"Magic Valley, here I come", I said to myself, I was at my house alone, so there could be nobody in the room. I was happy to be alone at the moment, nobody could ask me a question about the trip and my plans, nobody could bother me and that was perfect. I placed the last things in my suitcase, then I could close the suitcase and go downstairs. I didn't had to travel for, that was really nice since I traveled the most of the time a lot further for my blog. I lived in Alamo and I only needed to go to Oakland. Some people wouldn't understand it why I decided to stay in an hotel and that was perfectly fine. Staying in a hotel made me relax, I could also focus me on my blog and that photos, that was the reason why I stayed in a hotel. For my blog I went to abandoned amusement parks, it was important to me to see those abandoned amusement parks, but there were other great things too like meeting people and hearing the thoughts about the park. Okay, I had everything, I closed the door and went to my car. The suitcase went in the trunk, I closed it and then I stepped into my car. There was no way back and I wasn't sure how this trip would end. Every visit to an abandoned amusement park was different.

After the short ride to Oakland I parked my car at the hotel, there weren't a lot of people who stayed here. This hotel wasn't the best, that was the reason. That it was calm didn't bother me, a lot of people found my hobby taboo and said bad things about it. It was my life and not theirs, so they shouldn't react on it. I checked in, then I could immediately go to my room at the third floor. I went to the elevator and went upstairs to check out my room.
Clearly this wasn't a bad hotel like some people said, it was in a good condition, it wasn't the most luxurious, but that wasn't necessary. I didn't see this as a bad hotel. I had been here before and it was good, it couldn't have changed so much that it became horrible and dirty. I opened the door of room 305 and looked around, it was a typical hotel room where you had every basics that you needed, the room had a balcony too, perfect. I placed my suitcase at the bed, then I opened the doors to the balcony, some air was necessary and you had a good view of the garden. The room wasn't big, but it didn't need to be big, I would only sleep here and the bed was the most important. So I placed my suitcase at the ground and jumped on the bed. I could get used to this bed. I needed the good bed since I would walk a lot during the day and I would climb things. The bed was approved. I quickly stood up again and looked higher than the garden, you could still see a little bit of Magic Valley, I was surprised that it still stood there. They could have destroyed it to put something else at the ground like a normal park. But there had been a lot of protest when the city wanted to destroy the abandoned amusement park, people said that the park was haunted and if you destroyed it the ghost could go in Oakland. It was not my theory. I didn't believe in ghosts, why would you stay on earth if you could go to heaven? The ghosts and the park in general were the reason why I planned to come back to Magic Valley and the readers on the my blog asked for an update too. My readers were passionate and without them I wouldn't be this far. My life wouldn't be the same without them, that sounded cheesy. I looked a last time at the park and then decided to go and eat somewhere.

I went to a little Italian restaurant that was known in the neighborhood, it wasn't touristic and I believed that more people should know about the delicious food, but hey, you didn't hear me complain. If you didn't need to make a reservation to go to the restaurant it was fine. At the restaurant they greeted me friendly and led me to a table at the window. They gave me a glass of water, it was a basic. Then I got the menu, then they left me to choose something to eat and drink.

"Can I join you?"

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