Foto bij Chapter 4 — Hold me, trust me

It went on like that for a while.
Krystal would visit Amber at night, whenever she felt like it. They'd talk for a few minutes. When either of them got too uncomfertable, then Krystal would leave. Easy.
That was, until Krystal started to visit more. It used to be once a week. A casual Saturday night, or at the end of a tiring Monday. Amber found herself liking Krystal's weekly visits, and wished she'd came more. It was almost as if Krystal had read her mind, because soon her weekly visits started to come more often. Twice every week... Once every three days... Once every two days... Eventually she came every day. Amber noticed that she often stayed up late just to see Krystal and talk to her. She'd wait until the other members would go to bed and open up the balcony. Krystal would almost appear right at the moment she opened the door.
It wasn't like they did anything spectaculair. They just talked, that was it. Amber loved it though. With every conversation, she came to know more and more about Krystal. For instance, that she had a sister. But that she wasn't a real sister, they just treated each other like that, and that she meant a lot to her. Krystal didn't know if there were other vampires. She did know that she didn't like any human food anymore. She tried to eat cucumbers once and almost puked because it was so gross, but she was into animal blood. She always has body lotion in her pocket or her bag. Her iPod was red. Each time, Amber got to know small facts about her that just made her marvel about how fun Krystal actually was to be about.
It didn't take long for their conversations to turn less scary and tension-filled but more relaxing. Krystal smiled more; laughed even when Amber made her usual bad jokes. Amber didn't feel scared that Krystal would bite her or kill her anymore. She was sometimes still a bit worried that Krystal would go after Luna, since the girl showed some jealousy feelings towards Amber's best friend, but Krystal had promised not to harm her.
Amber liked Krystal's visits... no, she loved them. She liked it when the other girl dropped by and they could talk. They often had conversations Amber couldn't have with the other members. It somehow felt weird to talk about the universe with Luna, whom she always joked with. Sulli was too young, too naïve and Victoria too old and independant. Sometimes it really felt like she was talking to her mom instead of a friend, and Amber needed a friend rather than a mom. It suddenly felt like her relationship with Luna was superficial; they had fun with each other, but that was it. With Krystal, she had fun on one hand and could talk about her deepest and darkest thoughts on the other hand. Whilst Luna had always been a great friend to her, Amber suddenly felt like she was less than what she needed. She had never really thought about it, but now that she knew how it felt like to have someone she could laugh and discuss deep problems with, she didn't want to go back anymore. Even though Krystal and she weren't doing much — often they just stood on the balcony and talked, or took a stroll around the city —she started to feel closer and closer to Krystal.

