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“I did not expect to see you there…”
“Sorry. I was just going to watch quietly, but…” we’re on our way home from school, walking side by side. “Do you think you’ll keep your job?”
“Who knows. I could make myself crazy, and it wouldn’t change anything. I just have to wait for the Principal to make his decision. Though I gotta say, you really defy expectations sometimes. You really are a strange one.”
“Well… I know how hard you work as a teacher. I could never forgive myself if you were fired over this, I guess, and…”
“What are you mumbling about?” Harry places the palm of his hand on my head. “But thanks to you, I got out of that one.”
“Thanks.” Harry smiles kindly. I think that’s the first time he’s smiled like that for me since we’ve been fake-married. I just love those dimples in his cheeks. When I realize that, I ask: “Did I really help you out?”
“And I’m not talking a little bit, either. You totally saved my awesome ass. I’m really grateful.” Harry looks serious for a moment. But a second later, his face softens. “It’s all thanks to that tearjerker of a lost love you’ve got!”
“Why you!” All the admins at the school heard me talk about my fiancé dumping me. how embarrassing!
“So your tragic past ended up coming in handy after all!” I look horrified, and Harry chuckles softly. “It’s not tying you down anymore, is it? You can take it out back and bury it, right?”
“Bury it? Is that possible?”
“Sure it is. Forget that guy. Forget about him.”
“I’ll try.”
“That’s the spirit!” Harry tries to cheer me up by clapping me hard on the back.
“Don’t lie. That didn’t hurt. To commemorate his burial, I’ll make all your favourites for dinner tonight.”
“What? Really?”
“That sure cheered you up quick. You really do love food. Come on, let’s go to the supermarket.” Harry holds his hand out, and I hesitate for a moment.
“Don’t read too much into it. We’re pretending to be happily married, remember? Come on.”
I hold my hand out to him. Harry’s big hand envelopes mine. Thanks to Harry, I feel so much better. I think maybe… I could even put my feelings for Dylan behind me.
“What are you grinning about?”
“Nothing! Hurry up and let’s go shopping.” Harry looks curiously at me, and I squeeze his hand and head out into the street.

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