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"What did you say? A vampire?"
Victoria scoffed, with her eyebrows pulled up. Their leader had her hands placed in her side, her eyes sceptically ran over Amber's face, looking for a hint that the younger girl was joking. But Amber was dead serious.
"I swear it, it was a vampire!" she exclaimed again, louder this time.
"What where you doing outside anyway, unnie?" Sulli asked. While Victoria believed none of the story Amber had been telling the members for past half an hour, Sulli looked at her wide-eyed, taking in every word.
"I don't know.. I needed to take a walk, I guess," Amber said quickly. "But that's not the point!"
Victoria wrapped her arm around Amber's shoulders and pulled her closer.
"We've all been very busy. This is our first week off in a few months, you're probably just stressed out," she said, at which Amber frowned her eyebrows. "Just rest a bit, I'm sure you were just tired, you didn't know what you saw."
Amber sighed and rubbed her eyes. She regretted staying up all night now; she indeed was very tired. She wondered if the vampire she had seen last night had been a hallucination. She had never had a hallucination before, so she wouldn't know what they were like. It had seemed so real though... but maybe that's the point of a hallucination.
"It just seemed so real..." she mumbled. Victoria stroke over her hair and smiled.
"Shall I make you breakfast? You're as white as a sheet, you could use some extra energy," she offered. Amber nodded quietly. Victoria gave her one last stroke over her head before standing up and walking off to the kitchen.
"For me too, unnie!" Luna chimed. The short girl grinned widely. Their leader turned around and gave Luna an unamused look. Victoria got two eggs out of the fridge.
"Go make your own," she replied. Luna's smile faded immediately and she pouted her lips.
"And for me?" Sulli asked. Victoria looked around her shoulder. Her gaze shifted from their maknae to the pouting Luna for a moment. Then, she grinned widely and nodded.
"Of course," she said sweetly, before taking another two eggs.
"Yah!" Luna yelled, while throwing her arms up in the air. They heard Victoria chuckle from the kitchen.

The members had bickered as usual that day. The only difference was that Amber hadn't joined. Normally, she'd be all in to tease Luna or Sulli, but her mind was still occupied with the vampire she had seen last night — or whatever she had seen. Even though she wanted to believe Victoria was right, it still felt too real. Those eyes had pierced right through her and into her soul. Could hallucinations be that vivid?
Eventually, around 4 PM, she fell asleep on the couch. She had been thinking way too much, which robbed her of that last bit of energy she still had. There were no dreams, just complete darkness.

When Amber eventually woke up, she still felt incredibly tired. Probably because it was already dark outside. The lights in the dorm were still on, but dimmed. At first, she thought that everybody had already gone off to bed, but Luna sat next to her on the couch. Amber noticed that she had fallen against her when she had fallen asleep, with her head on Luna's lap. She was playing a game on her phone, with the sound off to not wake up her friend.
"Why are you still awake?" Amber asked sleepily. She took a look at the big clock on the wall and noticed it was almost midnight.
"I waited for you," Luna said, without looking away from her phone. "You clearly needed to sleep but it felt stupid to leave you here by yourself."
"You shouldn't have done that, dumbass,"
Amber said. She pushed herself upright and rubbed her eyes. She yawned. Luna gave her a sideways glance, chuckled and rolled her eyes. Amber smiled back at her. She stretched her body and let out a small moan; her muscles were incredibly sore from sleeping in one position the whole time.
"Do you want to sleep with me tonight? You seemed pretty scared because of that vampire thing last night," Luna eventually said. Amber looked at her friend. Her playful grin was still there, but her eyes had something protective and worried about them. Amber ran with her hand through her short hair and shook her head.
"Another time," she mumbled. Luna pursed her lips together a bit.
"You sure?"
"Yeah, I'll be fine."

Luna stood up from the couch and touched her cheek for a moment, carassing it. Amber looked up and leaned into her touch. It wasn't often that Luna displayed her fondness of her that way. They both had the very fun habit to annoy the crap out of each other. It was just their way to say 'I love you'. She sometimes forgot how soft Sunyoung actually was.
"You'll to bed soon, though?" the shorter girl asked. A tiny smile had appeared on her face. Her eyes still expressed their worry about Amber but Luna seemed to give in. The brunette smiled and nodded.
"Of course. I just need to take some fresh air and then I'll be coming," Amber answered, as she jerked her head to the door of their balcony. Luna sighed and nodded. Amber smiled reassuringly. The other girl ran with her hand through her hair and yawned. She stretched her body and let a small moan escape her mouth. Her eyes seemed to have grown a little smaller afterwards. Amber felt bad for making Luna unintentionally stay up late.
"Sleep well," Luna eventually said. She waved for a moment and then turned around to walk to her own room.
"Sleep well," Amber mumbled. She heard a small 'hmm' come from Luna's mouth before the door to her bedroom shut close.