"Sooooo, you're a vamp, right?" Amber asked at a certain moment, during one of their meet-ups. It was only half past nine; a little earlier than Krystal normally came. It hadn't been such a tiring day, just perfectioning their choreography for a few hours, so she had been up for a walk when Krystal asked. The other girl preferred walking than sitting on the edge of the balcony all the time.
Krystal looked up and frowned her eyebrows. Her forehead wrinkled.
"Yes?" she mumbled softly, confused at Amber's obvious question.
"Then like, do you have any special gifts or something?" Amber asked. She glanced at the taller girl from the corner of her eyes, but furthermore didn't want to show her curiousity too much. Ever since she met Krystal a few months ago, she had been wondering. At this point in their relationship she felt safe to ask a bit more about the things Krystal didn't necessarily wanted to talk about.
"What do you mean?" she asked, still with a frown.
"Like, uh, super strength, super speed, special night vision or something," Amber explained. Krystal turned her head to the redhead and pouted her lips a little bit.
"I-I don't know.. I think I've become a bit stronger, but I dont think it's because I'm... different," she said slowly. "Because I have to work harder for my food, I guess.. But I also need less on a daily base, so I guess it's fine."
Amber squinted her face together.
"Really, though? That's a bummer," she said, a bit dissapointedly. "At least you don't sparkle as in Twilight."
Krystal's frown grew even bigger. She even slowed her pace for a moment, causing Amber to walk ahead for a few meters before realizing her friend had almost stopped.
"Twilight?" Krystal asked. "The twilight doesn't sparkle. It's a dark sky suddenly illumnated by a high altitude of sunlight."
Amber's dissapointment dissapeared almost immediately and she started to grin.
"You haven't seen that movie?" the redhead asked. She could almost slap herself for asking that though. Krystal had once stated that she had been transformed in 1989, and after that she and her sister Sooyeon had stayed underground. Well, not literally under the ground, but they had sought an abandoned house and lived there, away from society. Lateron their abandoned house had been broken down and they had to move towards this one, somewhat nearer to the city. Amber thanked God for that though, because otherwise she would've never met Krystal.
"No..." Krystal mumbled. She turned her head away and bit her lip.
"Oh damn, and never heard of it too?" Krystal shook her head. "-It's like the biggest bullshit ever but really enjoyable to watch. I even bought the DVD, but Luna stole it a while ago. It's also about vampires and stuff. There are also werewolves and everything."
Krystal let out a chuckle and gave her a silly look.
"I don't think such thing as werewolves exist," she said.
"Well vampires exist."
"But that's different!"
Krystal objected. Amber shot her a look.
"No it's not."
The other girl rolled her eyes and Amber gave her a playful little push against her arm whilst grinning. Their usual bickering was the best. Krystal squinted her eyes, pretending to be mad at her, but eventually burst out in chuckles. Krystal used to hide her smile with her hand, but nowadays she just Amber be amazed by how amazing it looked on her face. The redhead couldn't help to laugh too.
"Anyway, wanna watch it sometime?" Amber asked eventually, when their laughter had died out. Krystal's smile faded off her face.
"Where? I've never been to the movies before... I don't know if I can-"
She stopped her sentence and looked away. Amber knew enough though. She didn't know whether she was able to contain herself with so much people for so long in a small room, packed all together. It wasn't really hard for her to keep her fangs to herself when she was around Amber, Krystal had said a while ago, but when there were a lot of people, the sense for blood became stronger and stronger. That's also one of the reasons Sooyeon and Krystal had decided to live outside the city, otherwise they'd keep murdering people, and that was the last thing they wanted.
Amber placed her hand on Krystal's arm and reassuringly stroked it for a moment.
"We can watch it at my place," she offered. "The others will be there, but we can watch it in my room."
"But.. your friends.." Krystal mumbled. She caught her lower lip between her teeth again. "I don't know if it's safe enough for them."
Amber thought for a moment. Krystal had promised that the others would be safe, and she knew Krystal could contain herself around a few more people, especially if they went to Amber's room. It was weird that she suddenly started to doubt herself; hadn't she proved countless of times to be able to not attack with some extra people around? Especially if she had just fed the day before. She frowned her eyebrows.
Suddenly it hit her. Amber blinked with her eyes as she looked up to the other girl. A small smile appeared on her face. Her hand sought Krystal's. When she felt her skin brush against Krystal's cold one, she let their fingers intertwine. They had never touched much, and to feel the smooth, flawless skin against hers made a shiver run down her spine. A good shiver. Krystal didn't react upon Amber, but neither pulled back.
"You won't hurt them, Krystal," she ensured her. "It'll be fine, I promise."
Krystal looked back at Amber and let out an exhausted sigh.
"I don't think I would be able to forgive myself if I'd hurt any of your members," she said softly, almost inaudibly. Amber pinched her hand.
"I believe in you."
Krystal bit her lip again and took her hand back from Amber. A bit sad, she put it back into her pocket. Krystal ran with the hand Amber had hold only a few seconds ago through her hair, to push it out of her face.
"Yeah, sure, Stupid," she eventually said. "Let's watch that movie."

Only later, when Amber had returned from their walk and finally laid in her bed, she noticed how stupid it actually was to invite Krystal over to her place. What would the others say?
It sure wasn't the first time that Amber had brought over any of her friends. Ailee had been with them many times, and so had Riley and Henry and Scott. The others invited theirs over all the time as well. She was sure that they wouldn't mind it if Amber introduced Krystal to them... But she was just worrying. Not about Krystal's self-control around them, but the way she acted. Krystal was from another century and was clearly behind on a lot of stuff from the modern world. She didn't knew how the TV worked, or an iPad, or a phone. She had no clue what a lot of things were. Her way of speaking was a bit old, as if you heard a grandma talk in a high, angelic voice that belonged to a girl in the beginning of her twenties. Plus, how where they gonna hide the fangs? They were pretty visible whenever Krystal spoke...
Amber sighed and turned around in her sheets, from her back to her belly, and buried her face in the pillows for a moment. This sure was going to be hard.
But she wasn't going to tell Krystal that she couldn't come. Hell no, they were going to watch the stupidest romance movie in all history and enjoy it.

