Los Angeles, California, airport - 8:23AM.

A pair of dark brown colored irises scanned their surroundings, as multiple figures dashed along his line of vision. Hundreds of travelers, dragging luggage behind them, whilst trying to figure out where to go, or how to get there. His friend Mark Fischbach was seated in one of the red chairs midst the ones perfectly lined up, at the far right of the massive airport. The burden of not knowing what his purpose was among the crowd, slightly ticked off Wade Barnes.

"Tell me once again who the guy is that we're meeting up with?"

Locking his almond eyes with his friend's, the 26-year old man let his lips curve into a half-assed smile, while resting his arms on the armrests of his seat.

"A guy named Sean McLoughlin. I met him through mutual fans. We started talking and I learned he's actually quite funny."

Cocking an eyebrow, Wade crossed his arms, letting a subtle yet distinctive sigh escape from his lips. "So .. He's a fellow Youtuber then?"

He received a small nod from his, half Korean friend and former roommate.
"He's been around for a while, but he really went up the ranks when Felix mentioned him in one of his shout-outs."

Wade honestly couldn't care less about the matter, yet he was still somewhat curious as to what his role would be in this sudden set-up.
"How old is the guy? Just to make sure we won't be dealing with another one of those teenage dweebs you always get overly attached to .."

He only received an eye roll and raised eyebrow in reaction from Mark. Who obviously didn't seem all too pleased about hearing such a statement. Even though he knew Wade had a point there. In the past he had made the obvious rookie mistake of getting personally involved with most of his fans -- answering pretty much all of their messages on social media, even meeting up with a few on rare occasions. A rookie mistake that he had payed his toll for, and which eventually led to a forced relocation.

Defensively, Wade threw his arms in the air, squeezing his eyes to small slits apologetically.
"I mean no harm by saying that! Considering the fact that 70% of your fandom exists out of hormonal tweens.."

-- "I'll pretend that was an intended compliment. ~ And I believe his in his mid twenties."

Nodding silently, Wade let his eyes wander once more. "Where's he from anyway?"

"You'll figure that out once he lands. His accent is as thick as morning wood."
-- "Don't you mean "as hard" as morning wood?"

"Well, apparently you're the expert among us! His plane just landed," Mark shouted, as he pointed his finger towards a giant monitor above. "He should come out at Gate B."

Wade sighed once more, not really understanding the commotion Mark was so worked up about. Some mysterious guy traveled to America to visit Mark? Where's the excitement in that formula? Sure, meeting long-distance friends for a very first time is thrilling, but this was just over the top, even for a hyper, bubbly kind of person like Mark Fischbach. Heck, he made it seem as if he bought a bride online, and he was awaiting her at the Pearly Gates.

"Why did you even bother to ask me to tag along?"

Mark waved his arms around enthusiastically, a smug grin plastered onto his unshaven face.
"Pssh, duuh! I don't have to pay for the gasoline your car runs on!"

"You are such a meanie-poo, Markimoo.."

"Shut up, Wade!"

-- -- --

Mark's grin only widened once he saw a skinny, young man walk past the velvet ropes, separating the visitors from the actual travelers. A puff of neon green hair emerged from underneath a wool beanie. The sight startled the unsuspecting Wade Barnes.


Mark suddenly shouted from the top of his lungs, as he threw his arm in the air, waving vigorously at the arrival of his expected friend. The young man, now identified as 'Sean', looked up with a surprised expression on his unshaven face, as he noticed a puff of neon pink hair among the crowd. A smile quickly took over his, seemingly tired, features, as he approached the bouncing Korean man.

"Just act natural .." Mark stated, more to himself than his friend Wade, really. It was then, that Wade noticed the extremely thick woolen scarf, Sean wore around his slender neck. Did this guy come from the goddamn north pole or what? Was this guy from Russian descent maybe ..? Nahh, Sean .. that didn't sound Russian at all. Or did it? How would he even know, he had never set foot outside of the confines of California in his life.

"Heya, Mark."

the young man said calmly, raising his hand, in a manner of politely waving hello. Mark seemed like he would blow up any moment, and eagerly pulled Sean into a tight hug.

"How's the flight been?"

Once the two men released each other, the green-haired one ran a hand through his trademark neon locks. "I'm knackered, son. The craft was jammers. This header kept eating the head off of his bird .. Their holiday will be up to 90!"

Question marks surrounded the oblivious Wade Barnes. He grew silent, staring off into the distance, as he tried to translate the, to his ears, foreign accent, he was being exposed to.

