Foto bij Chapter 8 — This isn't a dream

And with their first 'I love you', came their first time.

It had been a lazy Sunday afternoon. Amber didn't have a scedule, the only one out of all four f(x) members. Now that the Red Light promotions were over, Victoria had flown back to China to shoot a movie. Luna had a job as MC and Sulli a shoot. Amber was supposed to be writing for her solo debut, that was coming soon, but she just couldn't put herself to. She was down to the last song. Beautiful, Shake that Brass, Love run and Heights were done already, and had been recorded a few days ago. She was now stuck at I Just Wanna, which was supposed to be a love song between man and a woman. She'd be singing it with one of her best friends, Eric, which would be very weird to begin with. Then to sing about her 'baby boy', her love, was almost unbearable to write. Amber had written Love run and Heights thinking of Krystal, and so had she written Eric's parts in I just wanna, but it was hard to write her own, so she had decided to take a break.

Because the other members were gone all day, Krystal hadn't left in the morning, like she usually did, but had stayed all day. They had done nothing special, but now they were able to slump on the big sofa in the living room instead of Amber's bed in her small bedroom. Sprawled over each other, they watched Say Yes to the Dress on TLC, often commenting how ugly the dresses were.
Amber didn't remember anymore how they went from wailing brides to very passionate kissing, but it happened, and she hadn't complained.
Amber was usually on top, but it had happened now that Krystal was. It was a weird feeling to suddenly have her girlfriend hover over her, but it wasn't bad at all. With one of her hands placed on her hips, and her other arm wrapped around her neck, they kissed. It didn't take look to deepen the kiss, and Krystal was the first one to add her tongue. French kissing turned into neck kissing, which Amber surprisingly endured. It was usually Amber who started the neck kissing, because she knew how sensitive the brunette was for things like that. A small moan left her lips when she felt Krystal suck on her skin. Her two fangs stinged her skin, but they didn't pierce through it just yet. Her breathing had fastened, and her grip around Krystal's body firmer.
"How far do you want to go?" she breathed. Her body was already heating up, and she had to keep herself from bucking her hips. She didn't want Krystal to become uncomfertable.
Krystal lifted her head, and smiled widely.
"All the way," she replied, before bowing down again and pressing a deep, long kiss upon her lips. Amber was too baffled to kiss back, or even close her eyes.
"A-all the way? You mean like-"
"Yes, like sex," the brunette laughed. She started to place sweet kisses all over her face and her neck.
"Are-are you ready?" she managed to choke out. Krystal chuckled.
"If you are."
Krystal bowed back down to her neck. She let her tongue run over the spot she had just marked a few moments ago. A shiver ran down her spine and she gasped for air.
"Why so suddenly? I thought you weren't ready yet,"
Amber choked out. Krystal lifted her head again, a little disturbed.
"I was waiting for a moment like this. I am not going to have sex with you when Luna could burst into the room any moment. I wanted to make sure we had the place to ourselves. But if you don't want to, then we can do something else-"

Amber shook her head immediately. She grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer. Their lips slammed together, perhaps a bit too rough. She deepened the kiss quickly after and Krystal followed her lead.
They broke up for a few seconds to regain their breath. With their foreheads sticking together, and their mouths so close that they practically breathed in what the other had breathed out, Amber sat back up straight. Krystal bowed back too, and got herself seated upon the redhead's lap, her legs spread.
"I don't want to stop. I just don't want to make love to you on the couch. You deserve something better,"
Amber said. Her voice had gotten hoarse, and it broke sometimes, causing not all words to come out of her throat. But Krystal understood, and grinned. She wrapped her arms around Amber's neck when she stood up. Her girlfriend was so light that she had no trouble carrying her, especially when she had her legs wrapped around her waist.
They spent the second best night in Amber's life in her bed. The best night of her life was the day she first saw her in the woods. Amber couldn't imagine how life must've looked like if she hadn't gone out for a walk that day, and she didn't want to know.

