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“Good morning!”
“Hey Elisabeth!” Robert waves at me.
“Why are you all dressed like that?” When I get to Crux, all six of the guys are hanging around in baseball uniforms. “I didn’t know you guys had uniforms!”
“Of course we do! We’re a proper baseball team!” Justin kisses my cheeks as he pulls me to the group.
“Can you take my picture, Elisabeth?” Zac strikes a pose. “You should all make it your lock screen.”
“I don’t think so…” Uncle Chris laughs as I take the picture. Harry is the farthest back, standing behind everyone else. Our eyes meet. I automatically look away.
“Is something wrong, Elisabeth?” Liam frowns.
“Uh, no… I just thought a customer came in.”
“Who’s going to come this early in the morning? There’s hardly any customers in the afternoon!” Justin grins.
“He may be a jerk, but the jerk is right.”
“You mean I was so dazzlingly gorgeous in this uniform, you had to look away.” Zac licks his lips.
“I can’t even pretend like you’re joking anymore…” Liam sights. “You’re coming tomorrow too, right, Elisabeth?”
“Harry didn’t tell you? We’re playing against another team, tomorrow afternoon. That’s why we’re all so excited.”
“You want to see my manly physique at work too, don’t you, Elisabeth?” I try to follow the conversation, but everyone starts talking and I just can’t follow.
“I’m closing the shop, so you should come.” Uncle Chris gives me a little push. I smile.
“All right. I’ll try my best to cheer you guys on!” I sneak a peek at Harry’s face. Despite everyone chatting excitedly around him, Harry remains expressionless, checking over his catcher’s mitt. He’s never like this, he’s always in the middle of the conversation. But today he hasn’t said a thing. Maybe I should talk to him. I don’t know what to talk to him about though.
“Let’s get going. See you later, Elisabeth!”
“Good luck!” I see them all off. Harry is the last to leave, and he walks right past me. It’s even more awkward not to say anything.
“Um… Harry…” I start.
“Oh, I forgot my bat. Can I borrow yours, Harry?”
“Yeah, sure.” Right when I try to talk to Harry, Justin starts talking to him. Just like that, I miss my chance, and Harry is gone. He isn’t avoiding me, is he? Maybe I’m just imagining things.

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