The next morning, when they had their communal breakfast, Amber decided to drop the question. Better do it while they weren't still fully awake.
"So, is it okay if I bring someone over tomorrow night to watch a movie?" she asked, trying to keep her voice casual. Quickly, she shoved a spoonful of cereal in her mouth and tried not to act suspicious. It was hard to keep a straight face and keep looking down. It was silent for a moment.
"If it's Riley again, then no! The last time she came over she cheated on Monopoly pretending it was Jack Jack's fault. I'm not getting screwed over by a dog again," Luna said, chuckling. Sulli laughed softly.
"I gave her the idea. You always win, unnie," the younger one said. Amber looked up just in time to see Luna shoot a fake foul look to their youngers member. Sulli grinned and Luna rolled her eyes.
"Who's it though?" Victoria asked, without looking up from her phone. She always checks her e-mails and texts during breakfast.
"You don't know her yet..." Amber mumbled. "She's called Krystal."
"Does Krystal also have a surname?"

Victoria looked up for a second to raise her eyebrow at Amber, before looking down again. Amber took a sip from her drink, trying to buy time before answering. Amber doubted Krystal had given herself a surname, and otherwise she hadn't told her.
She placed her glass back down on the table.
"Jung. Krystal Jung," Amber said. It was the first korean surname she could think of and Krystal would just have to play along with it when she came over. They'd need to rehearse a bit before she could come anyway. Plus, it sounded pretty nice, right? Krystal Jung. Amber replayed the name in her head. It sounded very nice.
"Does she have any social media?" Luna immediately asked. She already grabbed her phone to open SNS and start looking for her. Amber shook her head quickly.
"She isn't much of a social media person," she said. Luna pouted her lips dissapointedly and continued eating, placing her phone back on the table. A silence fell over the table again. They were eating quietly.
"So, it's okay if she comes over?"
"Yeah, sure, why not?"
Victoria answered. And with that, the conversation was done.

That night, when Krystal came, she told the members she'd go on a nice long walk, to clear her head. Since she did that almost every day this week now, they didn't look up from it anymore. Victoria waved her hand, Luna said a soft 'good-bye' and Sulli didn't hear her at all. Amber put on her sneakers and took her jacket with her.
At the entrance of their apartment complex, Krystal waited from Amber to come out. A big grin appeared on the taller girl's face as soon as she saw her friend emerge from the building. At the sight of that, Amber couldn't contain her own smile as well.
"Good evening, Gongju-nim," Amber joked. Krystal's grin was immediately whiped off her face and she shot Amber a stern look. She didn't like it to be called a princess, but she never asked her to stop either, probably knowing as much as Amber did that the name fit her. Amber had once started to joke about it, calling her a Princess because she cared a lot about her appearance, as well physically as in her habits and personality. She cared what other people thought and often seemed to be a bit cold and detached from the outside. Amber knew better though, but liked to joke around with the nickname.
"Good evening, Stupid," Krystal replied back. Amber rolled her eyes and chuckled softly. She didn't mind it as much to be called stupid as Krystal minded it to be called a princess. In fact, she liked any nickname she was given. Krystal's 'stupid' was far from offensive, since the redhead knew she meant well. Krystal smiled cheekily and started walking down the street.
"What were you doing?" Krystal asked, as Amber came walking next to her side.
"Thinking of you," Amber joked, which resulted in a playful slap against her arm from Krystal. The redhead chuckled together with the brunette.
They walked into their usual direction; towards the woods. They both preferred it that way. There were no smelly gasses of the cars, or other people they would encounter. Amber had been afraid to go back into the woods when she first saw Krystal in that meadow, but after she noticed that Krystal was probably as dangerous as a little kitten, her fear for the woods discreased as fast as her fear for Krystal. It was now their favourite place to go.
As soon as they were away from the city and its lights, Amber started to breath easier. It was somehow freeing to walk through the nature like this, with Krystal by her side. At this point, she didn't have to anxiously glance sideways to look how Krystal reacted. The girl always kept her face straight — emotionless even — and stared straight foreward. At first, Amber had still been scared that Krystal would hurt her by luring her into some sort of trap, but as time went by, that idea dissapeared. At this moment, she trusted Krystal completely. They were friends, and friends didn't hurt each other.

