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Hier is hoofdstuk 2 al, als een voorproefje om jullie warm te maken. Neem een abo want ik waarschuw niet!


I take a sip from my now-cold cup of coffee. It’s almost time for my parents to show up. They haven’t been in town for a while and I pray that they don’t get lost. Keeping an eye on the entrance, I check my watch. Taking out my phone, I was about to check it for any missed calls of texts, when…
“Elisabeth, sorry about all that.” Uncle Chris brings over a plate of cookies, taking a seat on the sofa.
“Oh, no, please. Don’t worry about it!” I smile. “Wow, these look so good!”
“Yeah, they’re Chris’s Original Cookies! Give them a try.”
“Thanks a lot.” I take a cookie and taste it. It’s so delicious I could eat the whole tray here and now, but I hold myself back. “It seems like everyone here really loves baseball, huh.”
“Yeah. I was their little league coach when they were in elementary school.”
“So that’s why they watch the games together?”
“Yeah, basically.”
“Are you guys talking about baseball?” The dark blond curly-haired man is back. He holds out his hand. “Sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier. I’m Justin. Do you like baseball? If you do, we’re playing a practice game, why don’t you come watch?”
“Thank you, but I don’t really understand baseball.” I say as I shake his hand. “I’m Elisabeth. It’s nice to meet you.”
“Who do you think you are? Just asking her out like that?” Uncle Chris gives him a warning look.
“Justin here looks cute and harmless, but he’s fast on the draw.” Zac, the man with the white shirt lets out a laugh. “So watch out, Elisabeth.”
“Takes one to know one, Zac. Weren’t you hitting on a pretty actress at the TV station just last week?” I try to follow the conversation, but it’s really hard if you don’t know what they’re talking about.
“Was I? I don’t remember.”
“Must be nice being a successful scriptwriter. You can meet all the pretty actresses you want.” Justin says with a smile. So Zac is a scriptwriter. That’s why he was talking about TV shows before.
“Hey, isn’t this your TV show, Zac?” Harry, the auburn haired man walks over, pointing at the TV.
“Oh! Did you write the script for this show, Zac? I watched it! Wow, I can’t believe I’m meeting a screenwriter.” I’m kind of amazed.
“He may be, but it’s still amazing a guy like Zac can come up with something so pure and innocent.” Harry grins. “Oh, hey! I’ll just be taking one of these.” He takes a cookie and sits down on the sofa.
“Hey, Harry! Don’t just take them without asking!” Uncle Chris smacks the cookie from his hand.
“Why not? It’s not like you’re running out.” Harry shrugs.
“Even though he kind of is.” Robert, having come over with Harry, says coolly. “Oh, by the way, Harry. Didn’t you say you had school today?”
“Just in the morning. Geez, I work so hard for a day off, too. But it’s test week so…”
“Test week?” I’m trying to get the conversation going, so that I can find out more about all these people. If he’s talking about tests at school, does that mean he’s a university student?
Harry look dubiously at me. “Hey, I think you’ve got the wrong idea. I’m a teacher.”
“Oh right! A teacher, of course! I’m sorry.” I feel so stupid right now.
“Ha ha ha! You didn’t think Harry was a student, did you?” Justin laughs out hard. “That’s funny. I’d kill to be as funny as you!”
“That’s rich, coming from a professional comedian.” Robert pulls up an eyebrow and explains further to me. “He’s still just starting out, but Justin here’s a comedian.”
“Oh really?”
“So you don’t know how I am?” Justin looks kind of disappointed. “Yeah, I guess you wouldn’t.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t really watch TV, and…” I’m trying to save myself out of this situation.
“But you just said that you watched Zac’s TV show…” He looks really depressed now and I feel really bad. “Just kidding!” He snaps his head up, a grin on his face. “You’re so nice. I’m in a comedy duo called Justin. I’ve started performing in different places too.”
“Wow. I’ll make sure to look out for you on TV.”
The lawyer comes walking over, a steaming cup of coffee in his hand. “This is from the manager. He said your coffee’s probably cold.” He holds the steaming cup out to me. When I glance over at the bar, the manager is giving a thumbs-up.
“Thank you.” I take the coffee from him.
“Oh, that reminds me. I haven’t introduced myself yet, have I?” He takes out a business card. “Nice to meet you. I’m Liam.”
“Uh… Thank you.” I look at the business card and see the name of a huge law firm at the top. It’s a famous firm. I’ve seen their commercial on TV all the time.
“Of course, Liam would be all proper.” Justin grins. “Nothing like Harry. That’s for sure.”
“What?” Harry jerks his head up.
“They mean I have common sense.” Liam says gently.
“Are you saying I don’t?” Harry raises an eyebrow and looks around suspiciously.
“Achooo!” Robert sneezes loudly.
“What wrong, Robert. Catching a cold?” Liam takes out an tissue and hands it over.
“I’ve been stuck in the lab all week, so…”
“Hey, Robert, when is that pheromone love potion going to be ready?” Zac claps his shoulder and winks suggestively at me.
“What? I thought you were doing the medicine to make me funnier first?” Justin yelled out. Developing medicine… Robert must be really smart. Feeling someone’s eyes on me, I look toward Zac.
“I just had a thought.” His eyes are wide open and even his mouth hang open a bit. “This girl… might be perfect.” Everyone falls silent and takes me in. I feel weird and shy, so I look down and try not to blush. “Right? This girl is perfect!”
What are they talking about?

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