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Een extra hoofdstukje deze week omdat jullie zo lang moesten wachten in juli. Ik zit helemaal in 'the flow', dus het schrijven gaat echt goed. Vinden jullie het nog steeds leuk?


“W-wait a minute. Do you know what happens to girls who do things like this? It will affect your future, and not in a good way! Now’s your only chance to stop yourself!” We’re still in the warehouse Yuri led me to. I desperately try to reason with Yuri and the two boys. “Yuri, I’m sure you worked so hard to get into such a good school! Your parents would be crushed if you threw that all away!”
“That’s got nothing to do with you.”
“How long is she going to keep talking?” One boy says, as he cracks his knuckles. “This is getting really old.”
I’ve been in this warehouse for a long time at this point. Maybe, just maybe… someone might have noticed we’re in here by now. Hanging on to that hope, I keep trying to reason with them.
“Yuri? Will it make you happy to hurt me? Is that all you want?”
“What do you mean?”
“Let’s say I do break up with Harry, like you want me to.” As soon as I say his first name, Yuri’s face twitches. “I don’t think Harry would like anyone who would do what you’re doing. You should know at least that much about him. You said that you get whatever you want, but sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Especially when it comes to people.”
“Shut up! You’re annoying. You think I don’t know that already? Either way, I don’t want you around. I can’t stand the sight of you. I don’t want you hanging around him. Guys!” Yuri calls out to the two boys. “I was going to have you just scare her a little… but I’ve changed my mind. Mess her up real good, I don’t care.”
“For real?” The boys glances at each other. “Awesome!”
The two boys are smiling menacingly as they close in on me. Yuri watches them intently, coldly. She’s serious. She really has it out for me.
“Sorry lady. This isn’t personal.” One boy shrugs. “If we don’t do what Yuri says, she goes all psycho, you know?”
“Enough with the chit chat. Get on with it.” This can’t be happening! The boys are so close. They aren’t even joking around anymore. They’re coming right for me, a carnivorous look in their eyes. One of the boys pulls on my hands.
“Stop struggling.” He tugs on my wrists, and I feel my whole body go weak with fear. I close my eyes and give up.
“Elisabeth!” The door slams open, and Harry is in the doorway. Seeing my position, his face flushes with rage as he runs toward me. “Hey, you two!”
“Wh-what’s going on? Hey Yuri, what the hell? We heard that nobody else was coming!”
“I’m talking to you, you idiots! Get away from Elisabeth, right now!” Harry shoves the boys away from me violently and quickly unties the rope binding my arms. “Are you all right?”
“Yeah, barely.” He sighs in relief, seeing that I’m not hurt. But then he glares at Yuri and the boys, rage in his eyes.
“What the hell do you think you were doing? What have you done to my… to my wife?”
“W-we were just following orders, that’s all.” The first boy says as he puts his hands in the air.
“Yeah, and we didn’t even do anything, so don’t blame us!” The boys practically trip over themselves to get away, chastised by Harry’s anger. His gaze then shifts to Yuri, who is frozen in place, dumbfounded.
“Miss Odera, if you wouldn’t mind explaining just what you were trying to pull?” She stares at him in shock, but doesn’t answer the question. “Out with it.”
“… I don’t know anything about this.” Unlike before, she now looks downcast and pale. This girl really is in love with Harry. But she can’t have him, and all she can do is take her frustration out on me.
“What do you mean, you don’t know? Explain yourself!” She bits her lip and stares at the ground. “Listen here, missy…” Harry takes one step towards her, and Yuri flinches. I unconsciously grab Harry’s arm.
“Enough, Harry.” He turns to look at me. “She didn’t even do anything to me. Let’s just leave it alone.”
“What? This is what you call ‘doing nothing’? She dragged you here, tied you up… I think she did plenty.”
“Well yeah, but…”
“Do you have any idea what I went through, how I felt, before I finally found you?”
“Um… Mr. Styles?” Yuri had been watching us for a while before she spoke, her voice barely audible. “Mr. Styles… Is she…?”
“Is she what?”
“Is she… really that special to you?” Yuri gazes forlornly at Harry. Harry gazes right back at her.
“Yes, she is. She’s very important to me.” We’re pretending to be married, so of course that’s the answer he has to give in front of her. Even so, I could never have imagined just how moved I would be hearing those words from him. I know it’s all just an act… but my heart just skipped a beat.
“So… She’s that important to you…” Yuri looks like she’s about to cry. She turns around and runs out of the warehouse.
“Miss Odera!”
“Just let her go, Harry.”
“What do you mean, let her go?”
“She’s pretty shaken up. Nothing you could say would get through to her, anyway.”
“And you’re fine with that? After what she put you through?”
“I know, but…” It was hard when Dylan dumped me. it was the same for me, then, wanting to control someone else’s feelings but not being able to.
“You’re too nice, I swear.” Harry lets out a sigh. “And just what did you think you were doing? Just going off to a place like this? Aren’t warehouses like the most suspicious places EVER?”
“But, she said she didn’t want to be around prying eyes.”
“You need to text me if you even think you might need me! If I didn’t find the memo you left from the phone call, who knows what would have happened.”
“You left one next to the phone.”
“I did? But I thought I brought it with me.” I take out the memo from my pocket and show it to him.
“You put way too much pressure on your pen. Your letters came through on the page underneath.”
“And that’s how you knew where I was? Wow, you’re like a detective.” I smile.
“This is no time for joking around, seriously.”
“Let’s go home.” I take Harry’s hand. A safe feeling spreads through me the minute I feel the warmth of Harry’s hand. He always acts like he’s annoyed with me, but I’ve never seen him so beside himself with worry. He gives my hand a little squeeze, but hides his face. I can’t tell if he’s angry or relieved or shy or what. He probably doesn’t know how he feels either. I’m so happy he came, though.
“Thank you, Harry.” He turns to look at me. I didn’t mean to say that out loud, but Harry totally heard me anyway.
“Did you say something?” I shake my head slightly. “Let’s go home, then. You can thank me later.” He winks and pulls me with him. He totally heard that, come on. Holding his hand tight, I follow behind, taking note of his broad shoulders.

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