"Huh? Eating the head off of his bird..? Their holiday will be up to 90 ..?"

Upon realizing his words went right through both of his American friends, Sean quickly recovered himself, assuming a more relaxed state of mind. Through a smile, he then spoke :

"Oh, sorry! Haha, how thick of me! ~ A crazy guy kept arguing with his girlfriend."

He cast a glance at both Mark and Wade as their puzzled expressions seemed to diminish a bit. "I'll have to get used to not being able to use me slang up in these parts."

Keeping himself from getting over-excited, Mark spread his arms widely. "I love it, tho!"

He then turned to a still slightly confused Wade. "Sean, this is my friend Wade Barnes."

The brunette shook the Irish man's hand carefully. "And apparently, I'll also be your personal, designated driver today.." His slightly annoyed gaze shifted to Mark. "Ain't that right, Fischbach?"

Sean flashed another teethed smile, a twinkle present in his icy blue eyes. "Awesome, man! That's so cool!"

Wade decided to just give into it. It was no use putting up a fight, at least Mark seemed happy with the presence of this foreign guy. That was something .. Right?

"Don't mention it.. Pleasure's all mine."

Grinning from ear to ear, Mark threw his arms around the shoulders of both men.
"Isn't that just the nicest of nice things to do? ~ ❤"

- - - -

"Thanks for the ride home, buddy. I owe you a drink sometime."

"I'll keep that in mind, Mark. See you around."

Making his way towards the front door and jamming the key in its lock, Mark listened closely to Sean's footsteps as they got closer. "It's actually been a while since I've last had an actual roommate.."

As he opened the door, to let Sean's eyes feast upon its interior -- he took his sneakers off, and placed them on a rack in the hallway. The house was bound to end up messy sometime. Mark got so caught up with projects he'd been working on for months, that he'd spent more time in his car, than inside his own home. Some would find this rather .. tragic, yet to Mark this phenomenon had become life.

"I'm usually very tidy around the house, but lately I've been so under the spell of some recent WIPS, that I've barely even spent some time inside my own house .."

He stated, apologetically, hoping his guest wouldn't crush his nose upon seeing the surrounding clutter. Mark mentally slapped himself, blaming himself for being so incredibly inconsiderate. He knew he had plenty of time to clean up, even if it was just a little. A quick, global and modest pick up of the first pieces of junk he'd find laying around on the floor. It wouldn't have consumed such an amount of time, so why did he procrastinate it then?

The green-haired young man followed his American friend into the hallway, his gaze gliding across the scattered pieces of clothing, and tangled up cables that ran throughout the entire building, or so it seemed.. He bit his tongue, trying his best to not throw a fit. The Irishman grew up in a small community, wherein every citizen knew each other like the back of their hands. His mother had always been a bit of an obsessive cleaner, a personality trait she clearly passed on to her youngest son. Sean was able to overlook clutter for a reasonable amount of time, until it would tick him off to the point, he'd clean it up eventually. He'd been the exact neat freak as his mother had always told him to be. Cleanliness is happiness .. Or something along those lines. He aimed his gaze at Mark shortly, before letting it fall right back onto the messy hallway again.

"I'm sure we can work things out. After all .. I'm a neat-freak. I tend to .. get a bit OCD 'bout it .."

Mark nodded silently, nodding towards an impressive flight of stairs, assumingly leading to the second floor of the house. "Alright, then. I'll show you your room, for starters. If you'd like to follow me.."

Whilst he followed Mark along the stairway, Sean couldn't help but feel a little homesick already. A natural reaction, I'm sure of it. After living by himself for a little over 4 years now, having to trade that silence in for more lively surroundings, somewhat startled him. Yet he was thrilled to share a house with one of the people he had always looked up to. All these mixed emotions, didn't treat him nicely.

"It's not much, but it's something, right?"

As Mark opened the door, the hinges coughed under the sudden rotation, and exhaled with a subtle creaking sound. Once Sean stepped into the doorway, the view on a somewhat modern basement-based room, met his eyes. A king sized bed was placed against the wall on the farthest right of the room, while a couple of book cases ornamented the wall on the left. A small leather couch, coffee table and rug were placed in the center of the room. And to top it all off, a small wooden desk stood proudly before a glass window, a computer and all neatly placed near it. Sean tried so hard to keep the shrieking noises inside, that his brain ordered his vocal chords to produce, and his mouth was almost compelled to follow that command blindly. He swore he could feel his jaw fall to the floor, and eyeballs nearly popping out of their sockets. Yet he maintained a modest posture, smiling widely as he raised his eyebrows in sheer and utter amazement.

