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I’ve had my breakfast. I guess I should do some housework. It’s sunny, I should air out the futons. I go into the bedroom and take the sheets off the bed.
“What’s this?” I see a folded piece of paper fall to the ground. I pick it up and see it’s filled with physics formulas written in thin, tight handwriting. It this Harry’s? Does he use it in his lessons or something? I didn’t notice at the time, but maybe it fell out of his pocket when I pushed him. I immediately call his phone, but he’s not answering. I look at the time and realize he’s in class. Maybe he’s turned his phone off. What should I do? What if he needs if for work? Should I go to his school? If he dropped it when I pushed him, it’s my fault. But I don’t want to overstep my boundaries and make him mad. If I can’t see him personally, I could just give it to someone at his school. If he gets mad, he gets mad. I’ll just go! I quickly get myself together and leave the apartment.

I arrive at the high school where Harry teaches. True to its reputation, it’s a beautiful school. It kind of reminds me of a castle. Would Harry come meet me here if I call his phone again? I call him from the school gates, but he doesn’t answer. I’d give the paper to a security guard, but I can’t find one. Maybe I’ll just go to the faculty room. If anyone asks me what I’m doing here, I’ll just tell them. I go through the school gates, look at a school map on a wall and head for the faculty room.
“Is the faculty room over here?” I whisper to myself as I walk through a corridor. It’s a dead end. Which must mean it’s over the other way. This school is so huge! I walk through the hallway, a little lost. Then I hear a familiar voice from a nearby classroom.
“Hey, quiet down over there! This is going to be on the test, so I’d pay attention if I were you.” I see Harry standing at the podium at the front of the room through the open window. I peek into the classroom, staying hidden as best I can.
“You sure are going on about something over there. If you have a question, just ask.”
“Sir? I have a question for you.” A beautiful girl with long black hair and big eyes pops her hand up in the air. “What’s your girlfriend like?”
He doesn’t have a girlfriend, he’s gotta have a wife.” The brunette next to her is just as beautiful.
“I don’t answer questions like that.”
“You said to ask if we had any questions.” The blond girl pouts. “Is she pretty? Is she younger than you?”
“One question per person.”
“Then just answer this! Does she kiss you goodbye in the morning?” The blond girls pulls her hand through her hair.
“Well…” He’s eyes glide through the classroom. “We’re married, of course she does.”
“What!” Harry laughs loudly at the reaction of his students. As for me, I’m completely enchanted by his smile. He smiles like that for his students. He doesn’t smile like that for me.
“Enough talking. Let’s get on with class. We’ll be continuing the precious lesson. Open your textbooks to page 33.” Harry starts writing formulas on the blackboard, textbook in hand. His smiling face suddenly becomes serious. “When the scales are level, the fulcrum, here…”
He really looks like a teacher right now. I mean, he is a teacher. What am I talking about?
“… Relates even more strongly to the force exacted upon it, causing an increase in the perpendicular energy of that force…” I’m captivated by his teaching. It could be that Harry feels my eyes on him, because he glances over toward me. Harry’s eyes widen in surprise. I take out the paper and hold it out so Harry can see. He looks confused for a moment, but his expression changes to one of understanding. I think he understand it. I’ll go take this to the faculty room. I turn as if heading back for the faculty room. Harry seems to understand, and nods slightly. He had a bit of a blush on his cheeks… Or am I just imagining things? Maybe he was embarrassed that I saw him in teacher mode. His students seem to love him. I’m sure he’s a great teacher. I can’t stop thinking about his bright smile and serious, captivating expression from before. I feel like I got to see a different side of him. I’m glad I decided to bring that paper to him. If I could have my way, I’d like to have that warm smile for myself, too. I walk towards the faculty room, with my thoughts following me.

“Excuse me.” I finally find the faculty room and take a peek inside. Maybe all the teachers are gone because it’s still class time, but it’s almost deserted. What should I do? Can I wait inside? Or should I just give it to someone?
“Um, excuse me…” I hear a voice behind me, and I turn around. I see a kind looking man in a suit standing before me. “You’re not one of our students’ parents, right? How can I help you?”
“I’m very sorry to barge in like this, really! I’m Mr. Styles’…”
“Mr. Styles’… Are you an acquaintance of his, perhaps?” The man looks surprised when he hears Harry’s name, but his expression goes right back to normal. “Mr. Styles is still in class. If it’s an emergency, I can call him.”
“Oh, no. I’ve just come to give him something he forgot at home… May I leave it on his desk?”
“Of course. His desk is right there.” The man shows me Harry’s desk. Just then, the school bell rings, indicating the end of class. “Looks like class just got out. He should be here soon. Please have a seat while you wait.”
“That’s okay. I’m just on my way out.”
“It’s no problem at all. Pardon me for asking, but are you Mr. Styles’…”
“Elisabeth!” I hear someone call my name from the faculty room door. Harry finds me and rushes over, out of breath. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m sorry. I just thought I’d bring you this paper and go straight home, that’s all.”
“But I told her to stay. She said she knows you.”
“You did, Principal?” The man standing before me turns out to be the Principal. Which makes him Harry’s direct boss.
“I’m sorry for not introducing myself properly.” I feel a blush on my cheeks.
“Don’t worry about it. Neither did I.” He smiles a little.
“I’m sorry I didn’t introduce you two sooner. This is my…” He stops himself short and looks directly at the Principal. “This is my wife, Elisabeth.”
“Your wife… I see, so you’re Mr. Styles’…” The Principal takes a long glance at my face. His unwavering stare makes me hesitant. What’s up with him? This is more than just surprise. Meanwhile, Harry is looking earnestly at the Principal. Probably hearing our conversation, another teacher steps out from the faculty room.
“She’s your wife, Mr. Styles?” Harry’s stern expression relaxes as he glances over to her.
“Yes. I forgot something at home so she brought it to me.”
“Wow, she’s so nice. I heard you’re newlyweds, right? You’re still in that honeymoon phase.”
“Yes we are!” Harry answers, a little too loudly. He puts his arm across my shoulders like he did that time at the supermarket. “I’ll introduce her to everyone. This is my wife, Elisabeth.”
“Nice to meet you!” I put a big smile on my face and give a little wave.
“She seems so sweet! Of course Mr. Styles would end up with someone like her.” The teachers crowd around us. Outside the crowd of faculty members, I see a familiar face.
“I thought I told you to refrain from any public displays of affection.” When did he get here? It’s the Vice Principal, the man we saw in the supermarket.
“Thank you for your help, Elisabeth.” Harry squeezes my shoulder.
“No problem, I’m sorry for just showing up.”
“You’re just so thoughtful.” Harry tries so hard to convince everyone that we’re married that he ends up complimenting me. Drawn to the crowd, even students start gathering in the hallway. I can hear them talk loudly.
“That’s Mr. Styles wife!”
“Who? Who? I can’t see!”
I feel like the whole school’s looking at me. I know I’m his fake wife, but right now I feel like I’m on display. Someone save me, please.

“Hey, teach, I’ve come to get the key to the music room.” A brunette with long straight hair comes into the faculty room.
“Oh, if it isn’t Miss Odera.”
“Everyone’s crowded outside the faculty room, is something going on?”
“That’s right, Mr. Styles’…”
“Mr. Styles?”
“See that lady, that’s Mr. Styles wife!” Miss Odera’s bag hits the ground with a loud thud. “Here’s the key. What’s wrong? You just dropped your bag?”
“That’s… Mr. Styles’ wife?” Her eyes are wide open in surprise. “So, it’s true… Mr. Styles really is married.”

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