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“Hey, Harry.” I get out of the bath, put on a bathrobe and open the living room door. Harry is passed out on the desk. He’s been working late a lot. He must be tired. Harry still has a red pen in his hand and Physics tests on his desk. He must have fallen asleep grading. Wow, he had to bring his work home. He’s so detailed with his grading too. Way more than just check marks and grades. He’s written notes, like ‘Keep it up’ or ‘You should go over the questions in the textbook’. His grading is full of individual advice and comments for each and every student. I could see he was really good in the classroom when I saw him at school, too. He really is a good teacher.
“Mmh…” Harry mutters in his sleep. He’s so mean when he’s awake, but he’s so childlike when he’s asleep. I poke his cheek gently. “Muh…” He looks like he might wake up, so I quickly take my hand back. Harry snuffles a little and falls back into a deep sleep. He’s out cold, and I don’t want to wake him… Let’s just leave him alone. I walk softly into the bedroom and bring over a blanket. I place it gently on him so as not to wake him.

The next morning.

I wake up earlier than usual.
“Good morning.” Harry is in the living room, looking fresh-faced in his apron. “You’re up early, Harry.”
“So are you. Did I wake you up making breakfast?”
“No, I was just getting up anyway. But wow… Look at this breakfast!” The table is full of a variety of yummy looking dishes. Harry makes so much every morning, but today he’s made even more than usual. “This looks like a breakfast buffet.”
“I got up early so I made a little extra.”
“A little extra? More like a lot extra! But it all looks so good.”
“You can eat it all, if you want.”
“A-all of it?”
“I took my share for later. So eat up!” Harry may be a good cook, but it must have taken him a long time to make all this food. He must have been up really early just to do all this. It this to apologize for yesterday? Harry does take care of me, in his own way. It makes me so happy that he would go to so much trouble just for me. so, I do as he says and start eating.
I take a bite of the beautifully cooked omelette. “How can you make an omelette this amazing? Teach me!”
“You need a lot of practice. I can’t explain it, I’ll have to show you.”
“Please teach me, Master.”
“What is this conversation we’re having?” We look at each other and start laughing. Two little dimples form on his cheeks again. He’s really handsome when he laughs. “Oh, yeah! I also made dessert.” Harry stands up and starts humming while getting everything ready in the kitchen. Oh God… He’s… kind of cute. While he’s happily cooking, the phone in the living room rings.
“Who is that, this early in the morning?” Harry wipes his hands on his apron and comes back in from the kitchen. “I’ll get it. Keep eating.” He gestures for me to stay where I am and picks up the phone.
“Hello, Styles speaking…”
“Mr. Styles! What have you done?” I can hear the Vice Principal’s voice through the phone. Though a look of surprise passes over his face, Harry’s voice comes out calm.
“Please calm down, Mr. Vice Principal. What happened?”
“What do you mean, what happened? You…” Harry stays cool as the Vice Principal berates him through the phone. I put down my fork and watch Harry carefully.
“Understood. I’ll be right in. Goodbye.” Harry hangs up. He sighs deeply and frowns.
“What did the Vice Principal say?” I break the silence. “I could hear him from here. What did he say? Was it about what happened with Yuri yesterday?”
Harry stands silence, staring in the distance.
“I thought so.”
“There’s an emergency PTA meeting, so I have to go in. The head of the PTA went into school demanding I’d be fired.”
“Fired… Why the head of the PTA?”
“I won’t know for sure until I get there, but the head of the PTA is Yuri Odera’s mother.”
“According to the other teachers, she’s pretty persistent too. There’s going to be hell to pay. Anyway, I should get going.” Harry takes his apron off and starts getting changed. I study Harry’s profile, deeply concerned for him. For Yuri’s mother to complain… It’s got to be about what happened yesterday. He isn’t really going to get fired, is he?
“Why are you making that face?” Harry smiles, trying to make me feel better. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”
“I said I’ll be fine, so finish your breakfast. I won’t go easy on you if you leave anything behind. See you.”
I follow him to the door and watch him leave. My heart aches with anxious worry as I close the door behind him. I sit at the table and can’t even taste the food that he slaved over. Harry works so hard at his job. They can’t fire him over something like this. How can I help him? What could I possibly do?

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