The sex had been great. Of course it had been. They hardly had to get used to each other's body, because they had often experimented beforehand. Of course, every body was different, so they had to seek for each other's spots, but as soon as those were found, it was a piece of cake.
An hour after their first orgasms, they had begged for another release. They had laughed afterwards. Curled up in each other's arms, their faces still close, sweaty bodies pressed together. It was such an happy moment, that all they could do was laugh. Amber fell alseep in Krystal's arms, and Krystal watched over her, stroking her hair, pressing kisses upon her head.
Amber woke up that evening from the front door opening and closing. Since both of them hadn't bothered to dress themselves yet, they quickly rushed from the bed and went to seek their clothes. Amber just decided to pull on fresh clothing because she couldn't find half of her garments anymore in the dark. She threw one of her flannels at Krystal, who had just put on her lingerie, and was now looking for her own shirt. She put it on, and together they came to greet the members.
Amber quickly placed a snapback over her messy hair, and Krystal tried to hide hers by tying it in a ponytail. Their fingers were intertwined when they walked into the living room. Luna had agreed upon picking up Sulli from her shoot, so the two girls arrived together as well. As soon as Amber and Krystal entered, their conversation fell silent. Sulli watched them with large eyes, while Luna squinted hers together.
"You have had sex," she said immediately. It wasn't even a question, but just a statement. Amber opened her mouth to say something whitty back, but all she could so was huff, turn her back towards Luna, lift Krystal up, swing her over her back and run back to her room.
"YAH! Stay here you dirty animal!" Luna yelled back, who immediately ran after a screaming Amber and laughing Krystal. Sulli hopped after her, murmeling 'Oh God, oh God, oh God' over and over again.
Amber ran back to her room and slammed it shut with her foot. She let herself and Krystal fall on the bed. In a mess of giggling limbs they tried to hide from a rigid Luna, but Amber's friend was too fast, and already slammed the door open before they could hide under sheets. Sulli entered after her, with her phone pressed to her ear.
She couldn't even finish her sentence, because she was tearing the blankets from their bodies. Amber and Krystal desperately tried to get away from Luna's arms, but the redhead failed — mainly because Krystal betrayed her and pushed towards Luna as a distraction — and rolled off the bed. With a loud thud she landed on the floor. Not soon after Luna landed upon her, pinning her body to the ground with her knees, and holding her arms above her head.
"Sulli-ah! Tickle her!"
"But I'm on the phone with Vic-"
"Put it away, let's give her the tickle death,"
Luna cheered. Sulli appeared besides her friend, with an evil-ish grin. The maknae bowed down and started to tickle Amber in the places the little one knew it was very tickles. Under her armpits, in her neck — which Krystal had marked only a few hours before with her teeth — and underneath her feet. She kicked and tried to free herself from Luna's grip, but she was too weak during the tickle session. She could only desperately try to keep Sulli from tickling her more. All her attempts were in vain, and she suffered a merciless tickle death.
Krystal watched her going down from the bed, with her head in her hands, and a big grin on her face.