"Are you still coming to see Twilight tomorrow night?" Amber asked. Krystal looked up towards her friend and raised an eyebrow.
"I think so," she said. "Is that okay?"
"Yes, of course,"
Amber smiled. "I talked it through with the members and they're fine with it!"
Krystal bit her lip and looked down.
"Did you tell them about my complication?" she asked softly.
"No.. But I guess they don't have to know..."
Amber looked up to the other girl and saw that she was still biting her lip hard. She saw her fangs press hard into the soft skin. She wondered how it couldn't bleed already. Krystal didn't look at her, and ran with her hand through her hair to adjust it, but it fell back exactly the same way.
"Kind of hard to hide this big part of me, isn't it?" she eventually said, kind of bitterly. Her voice had grown cold. Krystal met her gaze and lifted up her upper lip, to show her white fangs a bit more. Krystal looked away and frowned her eyebrows annoyedly. She walked a bit faster, so Amber stayed behind a few steps.
A bit confusedly, she saw her friend walk away from her. She ran back up to her and grabbed her hand, spinning her around.
"Krystal, wait," she called. The other girl avoided her gaze and kept looking to her feet. "We can pull this off, I know we can."
"I don't want them to think differently of me," Krystal mumbled. Amber felt she had a hard time talking about this. She didn't let her hand go, but pinched reassuringly instead.
"They won't. I'll help you, okay? I'll think of something. We can fix it, and just watch that movie."
Krystal looked up and pressed her lips together until they were nothing more but a thin red line on her white face. She nodded a few times, then took a deep breath.
"Okay, okay then..." she mumbled. "Let's do it. But what if they'll see my fangs or something..?"
Amber grinned towards the taller girl and shrugged for a moment.
"We'll just say you're really into cosplay," she said carelessly. Krystal frowned her eyebrows and already opened her mouth to ask what's cosplaying, but Amber made a sign with her hand to shut her up.
"It doesn't matter what it is, all that you need to know is that it'll save your ass."
Krystal chuckled and rolled her eyes.
"Whatever, Stupid."

During the rest of their walk, they practised what they were going to say and do when Amber brought Krystal back to the dorm tomorrow evening. They rehearsed their lines, because they'd defenitely be questioned by the others. Luna would be her usual nosy self and Victoria always detailed questioned the people Amber brought to the dorm; some kind of leader instinct, probably. The only person who wouldn't be such a problem would be Sulli, but even she'd notice the fangs if Krystal didn't practise talking without moving her upper lip too much. If she didn't, her fangs would be very visible, and they had to put up that stupid lie that Krystal liked to cosplay. That'd be awkward for everybody.
After an hour or two, Amber decided to call it a day. She was tired from her activities all day and she became sleepier by the second. They started on their way back to the dorm. Amber glanced to her watch and noticed it was already midnight. She sighed and moaned softly, knowing she'd have to get up at seven tomorrow morning again. The busy life of an idol, great.

When they arrived back at the apartment complex of the f(x) dorm, Amber turned around to say good-bye.
"Let's meet at the front at 8 PM okay?" Amber said. Krystal nodded shortly.
"You're nervous?" the redhead asked. Krystal let out a little chuckle and shrugged.
"Kinda, can you see?"
Amber chuckled. "Nah, you look fine."
In fact, she obviously noticed her friend's absent behaviour. She knew Krystal was constant worrying that something would go wrong, but Amber knew it'd be all fine. If something went wrong, then it'd be because of the members, and not because of her. Still, Amber's comment seemed to put her at ease a little bit. Her tight smile loosened up a little.
"Well, see you tomorrow then," Krystal said. Amber nodded.
Right before the moment Krystal wanted to turn around to walk away, back towards the woods, Amber thought of something. She turned around and grabbed Krystal's lower arm, pulling her into a hug. She heard an unexpected 'Oh!' coming from Krystal's mouth, but the girl didn't pull back. Amber wrapped her arms around her waist and laid her chin on her shoulder; Krystal was just a tiny bit taller than she was, to it was more than comfertable to do that. The sweet scent of Krystal's parfume invaded her nose and made her head dizzy. It took Krystal a few moments to adjust comfertably. She eventually felt the other girl's arms around her neck.
Eventually, they parted again. A big smile was located on Amber's face.
"Well, see you tomorrow!" she said happily, before turning around and walking back into the building.
Krystal stayed behind, amazed and surprised at the sudden hug. She still didn't really know what had happened exactly. All she did know was that she had liked the way Amber had come so close to her.

