Een angsty Star Wars fanfic in het Engels. Sorry.

He had never let him down. He had saved his life even, more than once. Anakin would not let him ever forget. They were a team, just them, saving the galaxy. Indestructible. Feared by their enemies. One look between the two men and they had known what to do. Obi Wan remembered seeing Anakin smile. He liked seeing him smile. The confident smile after a successful mission, the loving smile when he saw the woman he loved – Obi Wan knew, of course he did. And how he smiled at him. And then he drifted away. He could see it happening, he tried to reach out for him and Anakin had turned away.

And now he had failed. He had let Anakin down. If he only had been better, Anakin wouldn’t have turned. He wouldn’t look at his old master with hate in his eyes. Obi Wan begged him with every word to stop, to stop fighting. To turn back. If only he would, he would protect him with all he had. What he had said to Yoda was true: he could not kill Anakin. But Anakin could kill him. Every step, every strike, Anakin meant to kill him. Obi Wan just fought to stay alive. He tried to reason, but his words had no effect.

His words weren’t a warning, but a plead. To not try it. But he did. And there he was, his best friend laying on the ground, dying, limbless, because of him. His brother. He was burning, screaming. Even now, he would forgive him. They would make it okay. Together. Like they always did. Anakin burned. He was hurt. It would have been merciful to kill him. He couldn’t. He loved him. He still did.

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  • NiareNero


    5 jaar geleden
  • Catbox

    Obi had Ani gewoon mee moeten nemen naar huis en alles zou weer goed zijn(huil)
    Echt geweldig mooi geschreven!
    (Star Wars fan over here!)

    5 jaar geleden

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