A few minutes later, when Luna and Sulli lost their interest in tickling Amber, they called Victoria back, whom had been abruptly been pressed away. They face-timed their leader, who defenitely wasn't amused. She first went on about that they were lucky that they called her during a break, because otherwise she would've been even more pissed. Luna let her rant for a while before she told her about Amber and Krystal's activities.
Victoria fell silent for a moment, then hissed:
"Give the phone to Amber."
Sulli handed Amber, who still laid on the ground — defeated and still panting — the phone. Amber held it in front of her face and had to squint her eyes together against the bright light of the phone. Victoria had her eyebrows frowned together, and there was an expression on her face that was diffecult to label. Annoyance and anger were defenitely there. But she was mostly just so done with her members.
"I haven't left for two freaking days and you're already doing irresponsable things?" she sighed. "What to do with you? I really need a glass of whine to handle y'all. Please don't tell me you banged her whilst the others were home."[/i]
Amber chuckled, whilst whiping the tears from her eyes that had appeared from all the laughter.
"No, we at least made sure they were gone."
"If you did it on my couch then, Amber, I swear I will-"
"Not on the couch! Only my bed,"
she replied, before Victoria could finish her sentence. Their leader sighed and shook her head.
"I have to get back to the set. Please don't make another girl loose her virginity in our dorm when I'm in China, please."
Before Amber could say good-bye, Victoria already ended the face-time call. Amber handed the phone back to Sulli, and let her arm cover her face afterwards.
"I'm never going to leave you two alone anymore," Luna warned. "From now on, the door stays open!"
Amber huffed from under her arm. She didn't lift it when she spoke.
"As if we'd have sex when you're in the other room. Do you know how un-sexy that is?"
This remark resulted in a kick to the knees, which Amber conceived in agony.
"But unnie, don't you think it's romantic? How they are each other's first love?" Sulli added. Luna shot her a foul glance, warning her to speak no more.
"No, they're both very dirty, and you will have to kill me before I let that happen to you," Luna said. Sulli blinked a couple of times and turned her head away with red cheeks. She pressed her lips together until a thin line and pretended to suddenly be very interested in a spot on the wall. Amber squinted her eyes and Luna gasped.
"GRAB HER! A TICKLE DEATH FOR SULLI!" they both yelled at the same time. Sulli screamed when Amber and Luna started their pursuit. They eventually caught her because Amber jumped onto her and they crashed onto the floor in the kitched. The youngest girl was unable to do anything while Amber and Luna tickled her.

It took Luna and Sulli a few days to get used to the fact that Amber had had sex in the dorm — she had been the first one — and that her lover was constantly with her. Luna now got up from the couch as soon as Amber and Krystal were entering the livingroom, since she 'didn't know where their hands had been'. Of course, it was all a joke, and Amber could laugh about it. It was way funnier than the sex-jokes she made before, which were usually just plainly embarassing. Now it was Luna who was disgusted and red-cheeked whenever Amber and Krystal made jokes.
Amber felt a little bit bad for her though. The f(x) members had made a rule, as soon as Sulli's birthday had passed, and she had become an adult. Victoria had suggested that they'd make a pact. No one was allowed to bring a man to the dorm, unless it was stated very clearly that they were friends. And even then so, they should stay in the living room, or there should be one of the other members with them if they went to the bedroom. Under those circumstances, Henry came over a lot, and didn't mind the rules of their leader, and thought of them as very reasonable.
It prevented them to have sex in the dorm, which would be a bit awkward if it was found out. Amber hadn't broken the pact until the moment she and Krystal had had sex. Since she wasn't a guy, they were allowed to spend time into Amber's room without questions. The pact never said anything about not kissing, so they didn't broke any rules then too. They were just not allowed to have sex in the dorm. Because of their situation, it was a little diffecult to have sex anywhere else. Krystal wouldn't want to take her to the place where she and her sister live — although she spent more time in the dorm than with her sister — and Amber didn't have a place of her own yet. Ah well, at least they had done it whilst the members were gone.

