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It was the night that changed my life.
Up until then…
I was just a street rat named Jason Todd.
My mother was dead.
Dad was in prison for life.
Rate I was going, I’d be meeting him there soon.
But that was the night I met…
the B a t m a n.

So here I am.
A “hero”? A“villain”?
I’m the guy who can do the things that Batman can’t…
become someone that Batman won’t.

Am I the man Bruce wanted me to become?
Not even close.
But someday he’ll soon realize
I’m exactly who he needs.

"Monsters do not yearn for the night,
they ache for a light they can no longer reach,
for the sun abandoned them long ago,
leaving behind a moon that offers no warmth,
and so they wander and mourn under a moonlit sky,
hoping for a dawn that will never rise.”
      perhaps the sun was always a lie, and the moon the truth.

"They where born on the wrong side of the wall. That doesn't make them monsters."
                                          - Jon Snow

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  • Heretics

    Hij is nice! Alleen is de eerste gif wel van de game, maar niet van Jason hehe. :')

    3 jaar geleden

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