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That evening

I have the television on while I’m folding the laundry.
“I’m here in Manhattan right now!” A reporter is interviewing someone on a street corner. I do a double take when I see that she’s standing in front of a certain ball park. Is that…? A baseball team is practicing on the field. It’s Harry and the guys. Harry and Zac are playing catch. Uncle Chris looks so serious! I can’t stop looking at how intense everyone is right now. Neighbourhood housewives are standing around the field, watching them practice. Look at that crowd that’s gathered just to watch them practice! They do look pretty good. Maybe they’ve become the talk of the neighbourhood.
“It looks like you’ve got quite the crowd behind you there,” the in-studio announcer asks the on-site reporter directly, having noticed the scene. “What are they doing?”
“They’ve gathered to watch this team practice. As you can see, this team is full of young, hot men! They’re the Dreamy Team!” I can’t go to their game, but I still managed to see them practice. I get to work on a commercial, and Harry and the guys get to be on television. What a coincidence.

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