In the weeks after, Luna was even more bothersome than usual. She indeed fullfilled her promise that she would check more often on them, and that they had to leave their door open. It was mostly amuzing. Krystal and Amber sometimes moaned very loudly on purpose, so that Sulli and Luna would hear them. It would only take a few seconds before Amber's best friend bursted into her room, with wide eyes of horror. At soon as the door flew open, the two girls would burst into giggles. It often resulted in Luna throwing a pillow to their heads, then making a dramatic exit whilst swearing softly.
Amber and Krystal's relationship got therefor a lot more fun. They took small steps to get more comfertable around other people. At first only the members. They often came to watch movies with them in the livingroom. Their hands would be intertwined, and sometimes Krystal would lay her legs over Amber's, snuggling up to her. Sulli would often make puking sounds at them, but after Amber reminded her that she wasn't the only one whom had had sex recently, she shut up immediately.
"You're so rude, unnie," she'd mutter then, which made the couple chuckle.
As soon they got comfertable enough to kiss in front of them, they tried to take it to the next level. Amber and Krystal had never spend a lot of time outside together. Amber went skating sometimes, whilst Krystal watched from on top of the ramp in the skating park close to their dorm, adoring her girlfriend who fell time after time. Sometimes they took a walk through the park, but besides that, they hadn't gone out together yet. So they decided to take a stroll through town once. They just walked and walked and walked, for hours after each other, until their feet were sore from all the blisters and their muscles ached.
Krystal had been very nervous at first. She was still scared to be close with people, even now that she had overwon her fear to be close with Amber. She was still weary of the members and didn't like to touch them, let alone brush her shoulder against a strange man in the crammed tube. Because of her nervosity she clung to Amber like a child clung to its mother, but she didn't mind. It took a lot of Krystal's self-control to stay still and not run away, especially when she hadn't drunk for a few days, but the redhead was able to keep her calm. Amber never questioned her about her need to drink blood to survive, and she honestly didn't want to. It was one of the few subjects between them which they both plainly ignored, for both each other's sakes. Amber was honestly disgusted that her girlfriend had to kill someone to survive, and her head started spinning when she thought about it. Of course, Krystal couldn't help it, but there appeared a bitter taste in her mouth when she pictured her, crouched over a convulsing body which was still moaning while she sucked the blood out of the vessels in their necks. Krystal's red lips with still drips of blood clinging to them would give her nightmares if she didn't know Krystal for the person she really was. It made it better to ignore that part of her, although she knew there was no way to hide it. There was too much of that embedded in Krystal's system.
And sure, there were also flaws about Amber that Krystal rather didn't think about. It was a rather big deal for her that she was a celebrity. Amber was constantly in the spot lights, even when f(x) wasn't promoting. She was about to drop her solo album, Beautiful, which would cause her to get a lot of attention from the media again. Krystal had to watch out not to be spotted by fans with her, because that would result in nasty concequences for Krystal. The boyfriends and girlfriends from idols tended not to get very good responses from the fans. Sure, the MeU's were quite an easy fandom, but they still had their diffeculties and Amber didn't know how they'd react upon her dating a woman. It was therefor also a big step for Amber to go out with her girlfriend, taking a stroll through the city. She had to wear a mask.
And besides that, Amber was gone often. Her scedule was filled well with interviews, shoots and variety shows, besides the usual performing. She was close with a lot of people, men and women alike, and Krystal always had a certain jealousy towards Amber's friends. Now that Red Light was over, they didn't have to perform anymore, unless SM Town was going to perform all together. But since the music video for Shake That Brass was about to drop soon, she'd probably be more on stage than at home. For a fresh couple, it was hard to be apart from each other. There always was this certain longing for each other, for the safety of each other's arms, when they weren't apart, and Amber noticed that she wasn't that concentrated when Krystal wasn't around.
There were quite a few factors stopped them from going out, but Amber was sick and tired of staying home, and hiding her beautiful girlfriend. Krystal was open for going out once in a while, and trying something new. It was relieving and brought them closer together. Now they didn't just watch movies on the couch, or took small walks through the park where Amber had first seen Krystal, they really did couple things. Because of Amber's androgynous looks, a lot of people assumed that she was Krystal's boyfriend. And with a mask in front of her mouth, they didn't get recognized once.
Krystal almost lived in the dorm by now. She stayed over almost every night, and was there when Amber came home from a diffecult day. It was almost as if they were married, at least, that was how it felt. Luna and Sulli had accepted her completely by now, and often teamed up with her to pester Amber. She was glad to see how well Krystal could communicate with Luna and Sulli, even when she tended not to speak much - still because of the fear of showing her fangs. Amber felt happy.
It was perfect.

