Foto bij Chapter 1 — You better run

There was no sound coming from Victoria, Luna or Sulli's room when Amber got up from her bed. She shot a quick look at the clock; it was a few hours past midnight, around three o'clock. Amber didn't dare to turn on the light, afraid that her three house mates would wake up. Victoria was known as someone who noticed everything, even in her sleep, and Amber wasn't fond of the idea of waking her up now. As quietly as she could, she dressed herself. A pair of gray sweats, her favourite black-and-white lightening T-Shirt and a snapback were her outfit for that night, since she figured that no one would be outside anyway to judge her clothes.
She checked if the girls were still asleep before she left the bedroom, but they were peacefully quiet. There was only a faint snoring coming from Luna's room. Amber sneaked out, towards the hall of their dorm to put on her sneakers. To be sure, she put her phone in her pocket, together with her earbuds. She'd just take a quick stroll and be back in half an hour... Or, an hour, maybe?
Amber had always been glad with the location of their dorm. Luna had objected when their manager had assigned them this apartment; she complained that it was too far from the center. Unlike Luna, Amber had digged this place. Their apartment complex was big but nog extremely luxurious, which helped her to stay with both feet on the ground. Plus, it was located near a big forest, which was an excellent place for taking hikes when you can't sleep.
She decided to knot her hoodie around her waist, in case she would get cold. Amber took her keys and put them in her pocket before quietly closing the front door behind her.

There was a nasty cold wind outside, that made her wrap her arms around her waist. Goosebumps appeared on her arms, but she decided not to put on her hoodie just yet. It had been crazy hot in the dorm and she needed to cool down a bit. Amber hit the road towards the forest, deciding the could use some air that was not polluted by the smell of cars' fumes.
She wasn't scared or something. In fact, Amber liked the forest better during the night. Yes it might be dark but it was way more beautiful like that. The way the moonlight streaked over the leaves, leaving them glinstering was the way she liked it. It was mysteric, mysterious.
Amber's choice to bring her earbuds had been the wrong one. Eventually, she didn't even put them in. The sounds of the forest were already entertaining enough. She knew some people got scared of them, but Amber just got curious. She wanted to know what broke that twig, which animal made that sound. At a certain moment, she even thougth she heard human-like footsteps, but when she turned around, there was just darkness. Amber shrugged it off and walked further, not paying attention to it anymore. It had probably been some sort of animal or something. A deer, maybe? Maybe a fox.
Amber walked on and on, taking her usual stroll towards the forest. Once in a while she checked her phone; no texts of Vic, Luna or Sulli, which probably meant that they didn't even know she was gone. The time only passed slowly and Amber just kept walking, with only the moon as her guidance. She had eventually put on her hoodie, since the cold had started to get worse as soon as she got into the forest.

She eventually neared her favourite spot. There was this huge meadow in the middle of the forest. The trees seemed to all back up, opening up a wide circle for all kinds of flowers and grasses to grow. The group of deer that lived in the forest often stayed here, and it was Amber's favourite spot to relax. Often, she'd just come here and lay in the grass for a while. Thinking. Listening to music. Writing new music. It didn't matter. The meadow always cheered her up. But she had never been there at night, so she was curious to see how it looked.
She started to walk faster out of excitement, ignoring the noise of the footsteps behind her again. She had already concluded that it was nothing, so she ignored it. Amber had to go slightly off road to get to the meadow. She pushed away some bushes, ducked under a fence and walked on. The trees were already getting thinner, standing farther away. Amber could see the meadow from here.
When she finally passed the last few trees, she entered the meadow. A big grin appeared on her face at the sight of it. It had rained a few hours ago, and the grass was still wet, causing the moonlight to be reflected amazingly. It was a shame she couldn't sit down now, because she'd get all wet, but the view made up for it. Amber let her eyes go over the meadow; taking in all the flowers she could see. She was about to walk further into it, when she suddenly spotted something that didn't really belong here. She had to squint her eyes together to get a good look; she wore her lenses but they needed to be replaced so she wasn't sure what she saw. But even when she blinked a couple of times, the dark figure in the middle of the meadow didn't go away. No, now that she looked better, it seemed that there were two. One male, with his back turned towards her and another figure behind him where Amber couldn't identify the gender of. The only thing she saw was how white the skin of the other person actually was, almost as if the moon had transformed into a person.
Amber stepped back a little, walking closer to the tree line, curious to see what they were doing there. She started to feel a little creeped out. The way those two persons were standing close to each other was rather frightening, actually. Her stomach twisted and turned, her head told her to get out of here. But the sense of danger and adventure kept her right at the same spot, staring at the two strangers. They seemed to be talking.
Then, without any warning, the white person bowed foreward, faster than lightening and buried their face in the male's neck. An icy scream echoed over the meadow. Amber's eyes widened, her heart started to beat faster. The little hairs in her neck stood right up out of fright. With horror, she watched the male slump down on the ground. The other person bowed with him, still with their face buried in the neck. She saw the body convulse a few times, until it eventually went limp. Amber's breath stocked in her throat.
When the body finally didn't move anymore, the person stood up. Their face was covered in a red substance. They whiped their mouth with the sleeve of something that looked like a really long cape. They looked down upon the body. Then, without a warning, they fixed their eyes suddenly upon Amber. The brunette wrapped her hand around her mouth to not yell like the male had done. Without hesitation, she turned around and started to run, too scared to look back.

Her sides hurted, her breathing hard and fast, but she kept running. She ran all the way back on top speed, only slowing down until she was near their building. Amber was dizzy and almost fell over because of it, but she ran up the stairs to their apartment, opened the door and stormed in. Only when she was safely under a blanket — she hadn't even cared to take off her clothes — she could catch her breath. But for the rest of that night, sleep wouldn't come. The only thing she saw, were those black eyes look at her, framed by a snowy white face.

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