Amber stayed seated on the couch for a few more minutes. It felt like she had just woken up from a coma; she had to clear her mind a little before she could do anything. Eventually, she forced herself up. Even though she has just had a few nice hours of sleep, she still felt incredibly tired. But also hungry and thirsty, so she went to the kitchen first. As soon as she stood up form the couch, she could feel a faint headache rise. It pressed against the back of her head and left a dull ache. Amber shivered when her body started to notice the absence of Luna's body heath. It had gotten strangely cold in the dorm.
She quickly made a sandwich and filled a glass with water. She gulped it down and filled it another time before even touching her sandwich.
Amber ate her sandwich quickly and placed the empty plate in the sink. She took her glass of water outside, hoping the water and the fresh air would help her get rid of her headache and tiredness. Amber opened the door towards the balcony and stepped out. The same icy wind that had blown yesterday night was there and she started to shiver worse immediately. She stepped towards the edge and let her arms rest on it. Amber took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, closing her eyes in the progress. All she smelled was this sweet scent... something like parfume, maybe. It was different than the normal dirty city smell she breathed in.

The moon was full that night, just like it had been yesterday. It was a clear sky and the stars twinkled happily in the dark sky, letting their tiny lights fall upon the city. Amber enjoyed being outside and slowly started to sip from her water. The shivering dissapeared slowly, but she was still cold.
"You saw me."
The suddenly toneless voice made Amber jump in surprisement. She let her glass fall off the balcony. It hit the ground twenty feet below with a loud bang and bursted into a million pieces. The brunette turned around and looked wide eyed into the eyes of the person she had seen in the meadow yesterday night.
The person got out from the darkness, a bit closer to Amber, and stepped into the moonlight. To her surprise, she saw that it was a girl. Two blood red lips stood out against the whiteness of the porcelain skin, slightly parted, so the tips of two white fangs were just visible. Dark eyes had settled upon Amber's scared expression, examining, analizing it. There seemed to be no difference between the black pupil and the evenly black iris, causing the eyes to look like two black holes, sucking in all the light and leaving nothing but darkness. They were surrounded by black eye make-up. Long strands of chocolate brown hair fell across her shoulders. The cape that Amber had thought to seen last night, turned out to be a long black coat, that wrapped perfectly around the girl's body, causing her curves to stand out perfectly. Underneath she wore black jeans and leather boots. Amber noticed her nails were painted black too when she ran with her hand through her hair to adjust it. A golden chain with a cross hing around her neck, an odd detail that was directly grifted in Amber's mind.
For a moment, all she could do was stare to the girl. She let out a shaky breath she didn't know she was holding when she stepped even closer towards her.
"Yes..." she mumbled. Her heart was beating fast, trying to get enough blood to her brain to get her to fully grasp the fact that there was a real live vampire standing in front of her. Amber could barely look at her straight, but she forced herself to. She looked right in those black orbids. If she was facing death right now, she wanted to be able to look it right in the eye, figuratively and literally.
The girl cocked her head a bit to the left, giving her the look of a lost puppy. Ah well, a very dangerous, dark lost puppy that you wouldn't want to pet. She took another step foreward; they were now only a meter apart.
Amber felt weirdly calm. She had never been so close to death, and she had expected herself to be panicking. But she just... wasn't. Don't get her wrong; she was terrified of the creature that stood in front of her. She didn't know what powers she had, and if she was the one those powers were going to be used against. The girl looked lethal and scared Amber more with every breath she took. But she wasn't afraid of dying. It was almost as if she was in peace already. She didn't regret doing, or not doing, anything in her life. She was happy; the bonds with her family was great and she has a lot of friends. She had made a career. There was very little left in life to achieve. Maybe a girlfriend, yes, and a family, but she didn't feel that strong about those two. If she died now, she told herself, she'd be okay with that.
And maybe the girl noticed that.
"Do you know what you saw?" she asked slowly. Her voice was light and feathery, something Amber hadn't noticed the first time she had spoken. It'd make a great singing voice.
"I think I know exactly what I saw," Amber replied. There was no hince of fright in her voice; it was calmer than it had ever been. She saw the girl squint her eyes together.
"Then you know what I am," she stated. The brunette shrugged and nodded.
"I think I do," she replied.
When the girl took another step forewards, their bellies almost touched. Amber gulped audibly when she smelled the strong sweet scent she had smelled earlier even better now, but stayed put. The creature was taller than she was, even though only a little bit. She opened her mouth to say something, but only licked her lips with the tip of her tongue. Amber couldn't help but to let her eyes flicker up and down for a moment.
"You're not afraid of me," the girl eventually breathed, when Amber had not leaned away only a slightest bit. A nervous chuckle left her lips and she scratched the back of her head.
"Well, I mean, if you would've wanted to eat me, you would've done so already, right?" Amber chuckled. The girl frowned her eyebrows and stepped back, seeming to be a bit confused.
"What's your name?" she asked, still with furrowed eyebrows.
At first, the girl just stared at her. Then one corner of her mouth started to pull up and it didn't take long for her to burst out into giggles, hiding her broad smile with her hands. It almost seemed a bit shy. Amber blinked a bit confusedly.
A chuckle left the girl's lips. The frown had dissapeared off her face. Amber couldn't help to let her eyes slide towards her fangs, but then looked back up. The girl raised her eyebrows a little bit.
"I'd like to know the name of the first human that doesn't run from me," she said.
Amber shuddered when the word 'human' left her lips; it made it only more clear that she didn't view herself as a human. Did she basically admit to being a vampire to her? The chuckling slowly stopped, but the hint of her smile still stayed on her face. Her eyes were still dark, but the girl seemed to be less stiff, a bit more at ease after laughing. It made Amber also being able to breath more easily now. Even though she was having a conversation with a vampire, she could feel the air between them cleared a bit. The tension had faded.
"It's Amber. What's yours?" she asked.
It was almost as if she had turned a button. The last remainders of her smile were immediately whiped off her face; the frown returned, causing her forehead to wrinkle. Her eyes looked down, away from Amber. She intertwined her fingers behind her back. The girl closed down again, and Amber became painfully aware of the cold wind that let goosebumps appear all over her body.
"I don't have a name," she said softly. "And if I had one, it'd be better if you wouldn't know it."
Amber pursed her lips and thought for a moment.
"Why not?" she asked.
"I remember nothing of my.. other life," the girl mumbled softly, almost as if she was ashamed of it. She ran with her fingers through her hair and let out an almost inaudible sigh.
"Well, you need to have a name," Amber said, causing the taller girl to look up. "What about 'Krystal'?"
she asked.
"Yeah, Krystal," Amber repeated. She forced herself to smile. "Because your skin shines as bright as krystals. Y'know, it's like, really white and such. Do you like it?"
The girl thought for a moment and then nodded.
"I do," she said. Amber's forced smile changed into a grin.
"Great!" she said. "So, you're not going to eat me anymore then?"
Krystal stared at her for a moment, then cocked her head again. She shrugged.
"I don't know yet. You're different than the others," she said eventually. "But not today. I'm not even supposed to be here."
Amber scratched the back of her head.
"I guess we'll see each other again then, if you decide to eat me," she said, and chuckled nervously. Krystal showed a small smile and nodded.
"I guess so," she mumbled. Their eyes met for a moment, Krystal licked her lips again. The sweet smell was clearer as ever. She was suddenly painfully aware how sweaty she was. Amber took a deep breath and turned around, showing her back to the girl. She opened the door towards the apartment again and wanted to walk back in, but then stopped. The door knob was still in her hand when she turned around to say goodbye to Krystal, but the balcony was empty. Krystal was gone, leaving only the faint smell of her sweet scent behind. Amber exhaled slowly and rubbed in her eyes.
Twice in a row couldn't be an illusion, right?