Sooyeon became more angry with every time Soojung dared to come into their house. Now that she only stopped by once a week, she didn't see her sister that much, and it seemed to be more a burden for Soojung than it was for Sooyeon. The tables had turned. Whilst Soojung used to stop by Amber once a week, she now stopped by Sooyeon once a week. Her sister was mad, and she could tell. The time they spent together wasn't nice, and there were barely words said. Normally, they wouldn't say much to each other, because they both felt how much they liked their own space. But at least the silence had been peaceful. And when someone wanted to say or show something, the other person would react enthousiast. Now when Soojung wanted to talk to her sister, she ignored her, and shot her a foul look. Soojung couldn't quite pin down what was bothering her so much. Sooyeon had always told her to go out more, but clearly her visits with Amber only maddened her.
Of course, it was partly due to the fact that Soojung had completely ignored her warnings, that vampires and humans couldn't live together. Until now, she hadn't had any diffeculty with it. Sure, when one of Amber's friends came a little too close, she wanted a little too much to bow in for a bite, because she wasn't used to their smell yet. By now, she had blocked Amber's smell from her mind, and didn't thirst for her anymore, but any other human was still diffecult. But she drank twice a week, which was one time more than she actually had to, so she often wasn't thirsty at all. But at diffecult days she rather wanted to stay in Amber's room.
But when she tried to explain that all to Sooyeon, her sister plainly ignored her, claiming that Krystal would come around nce it would go wrong. Her precious Amber would betray her, because either her career was too important or her human friends to precious. And what would happen when Soojung would loose her self-control around one of them? Amber would never forgive her.
And Soojung gave her her right. Sooyeon was right. If Soojung would loose her self-control, Amber would never forgive her. But she was so desperately in love with her girlfriend that she risked her own heart and the lives of other people to stay with her. Surely, she had thought about leaving Amber. She had wondered many times if it wasn't better — and safer — for everyone if she just went back to Sooyeon. Her sister would forgive her eventually, and Amber would forget her. But her love for the redhead was so big that it was too late already. She couldn't live without her anymore.

Soojung was worried about her sister. She wanted her to be happy too, or at least accept Amber as her girlfriend. But Sooyeon wouldn't even call her by her name, and constantly referred to her as 'that human'.
"That human is literally disgusting," Sooyeon once hissed. "How can you be with her? I can smell her stench on you."
"How would you know whether or not she is disgusting,"
Soojung said, from the couch. She didn't look at her sister, who kept pacing through the room, with her arms crossed. Sooyeon let out another hiss escape throug her teeth.
"I've seen you."
This woke Krystal's interest. She lifted her head above the rest of the couch, and cocked her head a little bit to the left, not understanding.
"What do you mean?" she asked. Sooyeon rolled her eyes and huffed.
"It isn't exactly like she closes her curtains very often. I didn't know you had a beauty spot on your left butt cheek, clearly she knew earlier than I did."
Soojung's eyes widened in horror. For a moment, all she could do was stare at her smug sister, who finally won the conversation by shutting her younger sibling up. With an endearing look, she looked at Soojung, who was too flabbergasted to speak.
"Y-you saw us during.." she tried to bring out. The word wouldn't come over her mouth. Sooyeon pulled a face.
"No, what are you thinking of me? I didn't wathced you having sex with that human, luckily. I would never be able to get that out of my mind, so gross. I saw you get dressed one morning after you got out of bed with her," Sooyeon replied.
Krystal's cheeks reddened, and she turned her gaze away from her sister.
"You don't know what she's like..." she murmeled.
"But I do know what you two have been up to, and it's honestly disgusting. How can you betray your own kind like this?" Sooyeon sneered. Soojung bit down on her lip.
"Why are you like this, unnie?" she muttered. "Amber never makes me feel bad, nor do her members."
"But they don't know what you are. And I do."
"Amber knows. And she is the only person I want to know, and deserves to know. She accepted me, she wasn't scared of me. We fell in love and-"
Soojung tried, but got shut up by Sooyeon's tut-tutting.
"Are you so weak-hearted that you fall in love with the first person that shows interest in you? You disgust me. And your human disgusts me even more. She should be taken care of."
Soojung stayed quiet. The conversation ended. Sooyeon had won, and she knew, because she was grinning. That evening she promised to catch some prey for her, because she wanted their relationship to become better again. Soojung could only nod. It only too her an hour to return with two bodies. A handsome man — Sooyeon preferred to catch handsome men, because they taste better she claims — and a woman for Krystal. She was short-haired like Amber, had the same clothing style as her too, and the same hair colour. Light brown. Amber's resembled that too, now that her red had faded out. The sight of the girl laying on the ground, in a hopeless mess of limbs bended in a hurtful angle and in her own pool of blood, Soojung's stomach turned. Never had the smell of blood repulsed her so much.
"Drink, Soojung. It'll strengthen you up. Maybe now you can forget about that stupid little girl."

