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Harry, the man who said he wasn’t interested in me, sits down next to me.
“I apologize for not introducing myself sooner. My name is Harry Styles. I’m a high school physics teacher. Nice to meet you. I’ve been seeing your daughter for some time, and would like to ask for her hand in marriage.” I’m completely at a loss for words.
“I see. So you’re my daughter’s fiancé.” My mother seizes Harry up. “How polite. That must be because you’re a teacher.”
“How kind of you to say so.” My parents are completely deceived by his polite demeanour. They are gazing warmly at Harry. It looks like he’s won them over already.
“What a handsome man!” My father smiles widely. “You remind me of myself when I was young.”
“Now, now, he’s much better looking.” My mother winks. “I’s sorry about him. He gets like this sometimes.”
“What are you talking about? I’ll have you know that when I was young…”
“Father, mother, this man isn’t…”
“Hey…” I’m flustered. Harry tugs at my sleeve. He then whispers in my ear, where my parents can’t hear. “Do you want them to know your engagement’s off? Look how happy your parents are. You’ll break their hearts.”
“Why are you getting so flustered?” My parents look at me questioningly. “You’ve always been on the anxious side.”
“You’re all red! I guess this is pretty embarrassing for you.” I want to scream at my father’s words. I’m not embarrassed, I’m losing my mind!
“I’m so relieved to see Elisabeth settle down with a guy like you.” My mother looks at Harry with a big smile on her face. “Elisabeth insisted on keeping you a secret until we actually got to meet you. We were a little worried.”
“Half excited, half worried, really.” My father fills in.
“I’m sorry about that.” Harry glances over at me, smiles and put his hand on my knee. “I should have introduced myself sooner.”
“I can’t complain since I’m seeing my daughter with such an amazing guy. Good for you, Elisabeth!”
“Mother,…” Harry gently squeezes my knee.
“I knew the moment I saw her that we were destined to be together.” Harry talks over me, cutting me off. He glances down and begins speaking earnestly. “My heart knew it wanted no other woman but her. I feel like I was single for so long for a reason. To meet Elisabeth. And I’m so grateful that I did.”
“Wow…” My mother stares at him, her mouth open.
“We’re happy to hear that you think so highly of our daughter.” My father pushes my mother’s chin up, to close her mouth. My parents have both completely fallen for it. Is Harry seriously the kind of person to talk about ‘destiny’ with people he’s just met? “You got yourself a great man, Elisabeth.”
“Where did you find him?” My mother asks, but I’m lost in thought. He’s so eloquent. He must be very popular with the ladies. “Are you listening, Elisabeth?”
“Huh? What?”
“I guess you’re smarter than I give you credit for. Where did you meet him.”
“W-well…” I glance at Harry. He must have gotten the message, because he slowly begins to answer.
“Actually, Elisabeth and I met right here. Chris is the coach of my baseball team. My teammates an I started coming here, and that’s how I met Elisabeth.” He points to the other guys at the bar. They all wave and I see the smirks and grins on their faces. I bet they’re enjoying the show.
“So that’s why you had us meet him here today.” My mother says as she waves back at the others.
“It really means a lot that I get to meet her parents here, because this place holds so many memories.” He smiles at me. This guy! I can’t believe how easily he lies! And to think he’s a teacher! But I can’t say any of this in front of my parents. So I keep my mouth shut, keeping my irritation to myself.
“I see you guys met!” Probably thinking it was best to keep things simple, Uncle Chris tries to finish up the conversation. “How about a drink to celebrate?”
“We’d love to, but we have to catch our plane.” My mother looks kind of quilty.
“What? You’re leaving already?”
“We’re florists, we have to get up early.” My mother stand up and strokes my hair. “We have a flower shop. Or did you already know that?”
“Of course. Elisabeth told me all about it.” He’s such a liar!
“Come back any time, and stay longer next time!” Uncle Chris gives my mother a hug.
“We’ll take you up on that. Maybe next time we could visit your new place?”
“What?” My words get lost when my father pulls me in for a big bear hug.
“Of course. We’d love to have you.” Harry shakes my mother’s hand.
“Also, I heard that your company’s really famous, Chris?” My father gives him a man hug. “The whole family’s impressed.”
The conversation topic shifts to my uncle. I’m relieved for a second. Then Harry whispers to me. “That was good.”
“That they didn’t figure out that your fiancé left you. You saved your parents the heartache… Thanks to me. I saved that beautiful ass of yours.” Harry smiles as his hands slowly moves down from my back to my behind. I slap his hand away. My parents don’t notice a thing.
“Alright, Elisabeth, good luck!” My father hugs my one last time.
“Keep in touch, tell me how things are going!” My mother tousles my hair and kisses me on the cheek.
“Have a nice flight home.” I try to smile, but it feels so fake I quickly stop it.
“I feel like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders.” My parents leave in high spirits, and I go back inside after seeing them off. Uncle Chris and everyone else are waiting for me.

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