The next day went by faster than Amber could've anticipated. Before she knew it, it was already 8 PM, ready to get Krystal and introduce her. Amber was very excited to introduce Krystal to her life. Until now, they've only told each other stories about their day to day life. Now, Krystal was able to get a taste of her life. Amber hoped that she'd also invite her over to her home someday, but maybe that was a little too much in a small time span. Who knows, maybe one day.
When she came down, she immediately spotted Krystal in the lobby, waiting quietly with her earbuds in her ears on one of the couches. She had placed one leg over the other. One foot went up and down on the beat. She looked peaceful, almost in trance, but Amber already noticed the tight way her lips were pressing upon each other. She was drop dead nervous.
"Krystal!" she called out, waving to the other girl. Krystal jerked her head up. Immediately a smile appeared on her face.
"Amber," she replied, softer, whilst standing up. Amber noticed she wore more comfertable clothes than she normally wore. Krystal liked to keep on her long black coat, black tight jeans and boots whenever they met up outside. Amber had barely ever seen her in something else. But at the moment, she wore light blue jeans and Vans. The ends were rolled up, so her ankles were visble. On top, she wore a simple white T-shirt. She held a small bag in one hand. Her chocolate brown hair fell in slight waves over her shoulders. Overall, she looked like a normal person, a very good-dressed one in fact. The only thing that was a little off, was Krystal's white skin. But nowadays it was a trend to be as white as possible, so Amber hoped the members would just assume she was a fashion freak.
Krystal noticed Amber looking at her clothes, and giggled.
"You like it?" she asked.
"Yeah! You look very stylish," Amber replied, grinning. "I mean, not my type of clothing, but like, you look very pretty in them."
Krystal grinned.
"Of course I do," she replied. The redhead rolled her eyes and chuckled softly.