That night, Krystal returned to Amber, her stomach so full of freshly purchases blood that she felt like puking. Sooyeon had made her drink the whole thing. She let herself fall in Amber's arms and didn't talk. Her girlfriend felt her completely, and let her stay with her in bed. They didn't speak, they only cuddled. Krystal felt too bad to speak, and Amber knew that she wouldn't cheer her up by asking. So they exchanged hugs, and once in a while a soft kiss upon the head or the cheek. Later that night, Amber fell asleep against her shoulder.

Half past the night, Krystal's eyes shot open of an sudden sound. Her breath stocked in her throat while she listened. The creaking of a door, the turning of a lock...
Luna and Sulli were both in their rooms, if she remembered correctly. Victoria wouldn't come home until next month. There was no one else who had a key.
"Amber.. Amber..." she whispered. Krystal shook her arm, but her girlfriend only woke up slowly. With a few moans, she turned around in the bed, now turning her back towards the brunette.
"I want to sleep.." she murmeled. Krystal kept shaking her arm softly.
"Amber, I think I heard something," she said. Amber moaned and turned back. Her eyes were open just wide enough to see her in the dark.
"Isn't it Luna or Sulli going to get a glass of water? Or to pee or something," she suggested, with a voice that was still hoarse from sleep. Krystal shook her head furiously. She pinched Amber's arm.
"It was the front door. Only the front door cracks."
This made Amber sit up right in her bed. Krystal sat up straight too, while she watched how the brunette got out of bed, and put on some more presentable clothes. Amber quickly put on some jogging pants and a sweater.
"I'm going to look for you, okay? I'm sure it's nothing though."
Krystal nodded, and stayed in bed. It was probably nothing, her ears must play tricks with her. Maybe the blood had had a weird effect on her brain. It often occured that when a person had a certain desease, that it would work on her body for a day or two too.
Amber opened the door from her bedroom slowly, so that the wood wouldn't crack. Right before she got out, she couldn't help to grab her baseball bat — just in case. Krystal watched her girlfriend step out of the room, and turn into the way of the living room. Slowly, trying to make as little sounds as she could, she made her way to the sound Krystal had heared. Her naked feet made sticky sounds on the wood of their apartment, and with every step she cringed. With the baseball bat raised, she entered the living room. There were no lights burning and only the moonlight that shone through the windows lightened the room. Amber looked from the left to the right, but didn't see anything. She dropped her baseball bat by her side, and let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding.
At the moment she wanted to turn around and call back to Krystal that it probably was the wind that had scared her, she saw a shadow rush out of a corner of the room form the corner of her eye. Before she could make a sound, she felt a hand around her throat, and nails digging into her skin. The force was so big that she stumbled backwards until her back hit a wall. Because of the hit, the air was blown out of her lungs. Gasping for breath, Amber tried to get a hold of the situation. Her eyes found the person who had pushed her, and still had her throat caught in her hands. The fingers squeezed hard enough for her windpipe to be squashed together. Amber had trouble breathing.
The person was smaller than she was, so she had to look down. Two eyes met hers, and she strangely got a déjà-vu sort of feeling. When she looked longer to the pretty face, she knew why. It looked like Krystal's.
"Hello, Amber. Finally we meet," the person said. When she lifted her upper lip, two fangs were visible. A bright smile appeared on her face. With her free hand she touched her cheek. Amber tried to turn away, but her head was held in place by the strong grip.
"Don't turn away from me now. You don't turn away from my sister, do you? Then you shouldn't turn away from me. Let's have fun, just the two of us."

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