Foto bij Chapter 3

Hallo lieve lezers!

De examens zijn voorbij! *FEEST*
Daarom is hier hoofdstukje 3 al. Laat weten wat je denkt!
Hopelijk kan het verhaal jullie nog steeds boeien. Don't worry, we zijn bijna door de 'introductie' heen. Dan kan de echte fun beginnen!


“Yeah! She’s pretty, I’m all for it!” Justin bits his lip and laughs out loud. “She’s definitely pretty.”
“Average at best, am I right?” Harry is seizing me up. His eyes go from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and back.
“You calling my family ‘average’?” Uncle Chris gives him a little smack on the head.
“She does seem like she’d make a good wife.” Liam’s has his hand under his chin and a thinking look on his face.
“Huh?” What are they talking about? Everyone looks at me. It’s uncomfortable, knowing everyone’s sizing me up. They’re all staring at me. Just around the time I start to feel really strange about all this, Uncle Chris claps his hands. “Listen up, everyone. Actually, Elisabeth came here today to introduce her fiancé to her parents.”
“Fiancé… So that’s why you’re here. Congratulations!” Liam shakes my hand and smiles gently.
“Thank you.”
“Oh man… I thought she’d be prefect too!” Justin seems a bit disappointed.
“Wow, I guess there’s a shoe for every foot.” Zac grins widely.
“I don’t care if she has a fiancé. In fact, that just makes me want her more.” Harry’s eyes lock on mine and I try to stare him down, but I can’t.
“The next game’s starting…” Robert points at the TV screen.
“What? Already?” Before I know it, everyone except for Uncle Chris is back at the bar. They really do everything together.
“So, when are your parents and your fiancé coming?” Uncle Chris sounds a bit worried.
“Um, they might be having a hard time finding this place. We are on a back street.”
“Wait here a second, I’ll go have a look.” Uncle Chris leaves the bar. It’s about time my parents got here. Maybe my fiancé’s lost too. I’m getting nervous. Thinking of my fiancé, and my parents, I smile. Then the door opens and I snap my head over to look.
It’s Uncle Chris. He has a strange look on his face as he comes over and hands me a large envelope.
“A man just came and said to give this to you.” He bit his lip. “I asked his name, but he said you’d know who it was from when you saw it.”
I take the envelope from Uncle Chris. On the back of the envelope is the name ‘Dylan Prince’, written in clear, distinct letters. That’s my fiancé. I open the envelope to find a familiar wristwatch and a piece of paper. It’s the wristwatch I gave him when we were engaged. Placing the wristwatch on the table, I unfold the piece of paper.

Dear Elisabeth,
I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you. I love someone else.
Our engagement is off. I’m so sorry.

“Elisabeth?” I stare, dumbfounded, at the letter and wristwatch in front of me. Dylan… this has to be some kind of horrible prank, right? But the handwriting is definitely his. I’m so stunned that I don’t even notice the letter falling out of my hand. A severe look comes over my Uncle’s face as he picks up the letter and looks at it.
“Someone just came up and handed this to you?” I just don’t understand.
“Yeah…” I stand up forcefully and dash out of the bar, leaving all my things behind. He’s probably still close!

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