Foto bij Chapter 42

Weer een kort stukje. Ik beloof dat de volgende langer zullen zijn!


We’re on our way home from Crux.
“Man… I think I overdid it. I wasn’t even paying attention to how much I was drinking…”
“You looked like you were having fun.”
“I guess settling everything with my father had made me lighten up a bit.” I’m so glad he worked it out. He doesn’t have that anger in his voice anymore when he talks about the Principal.
“So, what am I busy doing?” I ask as I stare at my feet.
“You said I have plans on the day of the festival, but I really don’t…”
“Oh, you’ve got plans all right. Very important plans.” He snickers. I look up.
“Like what?”
“You’re patrolling my school with me.” He says it as simple as that.
“I’ve already decided. Have you ever been to school at night? It’s even scarier than your run-of-the-mill haunted house. You’ll see.” Seeing my frightened expression, Harry just grins. God, he looks so happy. He’s just a big old bully! A school at night… What if there are ghosts or something?

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