Foto bij Chapter 27

De volgende weken wordt het weer wat lastig om te schrijven, omdat ik weer begin met school. Maar ik beloof dat ik weer elke donderdag een hoofdstukje zal posten!


We go back to our room. we open the sliding door and our eyes widen in surprise.
“Whoa…” What’s this? The two beds have been joined together to make a single bed. It’d be embarrassing enough to sleep in the same room as him… but to sleep this close?
“Let’s go to bed.” I’m completely flustered, but Harry seems fine. “We’ve got an early morning. I’m turning off the lights.”
“Uh… Okay.” Harry isn’t bothered at all by this, is he? He really is used to being with women. I keep my bathrobe on while I get into the bed.
“Goodnight.” Harry smiles and turns the lights off. We don’t really have anything to talk about and decide to just go to sleep. The only problem is: I can’t sleep. I can feel Harry’s breath on me, just over my shoulder. I’m lying in the bed with my back to him, beside myself with anxiety. How am I supposed to sleep with him so close to me? I’m more nervous than my first night in his house.
“Elisabeth.” Harry’s voice comes from behind me. maybe he knew somehow I’m still awake. “You can’t sleep?”
“No… It’s an unfamiliar place.”
“You slept right through the night when you moved in with me though.”
“Well, I was tired then…”
“I remember you throwing me across the room when I woke you up.”
“That’s because you were going around attacking people first thing in the morning!”
“Don’t go around saying things that’ll make me look bad. I just went in to wake you up because breakfast was ready. Then I banged my head on the wall, which made me drop that class paper…”
“And I brought it to school for you.”
“That was a good move. The other teachers were completely convinced.”
“The Vice Principal looked a little mad.” We talk about when we first moved in together. While talking, I suddenly remember something. That’s right, I never did ask him why he wants to work at that girls’ school so much. Now’s my chance. The room’s so dark, he couldn’t see my face even if he wanted to, and I don’t have to look at him either. I decide to just go for it and ask him.
“Harry? Can I ask you a question?”
“Go ahead.”
“What is it that made you want to work at that school so much?”
“It’s just strange, that’s all. I mean, there are tons of other schools. So there has to be some reason why you would go so far as to set up a fake marriage to work at that one school.” Harry goes silent. Five seconds, then ten seconds, go by. I almost think he’s fallen asleep, but I can tell from his breathing that he’s still awake. I wait patiently for his answer.
“I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you. The time has come to tell you the truth.” Harry gets up and starts rifling through his bag.
“What are you looking for?” Harry takes his wallet out of his bag. Then, he pulls out the ring from before.
“This ring is my good luck charm. I always keep it in my wallet. This… used to be my mother’s.” anything I could have said stops dead in my throat. That was not the answer I expected. Harry turns the ring in his hand, studying it. “I told you that my mother passed away 12 years ago, right? I found out at her funeral…”
“Found what out...”
“About my father. My mother always told me he was dead, but… he was alive. He was alive, living a normal life. He had left his wife without a care for her, or her son. The fact that he hasn’t ever come to see me even once is proof of that. Never, not when my mother was alive, and not ever since she died. So I decided… to get closer to him.”
“Get closer?” Harry looks right at me. His cold, sad eyes tear right through me.
“My father… is the Principal. The Principal of that school, is my biological father.” I’m in complete shock and disbelief over what I’m hearing, but I can tell from his face that he’s telling the truth. He seemed so nice… like a true educator. The Principal is Harry’s father.

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