"Not much? Compared to the huts I've lived in for most of my childhood, this is a major update!"

He happily swung his bag on the bed, soon to be followed by his scarf, beanie and jacket. He felt a strong desire to jump onto the bed and just lay there, taking in the view and to appreciate his luck. He still could not comprehend he was about to move in with none other, than Markiplier! His heart beat so fast, it hit every corner of Sean's rib cage, giving the man a few scares of it actually jumping out of his chest.

When he realized he acted so damn boldly, he quickly straightened his back. Mark's dark eyes found his lighter ones. "Do you .. smoke by any chance?"
Before he'd fully realized it, he'd already shaken his head steadily.
"I have in the past, but no worries, I no longer do."

"Good. Smart move, buddy. Well then, I'm gonna take a shower real quick, and fetch us something to eat."

Sean simply nodded once again. "M'kay. I'll get settled in the meantime."

- - - -

As expected from two young adults who make a living staring at a radiating screen, this evening would be no exception whatsoever. Since Mark insisted on rewinding by playing some co-ops with his old roomies, Sean settled in front of the television, for old time's sake. Yet as expected, there is no such thing as a calm Markiplier when it comes down to playing competitive games. Currently sucked into a random co-op with Aaron, Bob and Wade, everything went to complete shit, once Mark became the ring target for his team mates.

"You idiot! You're going backwards! Go around, you doof! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

Sean glanced at the frustrated expression that was painted on Mark's reddening face, and swallowed back a small chuckle.

"SHUT UP, WADE!" Mark shrieked in his trademark high pitched voice, while waving his arms in all sorts of directions, utterly lost within his own growing frustration.

"Are you stupid?! They are coming right for me! I'm right here, come back for me! They want to kill me dead! OMG!! Are you joking me right now?!"

Still amused with the current change of atmosphere, the Irish man shook his head. He knew all too well how frustrating online co-ops could get, if you have terrible players on your team..

"Co-ops.. Am I right, lad?"

Mark could only nod in agreement, rolling his eyes. "WADE, GET BACK HERE!"

An English-accented voice aided to the rescue of Mark Fischbach's raising blood pressure.
"Chill there, Mark!"

Instantly, Mark got up on his feet, only to bring his face closer to the computer monitor, pressing a shaking finger against the material. "Don't tell me what to do, Aaron. Ye smooth, English bastard!"

Only to be followed up by Wade's mocking voice. "Getting a little bit aggressive there, Mark?"

The Korean lifted himself back into his desk chair, running a couple of fingers through his fading, pink puff of hair. "Because I'm surrounded by morons! I GIVE UP!" He squealed, throwing the wireless controller and headset, in whatever direction he managed to do so, before storming into the kitchen area. "I need chocolate to bring me salvation in these dark times!"

Pulling his knees up, Sean peered over the backside of the couch he was seated on, trying to catch a glimpse of the monitor that would most likely be showing a couple of confused players, and an inactive character model holding some kind of machine gun.
"Can I give it a go .. ?"

"GO FOR IT! BUT YOU WON'T IF YOU APPRECIATE BEING SANE!" An angry voice echoed from around the corner, making Sean chuckle for a third time that evening. As he picked up the lost and abandoned, (and also, miraculously undamaged) controller, he caught a first glance of the type of game Mark had been playing before.

"Ooh, zombies! Let's murder them!" He stated happily, putting on the headset, and bringing the mic closer to his lips.

Wade's confused voice chimed once more. "Sean?"

Aaron's followed shortly after, with a rather similar question. "Who is Sean?"

The green-haired man got as comfortable as he could possibly get in Mark's gaming chair, which still felt sort of warm, for some kind of reason. "The one and only boss! Time to murderize some zom-zoms!"

Bob's voice pitched in as well. "Hello? Who is Sean?"
"Mark's new roommate. He's alright." Wade stated.
"Has Mark forgotten us so easily? We've been replaced!"
Hearing Bob's remark, Aaron burst out laughing. "By an Irish guy!"

Smiling through his teeth, Sean clenched the controller in both hands. "Hell, to the, yes, fellas! Now how about we team up, so we can wipe out those bastards?"

"Aye!" -- "Let's do this, matey!"

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