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Grade 11 (Senior year)

Jonah Haak: Guy – liner with a guitar.
Omar Elbaghdadi: Trying to ruin others opportunities. (NEW!)
Beryl Sicam: Smart girl ready to graduate and trying not a guy ruin her opportunities. (NEW!)
John L. Velders: The boy who wants to be a professional cook. (NEW!)
Connor Hilton: Loveable guy and protective. (NEW!)
Jair Wijngarden: Chill computer nerd. (NEW!)
Diamond Achong: Popular school jock. (NEW!)
Lucas Van Egmond: The boy who no one understands. (NEW!)

Grade 11 (Junior year)
Zig Novak: The not so bad boy.
Zoe Rivas: The girl with a secret.
Esme Song: The bad influence. (NEW!)
Maya Matlin: The girl following her passion.
Tristan Milligan: The boy looking for love.
Goldi Nahir: The student activist (NEW!)
Winston Chu: The ladies man.
Grace Cardinal: The eyes and ears of degrassi.
Miles Hollingsworth III: The rich kid with daddy issues.
Tiny Bell: The smart guy making up for his past.
Cinderella Oyewoga: The edgy homeless girl living with the rich kids. (NEW!)
Calvin Brown: Skater guy in the background. (NEW!)
Vanity Haslinghuis: The girl who doesn’t know what she wants[/b]

Grade 10 (Sophmore year)

Baaz Nahir: The hardcore gamer. (NEW!)
Lola Pacini: The girl that’s smarter than you think.
Amber Van Vlijmen: The girl who’s trying to fit in. (NEW!)
Edylyn Escarcia: Sweet girl but gets always the blame. (NEW!)
Shay Powers: The girl with a plan.
Yael Baron: The next Mark Zuckerberg (NEW!)
Frankie Hollingsworth the girl that’s miss understood.
Hunter Hollingsworth: The mysterious introvert
Cherie Sicam: The girl who’s scared for commitment. (NEW!)
Vijay Maraj: The romantic taking over high school. (NEW!)
Kyle Van Poppelen: Bisexual guy trying to find himself. (NEW!)
Joy Van Breukelen: Fun girl who's enjoying life. (NEW!)

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