Foto bij Chapter 40

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“Does everyone have a glass? Since all six of us, plus Elisabeth are together for the first time in ages… Cheers!” Uncle Chris brings his glass up and we all join him. Seven glasses clink together. Everyone enjoys their drinks, gulping them down. “Man, having a beer with all your friends is the best!”
“And nothing beats the taste of red wine drunk in your company, Elisabeth.” Zac winks.
“Dammit, Zac! Don’t you dare make a pass at her. Behave yourself.” Harry glares at him as he empties his glass.
“Hey, Mr. Manager, take a break for a bit and have a drink with us.” The manager, preparing food in the kitchen, just waves us off casually with one hand. Crux Café is empty except for us, and e have the whole place to ourselves.
“By the way, Harry, what happened with the Principal? Were you able to make peace?”
“Yeah… I told him he’s my father, and I said everything I wanted to say. I really am grateful to all of you, for listening to everything.”
“Harry, being polite? Now that’s rare!” Justin stares at Harry.
“I’m not hostile all the time, dummy.”
“You don’t need to thank us, though.” Robert claps his shoulder and orders another drink.
“Yeah, Robert’s right,” Zac says with a weird grin. “Just let me borrow Elisabeth for a night…”
“What?” I yell.
“I’m just messing with you.”
“It’s not much of a joke coming from you…” Liam says as he protectively puts an arm around my shoulders.
“Eh, we may have made peace, but nothing’s changed. We’ve never lived together as a family, after all.” Harry checks out Liam’s arm around me then looks away. “I think he has his own trepidations. I mean, suddenly this giant of a son shows up in his life…”
“You’re a giant, all right… But hey, now there’s no reason for you to keep working at that school, is there?” Justin says. He’s asking just the same question as the one that has been spinning through my mind for a while.
“I’m right, aren’t i? you just wanted to get hired at that school to find out more about the Principal.” Justin’s off the cuff remark stabs me in the heart. I’d been thinking the exact same thing. Harry’s only been pretending to be married, so he could work at that school. If he quits that job, he won’t need a fake marriage anymore.
“Yeah, sure. I don’t really have specific reason to work there anymore, but…” I hang on to see what Harry will say next, my heart starting to pound in my chest. “But I take pride in my job as a physics teacher. And I don’t want to do something as indifferent as leaving in the middle of the school year, either. I can’t just up and quit just because I happened to make peace with the Principal.”
It occurs to me how relieved I am to hear Harry say that. Robert, sitting across the table from me, is the next to speak.

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