straight, the words wouldn’t form in my mouth and all I could do was watch as Liam continued. He was angry, that much I could figure out, even in my intoxicated state. I fought hard to stay awake and listen to him. Because while I didn’t fully remember what I’d done, I knew he was serious about this.

‘I really thought it would be different this time around. We’re both older now, and I just hoped that now we could finally get past our differences and respect one another. I know you never approved of anything I did, but please I need some support too. You were never there, Julie. Never. I had to do this, so I could take care of myself.’

‘I care for you.’

‘You never showed it. Not even once. As soon as our parents died you became every bit the secluded writer. I was barely sixteen but you never helped me out. Never. I can’t forgive you for that. I can’t forgive you for not being there. You had no reason not to be, yet you left me alone.’

Was he right? I couldn’t focus, I could hardly remember this night and anything before that was even more of a blur. I knew I had done something very wrong. And he was more than angry, but right now I needed to get sleep and figure things out. I would have to deal with this tomorrow.

‘Nevermind, you are too drunk to understand anyway. I’m going to get you home now but after that, don’t call me okay. I’m not going to do this whole charade again. We might be family, but you lost me as a real brother ages ago.’

Shit. I was in so much trouble. Tomorrow I would fix it. I’d have to.

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