"She's different," Soojung mumbled. Sooyeon placed her hands in her side and looked strictly at her younger sister. She sighed; she couldn't believe her.
"Different?" she spat out, as if the word was poison on her tongue. "How can a human be different?"
Soojung shrugged and let herself fall on their couch. Heaps of dust flew up into the air when Soojung's body collided with the old pillows. They smelled funny, like old people.
"I don't know, she just is," she mumbled.
Sooyeon rolled with her eyes and crossed her arms in front of her body.
"She saw you, Soojung," Sooyeon reminded her. "She saw you murdering someone and drinking their blood. Humans are all the same. Sooner or later, they'll betray you. You shouldn't visit her anymore, Soojung. It's dangerous."
Soojung shook her head.
"Amber doesn't seem the girl to do that. She didn't run away from me when I visit her, and I-"
Sooyeon hissed. "You already know her name? You really talked to her?"
Soojung bit down on her lip and shrugged again, not daring to look at her sister. Well, they weren't really sisters, they just called each other that. Sooyeon was the first thing Soojung saw when she had woken up in this life and ever since then, they had stayed together, looking out for each other. They had given each other the names Sooyeon and Soojung, but Soojung found that she liked Krystal better.
"It's not a big deal," she said. Soojung waved with her hand to show how little it meant. But did it really mean a little? She had been surprised when Amber didn't run away. She had neither been startled, or at least not enough to scream or actually show it. Soojung had been curious why, and she still was. She was intrueged by the short haired girl, and the urge to visit her again became bigger with every passing second.
Sooyeon sighed audibly.
"Soojung, we talked about this. You can't see her again. Things'll end badly if you do," she warned. Soojung looked up and shot her sister a deadly glare.
"You don't own me, Sooyeon," she answered back. As much as she loved her sister, this was her decision. Sooyeon sat down next to her and grabbed her hand protectively. Soojung wanted to take her hand back, but her sister kept pinching in it.
"No. But I want what's bets for you. Take the advice from someone with experience; getting close to a human is asking for trouble."

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