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“I’m home.”
“Hey!” That night I get home to find Harry with a flour covered apron on. “You’re just in time!”
“What are you doing? Baking bread?”
“Making pasta! I made them once and they were so good, I can’t stop.”
“Handmade pasta… Wow.”
“Tonight’s meal will be delicious! Prepare yourself!” Harry kneads the pasta with practiced hands. He’s still looking down at his hands when he asks me, nonchalantly, “So, how was the exhibition?”
“There were a lot of guests, and the mini bouquets were a hit. And Lilly was really pleased.”
“That’s good.” Harry keeps kneading the dough, his expression unchanged.
“There were some bouquets I didn’t make in the box. I didn’t recognize them at all…”
“Oh yeah?”
“Even though there shouldn’t have even been a hundred, seeing as I fell asleep before I could finish them… but when I woke up, there were 100 bouquets.”
“Must’ve been some flower fairy or something.”
“I wonder what that fairy looks like.”
“He’s probably pretty good looking. Kind of like me.” I can tell Harry’s enjoying this, but he won’t just admit it was him. I realize I’ll have to just come out and say it.
“You made them, didn’t you? You don’t need to hide it. I know. I fell asleep so you helped me out. Thank you so much.”
“They looked interesting, that’s all. It wasn’t to help you.” Harry, albeit shyly, finally admits it. “You don’t need to thank me. I just wanted to see if you’d notice.”
“Lilly was impressed. She said they were very unique.”
“I’d never done anything like that before, so.”
“That might have been what was so good about them. She liked your colour palettes.”
“So you’re saying I have good taste. I can cook, I can make bouquets… I’m the whole package!” I raise my eyebrows at his words. “Hey, now’s not the time to keep your mouth shut! I look like a total jerk now.”
“Oh, so you do have self-awareness after all.”
“Why you…”
“But those bouquets really were cute.”
“Of course they were. I made them.” Harry’s trying to sound tough, but his face is bright with happiness. I remember that I bumped into the Principal on my way home. Should I tell Harry about it? He looks like he’s in the mood to listen right now.
“Hey, what’s up? Go on, keep praising my amazingly good taste.” He must have noticed me going silent, because Harry jokes to snap me out of it. “You’re just staring at me. did your batteries run out or something? Hey, seriously, what’s wrong?”
“Oh, um.” I try to calm the pounding in my chest and sound nonchalant. “Lilly gave me one of the bouquets to say thank you.”
“Let me see!”
“I don’t have it right now. I bumped into the Principal on my way home and gave it to him.”
“And he told me something.”
“What were you doing with the Principal?” As soon as he hears the word ‘Principal’, the smile disappears from his face. “What did you talk to him about?”
“What did you talk about?” His hoking demeanour is completely gone, and there’s nothing comforting about his words now. Taken aback by the sudden change, I gasp, my breath stuck in my throat.

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