They went upstairs into the elevator. Neither one of them said anything. Amber doubted if she should call out an 'elevator party', but she reckoned that Krystal wouldn't really be in the mood. The elevator doors slided open again at the level of the f(x) dorm. They got out and Amber opened the door.
"Mi casa es tu casa," Amber chuckled, as they stepped into the hallway. Krystal shot her a sarcastic look. They both took off their shoes and placed them next each other's close to the door — Amber's Jordans and Krystal's Vans. Amber heard soft music play from the living room; that meant the members were close. Krystal frowned her eyebrows.
"Just as we rehearsed, okay?" Amber said. "Let me talk to them."
The other girl nodded. Amber took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly, before she opened the door to the livingroom.
Immediately 3 pair of eyes were fixed upon them. Krystal gulped audibly. Amber took her hand in hers and pinched it reassuringly.
Victoria was the first to say something. With a smile that looked more professional than meant, she emerged from the kitchen. She walked up to Krystal with firm strokes and stack out her hand towards her. Krystal blinked her eyes a couple of times, before slowly extending her hand and shaking Victoria's.
"Nice to meet you, Krystal. I'm Qian," Victoria introduced herself. "I hope Amber told you a little about us?"
Krystal nodded quietly. Amber grinned and nodded too.
"She knows who you are," she explained. Amber had given Krystal a careful description of all the members. Victoria would be the most suspicious one and probably the one to step foreward at first, because she is still considered the leader of their little cult. Luna would probably follow and Sulli would be last, since she's usually quite shy around new people.
"Still, we should introduce ourselves, it's rude if we don't," Victoria said strictly. Luna and Sulli immediately came foreward. Like Amber had predicted; Luna was the one to walk up first towards Krystal. They both shook hands.
"Ah, your hand is so cold! Should we turn up the radiator?" Luna asked. Krystal quickly shook her head.
Luna blinked a few times confusedly, but then smiled open-heartedly. Krystal's mouth tensed a bit. Amber pinched her hand another time to ask her to behave towards Luna. The longer they knew each other, the more clear it became that Krystal didn't like Luna that much. And otherwise she became extra shy due to the fact that Luna kept talking to her rather than to Amber.
Sulli was the last one to approach. As expected, the maknae was a little shy, extending her hand slowly and shaking Krystal's quickly. She quickly introduced herself, then walked back to hide behind Victoria's back again.
"So, shall we get all settled then?" Luna exclaimed. "I can grab some glasses, Sulli, you'll get the soda. I believe there are also a few snacks in cupboard. Let's get this movie night going!"
Luna and Sulli already ran off towards the kitchen, whilst Victoria walked over to the large couch to shake up the pillows. Amber and Krystal shot each other an uncomfertable look.
"Eh, Luna.." Amber mumbled. The shorter girl's arms were already full with glasses, which seemed like they were about to fall. Luna looked up and grinned.
"I got your favourite glass too, don't worry," she said, before walking off towards the living room area and placing them clumsily on the small salon table.
"No, that's not what I meant," Amber pressed on. "I was actually planning on watching Twilight in my room... alone... with Krystal."
Luna looked up. A look of dissapointment shot across her face. It was gone in less than a second, but nothing escaped Amber's gaze. She knew her best friend too well to be fooled by the smile that appeared on her face.
"Oh yeah, right," Luna said softly. "We'll watch something else then."
Amber saw her gaze weaken. Her friend looked to the ground to hide her dissapointment, but the air between the five girls had already changed drastically. It stayed quiet for a few seconds.
"Well, what about playing a game of Settlers of Catan, hmm?" Victoria eventually suggested. "You always love that game."
Amber shot her a thankful gaze, and Victoria nodded to her. Luna lifted her head again, a broad smile on her face.
"Duh, because I always win!" she said. "Dibs on the white castles!"
"I'll get the game!"
Sulli chimed, and ran off to get it. Luna immediately walked off to the kitchen to get them all something to drink and a snack.
"Then we'll go to my room, okay?" Amber announced.
"Yeah yeah, you go on. Want any food with you?" Luna said from the kitchen.
"No, we're fine," Amber quickly said, before grabbing Krystal's hand and pulling her along towards the bedrooms.
They quickly hurried to Amber's room, closing the door thoroughly behind them. They stayed quiet for a moment, listening to the sounds in the livingroom. They heard Sulli race past her room back to the livingroom, probably with the game in her arms, and glasses clinked together when Luna brought them all to the coffee table. Excited cheers when the game eventually began.
Only then Amber was able to let out the breath she had been holding. Tiredness washed over her. The whole conversation mustn't have last more than 5 minutes, but it had tired her out completely. She ran a hand through her hair and sighed. She looked up to Krystal, who awkwardly stood in the middle of the room. Amber's eyes widened.
Oh, she had been so occupied to get Krystal safely in her room, that she had completely forgotten to clear it up! With horror, she looked at the mess that was her room. There was a used sports bra hanging over the back of a chair. There was a half empty bowl of popcorn somewhere on the ground and a sack of Doritos on her desk. Dirty clothing was everywhere. She had forgotten to close her underwear drawer, so that everything was visible, and her sheets were unmade. The curtains were still half pulled in front of her window, so that her room was only dimly lit. And honestly, it smelled like someone just woke up here.
All the colour drained from her face, so that she was just as white as Krystal.
"Shit..." she mumbled. "I- ehm.."
Krystal looked up to her.
"What's wrong?" she asked innocently. Amber's cheeks coloured.
"Are you messing with me? My room looks like a garbage dump!" she called out. "God..."
Krystal looked around, like she was only just seeing the mess that was Amber's room. Her arms were wrapped around her body. She let her gaze wander across the room, in a neutral expression. Eventually, after taking in everything, she looked back up to Amber and shrugged.
"I wouldn't know what's wrong with it," she said softly. Amber let out a laugh, and again ran with her hand through her hair. She walked up to her friend and wrapped her arm over her shoulder. It was a tad uncomfertable because Krystal was a bit taller than she was, but the brunette immediately slumped down through the weight of her arm.
"Sometimes, I forget how innocent you are," she said. "Just sit down upon the bed and let me clear this, okay?"
Krystal nodded, and sat down upon the bed, neatly with her legs crossed and her hands placed on her lap. Amber quickly cleared everything from the ground. Opened the curtains, closed her underwear drawer, got all the food out. It was hopeless to make up her bed now, but she guessed that that was the least of her problem.
She got out her laptop and started it. Since she had promised that they'd watch Twilight together, she had downloaded it especially for Krystal. The brunette stiffened awkwardly when Amber snuggled up next to her, keeping the laptop on her lap.
"Are you even comfertable in that position?" Amber asked, before the movie started. Krystal still sat with her legs crossed and her hands on her lap, her back as straight as a board. Krystal looked up to her, and swallowed. Eventually, she pulled up her legs and wrapped her arms around it. She let a bit of her weight lean upon Amber. The redhead smiled. She knew Krystal has a hard time adjusting to the behaviour of humans and that this was her first time doing a movie night. Amber had done this so many times with Luna already. It was just a natural response for her to cuddle up with the person she was watching a movie with. But all Krystal and she had done was hold each other's hand once. The brunette still had to adjust to her. But Amber was glad to know that she didn't pull away.
"Let the movie night begin!"

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